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Monday, November 19, 2018

How Democrats Destroy Jobs & Business Start-ups

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How Democrats Destroy Jobs & Business Start-ups

I warned of the harm if Democrats won:  a slowdown causing havoc & job loss”

 That’s what the market is saying, what CEOs are worried about offline.

On Friday, the latest NY Fed report came out, and we learned that U.S. household debt is now 837 billion dollars higher than during the previous peak in 2008

Too many citizens have never learned how to manage their debt load or household finances.

Think back to our humble origins…

Our ancestors discovered that they could plant seeds in the ground and grow their own food. LOTS of food--far more than they could eat.

And that excess food could be invested-- to support the labor of other members of the tribe to develop better tools and build structures… or to trade with other tribes for their surplus foods.

It was the first time ever that human beings enjoyed a regular surplus, where they could consistently produce more than they consumed.

I call this the Universal Law of Prosperity: consistently producing more than you consume.

And if our early ancestors had not discovered this simple principle, we would likely all still be squatting in the wilderness.

The Universal Law of Prosperity applies to everyone equally-- whether proto-humans, modern day individuals, nation states, businesses, etc.

And it’s easy to understand: if you spend more than you earn, sooner or later you’re going to run into serious trouble.

We talk about this a lot in our regular conversations-- there are so many violations of this principle everywhere you look.

Some of the most popular companies in the world these days burn through cash, consistently spending far more than they earn.

Governments are in debt up to their eyeballs, blowing trillions of dollars on programs they cannot afford.

And too many individuals are living way beyond their means, consuming far more than they produce.

In most of the West-- and ESPECIALLY in the Land of the Free-- the entire system is designed for consumption.

Think about it: the United States is easily one of the best places in the world to be a consumer.

US consumers can buy almost anything they want. They have access to the finest brands, the best restaurants, the largest malls and markets.

They can order anything online and get same day delivery. Soon drones will float down from the heavens to deliver boxes straight to their doorsteps.

And there is no shortage of banks and finance companies willing to step up and offer US consumers endless quantities of debt.

After all, why bother saving up for anything when you can indulge now and push off the consequences into the future?

Yes, the United States has consumption down to a science. And sadly this has become the most critical component of the US economy.

Economists fret over how much consumers spend during the holiday season; as they say, ‘the US consumer drives the economy.’

That’s kind of a pathetic statement. No one ever says the US producer drives the economy. Or the US entrepreneur drives the economy.

That’s probably because governments make it harder and harder to be productive.

One ridiculous example is Louisville, Kentucky-- where hardworking entrepreneurs are being punished for the egregious crime of selling food to hungry people.

They’re specifically targeting mobile food trucks-- the guys who sell hot dogs and burgers on the street.

A few years ago Louisville’s local government tried to ban them altogether, but lost in a lawsuit.

Now the city has recently put forth new rules requiring mobile food trucks to relocate at least 250 feet every TEN MINUTES.

And they would only be allowed to operate during daylight hours… forced to shutter when the sun goes down like some bizarre zombie apocalypse.

I can just imagine what nefarious entrepreneurial terrorist plot these do-good bureaucrats think they’re foiling with such heavy regulations.

And I’m sure the fine citizens of Louisville will sleep easier knowing that the sweet sound of the Ice Cream Man will fall silent at sundown.

Another example-- just last week, the New York Police Department raided multiple apartment buildings, issuing 27 citations for suspicion of Airbnb rentals.

Well it’s about damn time these vile criminals were brought to justice.

Imagine the nerve of some owners who actually felt entitled to rent out their own private properties to supplement their incomes in one of the most expensive cities in the world while simultaneously providing cost effective lodging options for out-of-town travelers.

Steen Jacobsen, Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer of Saxo Bank sees economic slowdown ahead.

Specifically, his "Four Horseman" indicators: the drivers of economic growth, are all flashing red. 

Our hat is off to Simon Black for his input…

What will drive wealth accumulation in the coming era?

Investors are going to soon realize that without dependable gains, income becomes paramount. Specifically, income that will retain its purchasing power as inflation and interest rates rise.

AND..less interference from meddling government!


Nothing demonstrates the “imminent bankruptcy” problem better than the financial obligations of New York City. Rubino says, “They just announced that they have unfunded liabilities for retiree healthcare, just retiree healthcare and not the rest of their pensions, of $100 billion. That’s for a city, not a state or a country, and if you add their unfunded liabilities for their pensions, which is another $50 billion or so, and their official debt, which is $50 billion or so, you get $200 billion that New York City is on the hook for that they have not put money away for. If a private sector company had finances like that, they would be insolvent, and their accountants would force them to say that.”You can tell the same story for cities, states and countries around the world swimming in unrepayable debt. So, what will be done when bond defaults and financial failures begin? Will Trump let it go like the failed debt of Puerto Rico or have massive bailouts?

Despite the fact that the Fed keeps raising rates as it tightens the noose around the supposed economic “recovery”, there are still many people out there who refuse to accept that the central bank would deliberately implode the fiscal bubble that it has spent the last ten years inflating. Even today, I still see arguments proclaiming that the Fed will be forced to pull back if stocks fall beyond 15% to 20%. I also see claims that Fed officials like Jerome Powell had "better start looking for another job" because Donald Trump won’t be happy with Fed policies that could cause a crash. This is pure delusion from people who do not understand how the Fed operates.

The ever-expanding debt feeds dollars into circulation. Those dollars levitate stocks, bonds, real estate and/or commodities. Stocks have rallied since 2009, bonds since the early 1980s and real estate has reached bubble territory again in 2018. Commodities have been weaker for five to ten years. The Deep State, Federal Reserve and U.S. Government want rising stock and bond markets because they increase wealth for the political and financial elite. They have created a “borrow, spend, blow a bubble, let it collapse, and rake in the spoils game,” and it will not change easily.

While President Donald Trump and elements of the mainstream media describe a strong United States economy - America's economic future has significant problems on the horizon. Peter Schiff joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the United States's $21-plus trillion-dollar national debt, skyrocketing unfunded liabilities, federal deficits of $100 billion per month, the end of retirement, coming Corporate bankruptcies, the myth of a strong stock market, the subprime auto loan bubble, the role of China, upcoming inflation, flooding the market with treasury bonds, the day of reckoning for the Federal Reserve, Bernie Sander's Jobs program and the end of the second-longest economic recovery in history.



The entire financial system has been dependent on super low rates for the past ten years. The Fed held rates at zero for a decade and printed trillions of dollars.

The increase in prices and interest rates to date is only the beginning.

Just take a look at what’s happening in the economy right now…

Food companies like Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Hershey and Kellogg are all raising prices as both ingredient and transportation costs increase. Kellogg’s CEO recently said in an interview, “We think 2019 will be more inflationary than we have seen historically since the recession.”

McDonald’s and Chili’s both raised prices.

Airlines are paying 40% more for jet fuel than they were a year ago.

Manufacturing companies are paying 8% more for aluminum and 38% more for steel than a year ago… and they’re dealing with a 10% tariff on Chinese goods.

Paint company Sherwin-Williams increased prices in its stores as much as 6% last month, with the CEO saying “Raw material inflation has been unrelenting and accelerating.”

Even Apple is falling victim to inflation. The company raised prices on its new MacBook Air and iPad Pro by 20% and 25%, respectively.

Companies are passing along price increases to you, the consumer. And that makes it harder for you to “tread water” financially.

The Fed will have to further boost interest rates in reaction to this inflation.

But it’s raising rates while the US government is running trillion-dollar deficits into perpetuity. And now it will have to pay more interest on that debt (which it already can’t afford).

The world hasn’t seen inflation in a decade now. But it’s coming.


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Larry said...

Ever wonder why you're paying more for your electric bill or for health insurance? Blame it on Obama-he screwed up the coal industry first, wiped out our lead industry [even our military was forced to buy higher priced ammunition as a result] and when his subsidy from Medicare ran out for Obamacare, insurance firms jacked up premiums for Dems are behind the steering wheel again and Americans had better hold on to their wallets as they will live up to their reputation of "tax, regulate and spend," which will likely put the brakes on our economy-AGAIN!

Melanie said...

Democrats are wizards at wounding the republic going back to their Grand Wizards of KKK founders when they headed to Dixie after the Civil War to take advantage of Blacks which they've doing ever since [many have finally figured out that con job after LBJ thought it good to keep them on the plantation with perpetual poverty] so now they target anything the media grabs as a sound bite like attacking our border patrol comparing them to the KKK during a recent Congress-critter hearing [Camilla Harris airing some stupid comments]...dumber than a box of rocks but gullible Americans suck up this drivel while the arrogant media blames everything from global warming to farts on Trump.

Whiskey-Rebellion said...

Anti-enterprise zealots could screw up of the proverbial wet dream. Look at what a mess Obama made with his overregulation nightmare! They'll try to screw things up again I have no doubt.