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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The United States is Being Radicalized Along Two Lines: Socialism and...

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The US is Being Radicalized Along Two Lines: Socialism & a Post-Modern Form of Leadership

America is changing in ways that are hard to understand...and even harder to predict.  During the mid-term elections 64% of people aged 24 and under voted for socialist candidates [aka: far-left Democrats] such as socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [who then whined about not being able to afford an apartment in DC]…78% of young people voted for left-wing candidates in support of FREE college, free health care, universal health care and other socialist policies.

I studied cultural anthropology for years and it has been both interesting and alarming to watch how young people have become increasingly stupid [poorly educated], addicted to so-called “smart” devices and a growing anti-traditional value sentiment.  It has early roots but took off with the Bernie Sanders campaign where the younger generation openly embraced socialism.

Just a decade ago, “socialism” was a dirty word in American politics. 

Politicians like Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib, and Kansas’ James Thompson have proudly held up their endorsements from Democratic Socialists of America, the country’s largest socialist group, whose numbers have swelled since Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

Young people have been slowly indoctrinated by such thinking by socialist-oriented teachers and professors for nearly two decades in our public schools and colleges where American history has either gone by the wayside or has been significantly revised to make our Founders appear to be racist bastards and capitalism is now considered disgusting [books about Marxism are now very popular sellers on campus].

For the first time since Gallup has asked the question, more Democrats approve of socialism than of capitalism…

Despite record low employment and a great economy and rising wages, voters were especially in favor of going backward in states such as MI [except in rural counties where the GOP outdid Democrats by double-digits] where ethnic groups, Blacks and union groups succeeded in flipping the vote back to Democratic majorities.  America is being torn between two rival cultures, two regimes if you will-socialism and normal conservative politics.

Do you ever feel like what used to be called common sense is now mocked by a biased and arrogant mainstream?  Just look at Yahoo.  There is a never-ending stream of anti-Trump “news” and bashing…Nearly 97% of the reports on this left-wing search engine are anti-Trump.

Political loyalties diverge more and more as visions for the future for America differ radically…Progressives [socialists] see a so-called “living Constitution” which implies our old one is no longer good or that it is on life support and should be infused with how they view the world such as the elimination of the 2nd Amendment for instance, an even bigger government with a complete take-over of life including socialized medicine and guaranteed income for all and free college tuition for all.  Until the 1960s, most liberals believed it was inevitable that their perspectives would replace conservatives through evolution.  However, during 60s, the new-Left wanted something faster, they wanted a revolution even when conservatives fought back attempting to return America back to her roots.


By the 70s and 80s it became apparent to the Leftists that a new kind of ‘cold’ civil war was taking place and they began to sharpen their approach and attacks via various channels including race baiting, schools, PR lobbying, ethnic and legal challenges at every level often circumventing the legislative process and currently the placement/embedment of less divisive political candidates all levels of government in an effort plant their members into the legislative role they need to initiate the change the Left desires.

The midterms offered a warning that the GOP had better take seriously. While the infection of liberalism is slowly spreading to cover nearly the entire East Coast, and has essentially destroyed the opposite shore, it appears to be metastasizing to far-flung regions of the American body. Senator Ted Cruz defeated "Beto," but he hardly stomped him flat, and O'Rourke's campaign taught the Democrats that they can use their control of the media in concert with a monster spending campaign to great effect.  [Nearly $5 BILLION was spent, the majority by Democrats-a new record].

In Arizona [my former home state], voters gave John McCain's already-shaky Republican seat to far-left Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. The changing demographics [CA voters have moved there in droves and Latinos have organized to support Leftist policies which help illegals] in the desert turned their backs on badass A-10 pilot Rep. Martha McSally to embrace a liberal who spent half her campaign discussing how much she hated them. 

Deep in the heart of Dixie, the Democrats, who haven't dominated the landscape since they still had real KKK members on their roster, made noticeable noise. Although Stacey Abrams didn't win, she made a hell of a splash. Again, a "red" state turned purple by fawning media coverage working hand-in-glove with liberal cash. Considering Abrams on her own was a gaffe-prone curiosity, it's fair to say that her success essentially means Oprah Winfrey almost bought a governor's mansion. 

Having plenty of left-oriented media on their side helps their effort and every independent media rating agency has shown the majority of media has an anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias [watch Yahoo for example, newly acquired by the Leftist Verizon Corporation which amply demonstrates a 98% anti-conservative bias].

Some of my thoughts on this…

There was once a time when journalists often had intelligence, integrity, and competenceToday, reporters have none of these qualifications-Leftist sites such as Yahoo and the Huffington Post are so far left they couldn’t even be bothered to run any stories in support of veterans on Veterans Day! 


I’m actually for open borders. But it’s only possible if there is zero welfare to attract the wrong types… And if all property is privately owned… to help ensure everyone is self-supporting.

Now, people from all kinds of alien places are being imported by the hundreds of thousands by NGOs; they then go on welfare in enclaves in different places around the country. This is unlikely to end well.

The next two years will be years of gridlock, Democrat-instigated investigations and, likely, attempts at impeaching Trump and maybe even Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Those attempts will be fruitless endeavors begun not to achieve "justice," but as show trials and theater for their leftwing base. 


Here's what we expect for the next two years:

  • Democrats will tie Trump up with investigations into his taxes and his history of business dealings.
  • House Democrats will make a spirited attempt to reprise the phony allegations against Kavanaugh in order to try and impeach him.
  • A bill to ban so-called assault weapons will pass the House. It will not pass in the Senate if it is even brought up (not likely, unless there is another major mass shooting).
  • A bill to restrict and regulate the purchase of center fire ammunition will pass the House and Senate. This will likely come on the heels of another mass shooting.
  • House Democrats will push for – and likely pass – a measure to begin the process of amending the Constitution to eliminate the electoral college.
  • The stock market will see a significant correction on the order of the one seen in 2008, and a recession will begin.
  • War with Iran (undeclared, of course). Trump's foreign policy team is full of Iran hawks, and nothing rallies the base like a war.
  • Trump's tweets will get more bombastic as we draw closer to the next election.
  • Senators Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, failed senatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke, former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and Hillary Clinton will all test the waters for the 2020 Democrat nomination. Most will run.
  • A challenger or challengers to Trump will step up for the Republican nomination from the GOP. Likely one or more from CIA operative Evan McMullin, Governor John Kasich, Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Ben Sasse and someone unexpected with deep pockets from the globalist corporate community.
  • Alternative media will essentially be purged from Facebook and Twitter and strangled by the tech giants that begin to refuse to host the sites or handle their financial transactions.

Nothing good will be accomplished, as both Republicans and Democrats will be preening and jostling toward the 2020 presidential contest and their congressional reelections. That will be good for Americans as it limits the politicians' opportunities for stealing more of our liberties. 


If history is any indication, everything is cyclical and today’s crop of socialists will learn [as their citizens in South America are learning] this form of government is seldom workable.


Sources:  PEW Research, Hillsdale College, American Demographics


Parting Note:

Now that Democrats have regained some power & their Ego is no longer in check…

“I think the smart money on Wall Street right now is inviting the sheep in for one more slaughterThe smart money is getting out. The point is very simple, there have been extraordinary profits made as a result of a stock market bubble that was stimulated by this massive money pumping by the fed and all the other central banks, we're at the end of that.

“We're at the peak of that and you can take profits and live happily ever after and wait for a new opportunity at prices in the market which will be far lower.”


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Larry said...

Young people are historically stupid - AND democrat or in this case, socialist not bothered to think about where the money will come from for anything...they just want all the free stuff, much like the hoards marching toward the US from Central America [all they hear is that song from West Side Story "Everything Free in America"] Whereas Wall Street is driven by greed, in a sense many in these groups are drive by a sense of entitlement.

mike said...

I had to vomit after seeing the results of this election-so many dumb Americans I felt nauseated especially in MI [even though our county trounced the leftist dems two to one] they even reelected our do-nothing, anti-military senator Stabenow...incredible but I guess this state is owned by democrat unions.

Yvonne said...

I find it disgusting to watch our nation veering off to the left-apparently, there are plenty of idiots in this country who want something for nothing or who seem somehow dissatisfied with how good the economy and jobs picture is...hell, where I live, employers can't fill jobs fast enough but the jerks in the media still blast Trump and ignore the positive he has done...still spewing their left-wing propaganda at every chance they get rarely saying anything positive. They remind me of vultures, rarely doing any real investigative journalism.

Dave said...

More examples of the Left & their anti-freedom ways:
Tucker Carlson’s wife found herself home alone, facing a mob that was pounding at her door so hard they cracked it.
The most recent example of the left-wing fascist threats and their impact comes from Seattle, where an independent candidate has been intimidated into withdrawing from a city council race by left-wing thugs.
As the former candidate, Christopher Rufo, wrote to his supporters:
“I had hoped that this would be a campaign of ideas, but I quickly discovered that there are some activists in this city who have no interest in ideas. Since the campaign launch, they have harassed and threatened my family nonstop. I was prepared to take the heat, but unfortunately, they have focused their hatred on my wife and children. They’ve made vile racist attacks against my wife, attempted to get her fired from her job, and threatened sexual violence. They even posted hateful messages to my 8-year-old son’s school message board. I know that as the race progresses, they will ratchet up their hate-machine and these attacks will intensify significantly…