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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How Democrats Soured My Efforts to Help Them

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   Will the Democrats Create an Irreversible Shism in Our Nation?  How they jaded my outlook

Some pundits see the divide between “red” and “blue” America at this time as representing “an irreparable religious schism, deeper in doctrinal terms even than the 16th-century Catholic-Protestant schism.”

The first week of the year saw Democrats making speeches labeling Trump another “Hitler,” proposing outlandish new tax hikes, new so-called “Green” regulations, and the ground work for impeachment proceedings against the President…all actions which will further divide our nation.

 We have a growing and heightened ideological conflict which seems to have become a permanent feature of ordinary American life.

“We haven’t seen much of this before — the strife of the 1960s and 1970s being fairly localized in many ways, and that of the 1860s being mostly regionalized — with one major exception. That exception is the American Revolution itself, when neighbors really did turn upon one another in the name of political theory in a process more brutal and merciless than popular memory recalls.”

Professor Vlahos military historian], during almost-weekly interviews with syndicated radio host John Batchelor, says the Revolution was really America’s first civil war.


Democrats want to empty all the prisons and release these violent felons onto the streets of America. That’s because Democrats don’t “believe” in walls, guns or prisons, which is why Democrats will be among the very first to be murdered by those violent felons, ironically. Never forget all the bikers and hikers who went on “peace missions” to hike through ISIS-controlled territories in the Middle East to prove that “people everywhere are by nature good people.”

Those hikers got their throats slit and were left to bleed out on the side of the road. It’s tough to learn that your delusions don’t count in the mind of someone else. You might believe that the world is a peaceful place full of good people, but your delusion counts for nothing when a violent Antifa nut job attacks you with a spiked baseball bat. If you’re not armed and prepared to shoot that Antifa not job before he can drive that spike through your skull, you will end up just like the “world peace” hikers who died in ISIS territory.

“We’re not going to make America great again; it was never that great,” New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said.  He later pardoned illegal aliens and other criminals including murderers…


In our lifetimes, the single most significant threat to the life, liberty and property of the average American citizen has always been the federal government. The danger in 2019 is that a consequence of that federal government’s dysfunction will be the replacement of that most significant threat with one far more grave, far more vicious and far more relentless: the far left and the threat they represent to our Bill of Rights and pocketbook.

Neighbors? That thought takes us to a very dark place

It brings us back to a passage we previously cited by the “prepper” writer John Mosby (which may or may not be a nom de plume). The civil war he anticipates is not the one of 1861–65 with set-piece battles by uniformed soldiers. It’s guerrilla warfare.

“This is about people burning down their neighbors’ houses and businesses, to run them out of town, over ideological differences. Look at the Balkans in the early 1990s. This is about a group from one side, murdering the entire family — Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister — of their neighbors, over political differences.”

[See the book Patriots by James W. Rawles, Ulysses Press for a detailed potential of such a scenario]

 The only asset classes that would thrive under those circumstances would be precious metals, ammo and No. 10 Mountain House cans.

Barring that extreme (or maybe not), This is the probable 2019 and you should prepare for it.

Unlike the American Revolution, there will be no black hats or white hats: “There does not seem to be much by way of partisans for liberty in 2019. More apt, probably, is the example of France with its own tradition of ideological self-terrorization, devoid of any good guys, whether in 1792-94, 1870-1871 or 1958-1962.”

Preparation, therefore, isn’t the seeking of the safe harbor

The only preparation that matters is in conducting yourself and your family as if it were another era entirely. You cannot change what 2019 will probably be. You can, though, be an example in memory and history when the time comes to rebuild.

Venezuela is one of the world’s most impoverished nations.

How did it all go wrong?

It’s all due to the rise of corrupt socialism.


My Experience With Democratic Politicians Has Not Been Favorable

I presented AZ Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano [before she became the first head of Homeland Security, a position she wasn’t qualified for] with plan to make that state a solar energy producer by lining state owned freeway meridians with solar panels, in conjunction with the nuclear power energy company of Arizona to generate solar energy…instead, they lined them with artistic Native American designs! – despite my proposal being backed with data and potential grants from the  Dept. of Energy. Got a big thank you  from her Chief of Staff and despite a call for innovative ideas from alumni from the president of Arizona State University [another Democrat] and two packages sent to him via Priority Mail and follow-up phone calls…I never heard a word from him either.

When President Obama announced his healthcare initiative, I thoroughly researched a plan, based in large part on the success of the Australian health plan and I included Tort Reform, Dental, Eye Care, the elimination of Workers Compensation [which would no longer be needed] and more and would have essentially incorporated the plan into our existing bureaucracy thus eliminating the need for another set of subsidies and regulations.  Of course, I never heard a word after submitting my 200-page research proposal to the Democratic Party in Washington.

Is it any wonder why I am soured on the Democrats?


Freedom. Self-Reliance. Action.


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Develop a Well-Rounded Prepper Library

When the topic of a prepping library comes up, what do most people talk about? Chances are the U.S. Air Force survival manual,  SAS survival manual, Army Field Manual 21-76, or something from Ragnor Benson.


When people get into prepping they typically start with stockpiling, then may gravitate towards self-sufficiency. For example, someone may start off with stockpiling canned goods, then move towards mylar bags and freeze dried foods, then finally arrive at prepsteading, farming, and gardening.

Most people who live in the suburbs can have a small garden, maybe some laying hens, and fruit trees. This allows just about anyone to grow some of their own food.

As preppers progress from stockpiling to prepsteading, shouldn’t their library also progress?

Chances are a lot of preppers do not have a single book on gardening, homesteading, canning and preserving food… etc. Even less will have books on literature, science, and math.

If we are prepping for a complete collapse of society, shouldn’t we also stockpile books for future generations? If something were to happen today – plague, nuclear war.. etc – what types of books would the reader have on hand to teach their children, or grandchildren?

What good does it do to survive the next plague, nuclear war… if future generations do not have access to resources?  This means real books made from paper and not electronic books for e-readers.

Why real books?

·         A real book can be dropped, and dropped several times without damage.

·         Real books do not require electricity.




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It's a good idea to have a wide assortment of barter items. That way if someone has something you need, you're more likely to already have something they need...


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Larry said...

Democrats don't welcome any ideas or people from outside their fold-if you're a socialist, forget it. Everyone knew Obamacare was a disaster from the get-go, even Obama but they didn't care and the Dems will defend it with dying breath as if it were part of the second coming-that's what they do.

Mike said...

As usual, your resources & insights are impeccable. I recall the length and research you spent on the health plan you prepared for Democrats only to have them ignore it. Your plan was incredible & to have them waste that opportunity was stupid. By comparison, it is no wonder their plan failed but as they say "you can't fix stupid."

Stephanie said...

Democrats and their party mouthpieces love to hype BS [funny how their anti-Trump narrative script is word-for-word] which only resonate with already brainwashed left wing low-IQ idiots who trot out the same old crap while flip-flopping on what they feed to media hounds-it is a circus of clowns who feed off each other.

Lydia said...

I stumbled up your blog and really, really like it-great content and useful resources!