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Thursday, September 12, 2019

911 an Excuse to Erode Our Rights-The un-Patriot Act

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Another year has come and gone, and it's September 11th again.

 That date has NEVER been the same -- not since 2001, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City and killed thousands of people.

Our government eventually designated today, officially, as "Patriot Day."
don't feel good about it.

Now, don't get me wrong...

Every September 11th, I look back and truly value those who perished.

I feel deeply for those left behind to mourn the loss of loved ones.

 I'm inspired by the First Responders who ran toward danger to save anyone they could... as well as those brave citizens who fought back against the terrorists attempting yet another deadly plane crash.

 But I also mourn for the United States...

 That's because I believe we really turned a corner when it comes to our rights as Americans on September 11th.

Ever since the towers fell on 9/11, the American public has turned on each other...

...and people within our government and "Big Tech" have been more than happy to take advantage of our pain.

While pretending to "do something" to keep us safe, our administration(s), "intelligence" community, the tech Bigwigs who run "social media" and determine what you can and can't say, and even the upper echelons of law enforcement have turned their targeting inwards to our own citizens.

 They've collected our data without permission.
They've banned us for "wrongthink" whenever we step out of line.

They've spied on us, tracked us, scanned us, and even called us "terrorists" without due process of law -- all because of what we think and what we say.

Every time you turn around, there's some new scandal involving Google and Facebook manipulating us.

Everywhere you look, politicians are doing an end-run around the Constitution, infringing on our rights in the name of the "greater good."


Lately, they're all excited about using "red flag" laws to take away your guns -- again, without due process.

 All it takes is somebody accusing you of "thoughtcrime" and then you're guilty until proven innocent.

 The Feds even demanded recently that Apple and Google hand over the names of their app store customers, so the government can investigate anyone who downloaded a gun scope app.

 That's right: They're targeting gun owners in the name of "keeping us all safe," because they claim the app developer violated export restrictions.

 I'm sure it's just a coincidence that they'll be able to use the app data to make a list of anybody who owns a rifle with a scope on it (who also used the app).


Remember, it wasn't that long ago that official government documents labeled the most patriotic of our citizens -- people like you and me -- as "enemies of the state".

The sad fact is, on this truly awful day, our government and our Big Tech overlords are STILL treating us, the American public, as the real threat to their power.

 In the name of protecting us from future terror attacks, or stopping "bad people" from doing "bad things" here at home, they're scanning our emails... tapping our phones... and collecting our personal data without our knowledge.

In fact, just a few days ago, Google and YouTube were fined $170 MILLION DOLLARS by the Federal Trade Commission for collecting your kids' information without permission.

 To your government and to giant corporations like Google, hundreds of millions of dollars are just a drop in the bucket.

 With nothing to stop them, they're going to keep on spying on youmanipulating you, and violating your Constitutional rights...

...all while telling you that it's for your own good!

And thanks to government initiatives like The Patriot Act and all the new laws they're passing now, you can be "red flagged," rounded up, and held against your will as a potential "home grown terrorist" because of your beliefs -- things like:

  • Believing in the 2nd Amendment
  • Storing away "survival food"
  • Buying more than 2 guns
  • Purchasing "excessive" amounts of ammo
  • Even comments you make on Facebook and Twitter!

And that's not even the worst of it...

Your neighbors will actually be financially REWARDED to turn you in as a "suspect" if they know (or even THINK) you are doing any of these actions, because the government has set up "tip lines" so they can squeal on you.

If you see something, say something... right?

 Please hear me now...

Things continue to get worse out there.

And with the presidential elections coming, it's going to start getting that much more terrifying... that much faster!
But you already know that, don't you?

What you might NOT know are the simple steps you should be taking... no wait... that you MUST be taking... in order to protect yourself from these attacks on our rights and freedoms.
Don't tell yourself that there's nothing you can do.

 Don't just give up, or try not to think about it.

 There are things we can do to stay off the radar.

We need to STOP giving our information to the government and to Big Tech.

It isn't actually difficult to stop them from spying on you.


But you've got to start now.

 Don't make more mistakes.

Don't make it easier for these people to invade your privacy and attack your rights.

 We need to start living as "underground patriots."

The country needs people like us.

 A "new world" of threats calls for a new kind of "patriot".

 But we can't be there for our country and for those we love and protect if we're sitting in jail after getting red-flagged as "domestic terrorists."

 It's time to stand up for both our country and our rights as Americans.

 Prepare. Train. Survive.

Jeff Anderson  


MCS Magazine


Most people want security in this world, not liberty. > H. L. Mencken



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Mike said...

Your lead cartoon sums it all best-the sheep allowed their rights to be scuttled thinking they're much safer with the Nanny State in charge! Great guest piece!

Dave said...

I'm reminded of Franklin's saying about those who give up freedoms for security soon have neither.

Nancy said...

I agree-this mis-named Act robbed America and a pox on those bastards who extended this Big Brother BS...hell, you can't even use a prepaid debit card now without revealing your socialist slave number!