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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The left’s fanatical lust for power

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The left’s fanatical lust for power focuses now on this year’s election -- and they’ve launched an all-out assault on the principles that make America great and free.
Eager to unseat President Donald Trump and conservatives across the board, the left is prepared to win by any means necessary.
Today that means tearing down monuments to our heroes as well as trampling our basic rights to free speech. Statues of George Washington have already been defaced. Even Mount Rushmore now appears on the left’s hit list.
They claim to fight racial injustice. But the radical leftists -- both the violent ones on the street and the entrenched ones in government -- intend to throw out America’s history and liberties.
This anti-American hysteria has for too long dominated colleges and universities. Now it infects the rest of society.
Just as the Red Chinese coronavirus spread like wildfire, so too has the left’s America-hating frenzy. The madness spread from college campuses to the rest of us -- suddenly and powerfully.
You and I must stop this latest virus before it destroys America.

“Marx actually believed capitalists were extremely efficient,” George Gammon of The Rebel Capitalist says in today’s featured article below, “and that if you have a society that's based in, let's say, feudalism, the best way to advance the society is through capitalism.”
Yesterday, you’ll recall, we revealed how Marx was a surprisingly strong proponent of sound money (for a Marxist, that is).
And, furthermore, we also revealed why, in his own words, Marx was repulsed by the idea of using inflation to artificially goose production.
(As it happens, it was for many of the same reasons we’ve used in the past… but more on that in a moment.)
Sure, Marx’s championing of the Midas Metal was largely framed in the context of pondering, “What’s the cleanest method for a capitalist suicide?”...
But his advocacy for sound money is still an awkward beast amongst many Keynesian inflationistas on the economic left who also happen to champion his “labor theory of value”.
After all, how many self-avowed Marxists really understand that Marx liked gold (and hated fiat paper money) because he saw clearly gold’s ability to preserve the value of labor?
Even more…
How many of those Marxists who get goo-goo eyes over Modern Monetary Theory understand one simple fact:
Marx despised the idea of an unhampered printing press because he saw how it devoured the value of labor for the hidden purpose of enriching the “capital class”.
On these points, of course, we find common ground with Marx…
The only difference however is when Marx talks about the “capital class,” what we’re talking about is a band of mutant moneyed thieves we prefer to call “The Cronies.”

The Wealth Gap and The Capitalist Endgame

By George Gammon

“Capitalist production develops technology, and the combining together of various processes into a social whole, only by sapping the original sources of all wealth-the soil and the labourer.”-- Karl Marx
Marx actually believed capitalists were extremely efficient, and that if you have a society that's based in let's say feudalism, the best way to advance the society is through capitalism.
But he also felt as though the capitalist efficiency was their downfall, and that they could push a society forward only to a certain point where the communists would have to come in and take over the means of production. They’d basically steal from the capitalists in order to continue to move society forward.
He never called it end stage capitalism. That’s the new buzzword of the modern day Marxists. And if you don't think this is a thing, just go on Twitter, Google it. Just Google late stage capitalism, and it will blow your mind how popular it actually is now.
But what Marx said would be the latter point of capitalism is simple: the wealth gap would start to increase. And sow the seeds of its own destruction.
Because the capitalists would try to squeeze their margins, you'd have them competing against one another. They would try to continually lower and lower prices. Therefore, the only release valve would be the wages of the worker. The problem there is the lower they push wages, the fewer buyers they have for their goods and services. When that happens the only way capitalists can continue to make more and more money is if they take their profits and they invest them into financial instruments. And what this does, because there's not a solid base to the economy, is it creates this boom and bust cycle, like we’re in now.
If you look at everything, which I personally lay at the feet of the FED, with money print and quantitative easing… they're the ones that are really exacerbating the wealth gap. They're making asset prices go sky high by creating all these bank reserves and giving them away cheaply to bankers on Wall Street.
Of course, the Fed governors don't see it that way.
A Marxist would see that as a result of capitalism. I see it as a result of not enough capitalism. It’s the result of socialism. We're not allowing businesses to fail, we're not allowing the stock market to go down.
Everything that you see in today's society, whether it's the wealth gap increasing or this boom bust cycle, the Marxists see that as a result of the capitalist system. And they think the only way to alleviate the problem or to prevent the capitalist from collapsing society is to go in there and use any means necessary to take the means of production away.
That's when you see the BLM, and all of these organizations, where they really echo the views of Marx. I mean, if you look at their rules and guidelines and what they're pushing for, it's straight out of the Marxist textbook.
[Chris’ note V.3.0: “Frankly,” Addison wrote post-interview, “our conversation with George was one of the more interesting, informative and entertaining we’ve done since starting the Surviving and Thriving series. You’ll definitely want to read the “lightning round” at the end where we cover his thoughts on real estate, stocks, tech, commodities, bitcoin, gold, silver and precious metals; including a look under the hood at some of his own investments. Click here for the full transcript.]
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I don’t trust Lying, venomous Socialist-Dems:

·       - BS impeachment smear of Trump
·        -BS treatment of Kavanaugh
·        -BS Mueller/Russia Collision BS
·        -BS stop the wall funding
·        -Nonstop smear/investigations
·        -BS ‘it’s Trump’s fault’ for the virus [backseat Dems participated in PR stunts to attack POTUS for closing off inbound China air travel]
·        -Nonstop attacks on Free Speech, 2nd Amendment, etc.

Very often, my students interrogate me on how challenging—even impossible—it is to track someone in an urban area due to the massive presence of concrete, asphalt, tar, and floor tiles. In fact, the absence of real, natural soil sounds like an obstacle impossible to overcome for the application of this ancient but still remarkable art.

But it isn't. The art of tracking teaches us where to look and how to do it.

Each track tells a specific story, no matter which substrate it was left on. It is, in itself, the evidence that someone (or something) passed according to the basic principle of forensics: "Every contact leaves a trace", as stated by Sir Edmund Locard in the past century...

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