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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

How To Cook Food Without Power; Slingshots for Survival



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20 Ways to Heat Food Without Electricity: A Guide on How To Cook Food Without Power


We are no strangers to power outages. Hurricanes, winter storms, tornados, and other types of emergencies consistently knock out our power and create food shortages. But you do not have to go hungry just because there is a power outage.

Instead, you can cook nutritious meals without relying on electricity just like when you experience going to the best states for off-grid living.  

Safely cooking without electricity is a crucial survival skill. In this article, we will share 20 helpful tips for how to cook without electricity. Keep reading to learn how to keep your family fed with no power.


Slingshots for Survival: How to Make and Use Them

Unlike many primitive weapons that have been around for millennia, slingshots have only shown up in the last century and a half. It was the invention of vulcanized rubber in 1839 that finally provided the critical source material to make a slingshot effective: rubber inner tubes.

After World War II, the popularity of slingshots took off as commercially manufactured slingshots hit the market. It was some of the innovative ideas that came with these products that migrated slingshots from recreational toys for pinging tin cans to serious and legitimate hunting weapons.

Perhaps the most significant innovation in commercially manufactured slingshots was the Wrist Rocket introduced in 1954...

Slingshots for Survival: How to Make and Use Them

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Experts say we should also expect some "heat-flation." Extreme heat and drought have contributed to low crop yields worldwide, so we could see a jump in corn, rice and flour since these crops are highly vulnerable to heat. Flour and rice are typically cheap food staples that can help cut food costs, but that may no longer be the case this year. It might be worth it to stock up on these items if you usually use these two staples a lot. Flour will keep in the freezer for up to two years, and white rice will keep for a very long term.

How to Grow Your Very Own Money Tree

Want to know how to grow your very own money tree? Take these steps to plant one today. Then prop it up, protect it and watch it grow.

9 Radical Cost Cutting Tips to Reduce the Tightest Budget

You’ve cut the budget to the bone, but now you need to cut it even further. Try these 9 radical cost cutting tips when the belt needs to be tightened a little bit more.


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15 Ways To Purify Water In A Survival Scenario

Of all the things we need for survival, water is one of the only necessities that we can only go without for a few days. In our everyday lives, water is also something that is extremely accessible, so it often doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

However, there are plenty of scenarios, where fresh drinking water may not be so easy to acquire. When going to the sink for an unlimited supply of pure water is no longer an option, you’ll need to know how to purify water from less sterile sources.

If you know how to purify water, you can continue drinking from your tap even after the facilities in charge of purifying the water have ceased operations. You’ll also be able to purify water you collect from streams, ponds, rainfall, and more...

15 Ways To Purify Water In A Survival Scenario

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Monica said...

We get enough power outages here that we keep our outdoor grill ready year round; our power grid is crap.

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the wonderful free resources; given how bidenflation is wreaking havoc, we'll need a lot of them to survive. Personally, our family has tried solar cooking...not great & it's slow but it does work if needed.