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Monday, August 1, 2022

Citizens are like passengers on the Titanic; moving deck chairs around in hopes of surviving


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Many citizens are like passengers on the Titanic; moving deck chairs around in hopes of surviving…

While soaring inflation and higher costs of living have impacted Americans everywhere, estimates from the University of Massachusetts-Boston’s Elder Index reveal that it’s hitting older people especially hard. Under federal poverty guidelines, more than half of older women who live alone are categorized as poor or have incomes that cannot sustain essentials, while 45% of single men are in the same boat. Ramsey Alwin, president and chief executive of the National Council on Aging, weighed in, stating, “Far too many people are one crisis away from economic insecurity.

I just read a fascinating piece from Bradley A. Thayer over at American Greatness. He’s got this new theory that “The Swap” is going to get really complicated, because they not only have to get rid of Joe, but they need to get rid of Kamala, too. That’s right, the most “popular” political duo in US history is such a dud, that they both need to go. Now, his theory is interesting. He thinks Kamala will have to go first, and it’ll happen before midterms, and she’ll likely be replaced by someone like Gavin Newsom… and that’s who will then replace Joe Biden. So, we’re talking a “double whammy.” And if this actually is what they’re planning, they need to move FAST....My opinion-Newsom is a disaster also; look how he screwed up CA!


American Greatness reported that first, they must consider when to replace Biden with another candidate before 2024 and whether they can ride him out through the upcoming midterm election. If they ride him out, then the Democratic primary begins when polls close on November 8.


It is anti-Americanism that makes so many of us very angry: The Left have trashed America’s Founding and her history to the point where some believe it virtuous to hate America. Rather than advocating forgiveness for sins, the Left are advocating hair shirts, self-flagellation, and perpetual guilt. It is un-American and certainly un-Christian.


Trump thinks we can vanquish all comers if we just put our minds to it, and he’s right… Courage never demands perfection… Trump over and over said exactly what political correctness prohibits one from saying… Trump said Haiti is a shithole and that representative Maxine Waters has a low IQ. These were not racist lies. They were uncouth, politically incorrect observations that most of us would agree with but would not dare say…[except for the Poor Man].


Other Republicans say some version of “I like Trump policies but I don’t like the rest of him.” This gets it almost backwards. Although Trump advanced many important policies, it is the ‘rest of him’ that contains the virtue that inspires the movement… Trump was born for the current crisis, a life and death struggle against a totalitarian enemy I call woke communism… that control all the cultural and economic powers in America…  


[Trump] revealed, not caused, the divide in this country. In war, you must make a stand… Trump is a manly man… traditional manhood, even when flawed, is absolutely essential… Trump plays to win… There are no clean hands in a fistfight…Trump is unreservedly, unquestionably pro-America…


 Trump is a refreshing break from the guilt and self-loathing that marks our age…


In the latest report on party-identification trends from AEI's Survey Center on American Life, Daniel A. Cox measures Democrats' changing demographic and ideological makeup. For example, he finds that the share of Democrats identifying as liberals has risen significantly—from 28 percent to 50 percent—since 1998.

Elites are marching us to the apocalypse



When it comes to canned meat for food storage, here are the top meats and brands to consider purchasing next time you add to your supply.

Spam: Obviously, Spam is known for its highly processed manufacturing, however it has many qualities that make it perfect for food storage.


For example, it can be prepared many different ways and provides protein that is ready to eat at the pull of a metal ring.


Spam is made from pork and ham and each 12 oz can provides 42 grams of protein.


Tyson canned chicken: Chicken is a neutral flavor with high protein content.


In other words, it’s the type of food you can eat often without getting tired of it since you can prepare it many different ways.


This is the ideal meat to add protein on top of your beans, rice, or other easy to prepare foods.


A 10 oz can provides about 65 grams of protein.


Kirkland canned roast beef: Beef is king in terms of protein and nutrients.


Plus, its simple to prepare and versatile because it can be combined with so many different foods such as potatoes or rice.


Beef is easily digestible, has quality nutrients, and about a two-year shelf life. A 12 oz can contains about 60 grams of protein.


StarKist Solid White Tuna: Fish has a whole host of benefits including omega-3 fats. It also has mercury, so make sure you don’t make it your only canned meat.


Fish is important for normal brain and nerve function and for heart health.


Plus, canned tuna usually has a shelf life up to 5 years and a 5 oz can contains about 25 grams of protein.


DAK canned ham: Canned ham is full of flavor and protein. It can be consumed either cold or hot and is easily added to other things like eggs, rice and vegetables.


Unlike spam, which contains pieces of different types of meat, DAK is 100% ham with a typical shelf life of 4-5 years.


A 16 oz can contains about 72 grams of protein.


At the end of the day, canned meat is one of several ways to build up your food storage.


Ideally, you want to build up your canned meat supply with a diverse selection so you never get tired of eating the same thing.


Lastly, always remember to check the expiration dates as most canned meat will last between 2-5 years, so you do want to eat it and rotate through your supply.


Food Storage Tips from the Great Depression

With inflation at 40-year highs and worrisome news events coming at us every day, it's natural to wonder how other generations handled hard times. An era that looms large in terms of past national crises is the Great Depression.

Many of us know stories of how a great grandparent scrimped and saved during the 1930s. After all, the stock market crash on Oct. 29, 1929 triggered an economic collapse that lasted more than a decade. As banks failed and businesses closed, more than 25 percent of America's workforce became unemployed.

Historians have captured fascinating details about how the Great Depression changed our way of life. One of the primary changes occurred in our kitchens. In their book, A Square Meal, Jane Siegelman and Andy Coe discuss how food scarcity in what many had considered a land of plenty transformed our collective relationship with food...

Food Storage Tips from The Great Depression


 Consumer World… With inflation wreaking havoc on shoppers' grocery bills, he talks about the history of the downsizing of products and shows off some recent examples of this sneaky way to raise prices that have been featured in Mouse Print*.

McDs Making More Frequent, Smaller Price Increases

How to Turn an Old Landline Phone Into a Cellphone Bluetooth Receiver

Two-Thirds of Us Are Stressed About Inflation

Dems so-called Inflation Reduction Act will backfire-spur more inflation…our nation will get suckered again



The Deep State Survival Guide-2022 edition


Not only is bucket gardening a great solution for people with limited space, it also has many advantages over traditional gardening. You can have a greater variety of plants, you won't have to do any weeding, and you'll have fewer pests to deal with.

If you decide to give it a try, the first thing you need to ask yourself what you're going to grow. Beginners should always start with very easy plants. It will boost their confidence and give them valuable practice before they move on to more difficult plants...

25 Fruits and Veggies You Can Grow in Buckets

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15 Foods You Can Grow In Buckets All Year



Natural disasters don't wait for a convenient time

And you shouldn't wait to prepare either. In some cases there is little to no warning.

Prepare now to lessen the impact of disasters and emergencies


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Sandy said...

When bumbling Biden got 'elected' you warned readers that his election would bite everyone AND you were right again!

Eva said...

Democrats across the country will pay for the misguided economic policies of the Biden administration. The reckoning will come to fruition in November.

Fox: “The upcoming midterm elections will feature a variety of issues, but the No. 1 focus for voters that has the potential to influence the outcome for Democratic candidates, according to strategists and multiple polls, is the economy.

Luv said...

Mighty interesting thoughts! You're always a good read.