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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free MGM Movies for Father's Day+Free Yogurt+Free Resources

I know many of you will be busy over Father’s Day weekend, so this week’s Bulletin is a tad bit early – enjoy & be sure to share it with friends.

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin

Your choice for usable Urban Survival Resources

In This Issue:

· 10 things we can’t live without-despite a recession

· Save fuel with hypermiling

· Politically Incorrect film fest online

· Shattered illusions-job security. Free ebook

· Happy Father’s Day-Free TCBY

"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." --Samuel Adams

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910. Upon hearing about the newly created Mother’s Day, a grateful daughter, Sonora Dodd, lobbied to establish a similar day to honor fathers. She suggested her own father’s birthday, June 5th as the date but as we know, that day is now officially on the 3rd Sunday of June.

It’s not just Mothers who get free stuff either…Dad’s can grab a free cone or cup of their favorite flavor of frozen yogurt from TCBY (find a location at their site: TCBY.Com)

Here’s a Father’s Day BBQ tip…cooking marinated meat is healthier. Most marinades contain natural acidic ingredients such as vinegar, wine, tomatoes and fruit juices which tenderize meat and keep harmful bacteria in check and they’re rich in antioxidants…the biggest benefit, however, is that marinating prior to grilling is that it blocks the production of cancer causing substances (HCAs) – according to the American Inst. For Cancer Research!

Be sure to see the link below for some free movies only Dad will appreciate from MGM! It’s our Poor Man way of saluting Dad!

“Increasingly, the land of the free is the land of the fettered. Although a vestige of entrepreneurial dynamism continues to operate within the American economic system, this dynamism faces a growing number of impediments and antagonistic forces. The familiar anti- entrepreneurial elements - like punitive tax laws and debilitating regulations - are not only multiplying, they are combining into a toxic brew of hostile economic policies and attitudes.”

Money Making-Saving Resources

Overlooked supermarket savings – look for items with a peel-off sticker right on the product…60% of folks forget to use it. Also, another source for savings and to find what’s on sale before you leave home and visit your local stores – enter your zip code at:

No longer believe in the tooth fairy or the shattered illusion of job security-Get this

FREE report - 31 pages called How to Have a Great Life and a Great Business (Especially if You're not the "Business" Type) and is part of a new program that Brian Clark has put together called Lateral Action

Turn your car into a rolling billboard-Get paid for it

If you have a clean driving record, insurance and are willing to get a GPS installed into your car, this might be for you. You need to be over 18 and have a valid drivers permit as well and you can make as much as $1000 a month. Check these two sites for info.

Online Greeting Cards are still free at (send a Father’s Day card)

Find more coupon outlets online at Twitter and on blogs…many match manufacturers coupons with store coupons and sales and several offer online promo codes, free samples. Here are a few to try:

Six Things You Can Make Out of Scrap

Stop throwing money away!

>>>>>><<<<<<< “The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this:

You cannot post 'Thou Shalt Not Steal,' 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery,' and 'Thou Shall Not Lie' in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment.”

Interesting Videos to Watch…Beats TV

Pass a lazy weekend with a cold one & free video!

Interesting, patriotic video shared by one of our subscribers-watch it!

A link that needs to played to our communist in chief even if he doesn't want to hear it. He needs to be tied to the chair made to watch this:

Here’s another worth watching about Big Brother – Everything is OK – Go to Sleep

The Original, 1984, BBC Live Version-still chilling as it is an accurate forecast of the US

Have you read the law? Cute clip showing AZ senators & others who condemn the AZ immigration law, but confess they’ve never read it!

Free online movies from MGM – No sign in required either and the offer some of their best such as “Gas Pump Girls,” and “Beast w/ a Million Eyes.” They do have some worth watching for the family too!

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it

will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."

-- Herm Albright

Things We Can’t Live Without Despite the Recession-10 Essentials

…Americans have cut back on porn!

Nearly everything had to go. A few months after losing her administrative job in the summer of 2008, 23-year-old Brianna Karp got rid of her furniture, a beloved piano, and most of her books so she could move back in with her parents. When that didn't work out, she moved into an old trailer a relative had left her, settling into an informal homeless community in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Brea, Calif. By the summer of 2009, she was living without electricity, regular showers, home-cooked food, and most basic conveniences.

Karp held tight to one appurtenance, however: her laptop computer. She spent hours at a nearby Starbucks, using the wireless network to surf for jobs. A friend suggested she start a blog about her life on the edge, which she called the Girl's Guide to Homelessness. It generated attention that helped land a part-time magazine internship. Then came an offer to write a book about her ordeal, which is due out in 2011--and might get turned into a movie.

With some money from a book advance, Karp has upgraded to a better trailer, on a friend's property, and she's eyeing a Victorian fixer-upper she'd like to make her permanent home. Yet she craves few of the material things she's given up, while cherishing the friends and opportunities she's discovered online. "When you're in survival mode, you slash everything," Karp says. "That makes the online community that much more important. Online, somebody will always be there for me.

The grueling recession that began in 2007 has upended American priorities, with frugality now considered a virtue for the first time in decades. Despite recent upticks in spending, retail sales remain lower than they were three years ago. Sales of homes, cars, and appliances have plunged. Shoppers have cut back on toilet paper and cigarettes, once thought recession-proof. Even porn sales are down. Thrift, it seems, has no boundaries.

More at:

I like to be in America, Okay by me in America.

Everything free in America, For a small fee in America.

---West Side Story Lyric

Every Gallon Counts: Save Gas With Hypermiling

From Mother Earth News, by Monica O'Rourke

Gas-saving driving habits, called hypermiling, can help you achieve up to 40 percent more miles per gallon (mpg) than your car’s official fuel economy estimate. Take, for example, a 2005 Honda Accord, a bestselling sedan with an mpg rating of 24 (21 city, 31 highway). According to Wayne Gerdes — who coined the term “hypermiling” and is considered by many to be its leading expert and trainer — an Accord driver who is savvy to hypermiling can expect to get about 35 mpg. Dedicated hypermilers can achieve 50 percent or better improvement over their vehicles’ estimated mpg figures. Last year, Gerdes set a world record for distance in a gas — powered, midsized sedan by driving 1,445 miles on a single tank of fuel in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. That’s 81 mpg — more than double the vehicle’s Environmental Protection Agency rating of 39 mpg.

In 2006, Gerdes started an online community for hypermiling enthusiasts, out of a desire to lessen the United States’ reliance on foreign oil and show us all how to save gas.

“The world has experienced fuel economy tips and tricks, snake — oil magic elixirs, and eco — driving tips for well over two decades,” Gerdes says. “But what did we get? Broken promises and shattered dreams. Hypermiling not only makes you a more aware driver, but it also produces fuel savings that few other methods or practices ever will.”

While Gerdes and his experienced team used advanced hypermiling methods to achieve the extraordinary results in the Fusion Hybrid, it’s possible to significantly improve gas mileage in everyday driving with simple hypermiling techniques.
Some of the following gas-saving tips may sound familiar — you’ve probably been hypermiling without even realizing it.

Basic Hypermiling Techniques

Slow Down. When it comes to even minimally improving gas mileage, this an easy and effective technique. Speed increases wind resistance, which ultimately reduces gas mileage. Lower speeds lead to less gas consumption. Observe the speed limit and stick to the right — hand lane.
Brake Less. Excess braking can reduce gas mileage by as much as 33 percent at highway speeds. Avoid tailgating, which is not only dangerous, but leads to frequent braking. Every time you brake, you waste some of the gas that was burned during acceleration.
Lighten the Load. Gone are the days of towing cargo trailers, of loading the trunk with sandbags for traction, or of leaving cargo racks stored on top of your vehicle. And put those beach/lawn chairs back in the garage. All optional weight decreases your car’s gas mileage.
Minimize Air Conditioning. Running the air conditioner can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 25 percent. Instead, increase airflow by cracking the driver’s window and rear passenger’s window on the opposite side. When driving at high speeds, close your windows and use the ventilation fan to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Ongoing Maintenance. You’ll burn less fuel if you keep your engine clean and running well. A dirty air filter can decrease the fuel economy of older cars with carbureted engines.

Avoid Excessive Idling. Turn the engine off if you’re not going anywhere in 30 seconds or more. A modern fuel injected engine consumes only about five seconds worth of fuel to restart.

Intermediate Hypermiling Techniques

According to Gerdes, it’s wise to first practice more advanced hypermiling methods on a low — traffic country road to get a feel for your vehicle’s limitations (as well as your own).

Drive Without Brakes. This technique is not as dangerous as it may sound; you simply drive as if you’ve lost your brakes, even though you still have full use of them. The idea is to anticipate stops and to decelerate by simply taking your foot off the gas — coasting to a stop rather than speeding toward it.

Alternate Routes. Choose routes that are less — traveled and thus allow more flexibility to employ a wider range of hypermiling techniques than if you were surrounded by other vehicles. Leave early and try not to rush.

Smart Braking. Brake early to avoid starting again from a dead stop, especially when facing an uphill climb (the worst scenario for gas mileage). If you can avoid a complete stop by slowing early to allow a pedestrian, turning vehicle or other impediment ahead to clear, you’ll conserve fuel.

Rabbit Timing. This technique works at traffic lights with sensors. When approaching a “stale” red light (one that has been red a long time and will soon turn green), slow down early and let the other traffic around you (“the rabbits”) trip the light’s sensor as they race ahead and then stop. They may cause the light to go green, so you may not have to stop at all.

Perhaps best of all, any of these strategies will help teach you how different driving habits affect gas mileage. While the techniques listed only scratch the surface of the available mileage stretching methods, with time, whatever degree of hypermiling you’re comfortable with can become second nature. You’ll have numbers to be proud of, both in mpg and in savings at the gas pump. To learn more about hypermiling and engage with a community of mpg — thrifty drivers, visit
Excerpted from Mother Earth News, the Original Guide to Living Wisely. To read more articles from Mother Earth News, please visit or call 800-234-3368 to subscribe. Copyright 2009 by Ogden Publications Inc.

Medicare, Medicaid…the full freight of the federal gov’t constitutes a Ponzi scheme in plain sight. Income is recycled to pay benefits; no new wealth is created.”

--Editorial in Barron’s

Parting shots of wisdom and; observations

As we reported two issues ago, slowly but surely, the government is tightening its vice on international travel, overseas investments, etc. You may have read how our government threatened American Express to reveal the names of all its US citizens who owned off-shore credit cards and accounts or how the IRS and Treasury Department extorted Switzerland to reveal the names of US citizens holding offshore accounts…

Here’s another…postal authorities no longer allow you to ship items via Priority Mail to most countries packages which include gold, silver, coins, currency, precious gems, traveler’s checks, jewelry and other precious items.
Our government, much like the Nazi government, does not want its citizens getting assets out of the country. If you need me to paint the rest of the picture of what this means, email me directly.

In the past dozen years, we've already seen three bubbles — the tech bubble and wreck ... the housing bubble and bust ... and now the sovereign debt explosion and implosion.


Austerity can come in many forms: Governments may impose austerity strictly in reaction to market-driven forces ... or by pro-actively taking the lead. Austerity may come with wild inflation ... or without. It could trigger deep social upheaval ... or merely sporadic protests.

But regardless of how austerity finally arrives, it cannot happen without across-the-board cutbacks in government payrolls, severe reductions in unemployment benefits, massive cuts in pensions, big hits to social welfare programs, and invariably, NO MORE ECONOMIC STIMULUS! Obama is already asking Congress for another $50 billion to bailout state governments to help halt local government layoffs.

According to the New York Times,

"At a moment when many economists warn that the American economic recovery is likely to be imperiled by prolonged high unemployment and slow growth, President Obama is discovering that the tools available to him last year — a big economic stimulus and action by the Federal Reserve — are both now politically untenable.

"The mood in both parties of Congress has turned decidedly anti-deficit, meaning that the job-creation programs once favored by the White House and Democratic leaders in Congress have been cut back, then cut again.

"It is a measure of the mood that Mr. Obama on Tuesday hailed an initiative by his administration to cut the budgets of most major government agencies by 5 percent, at a time when conventional theory would call for more government spending to lift the economy."

That’s your message of enlightenment for this week pardners! Feel free to email me with your fondest dreams and desires or to share an idea or resource!

Bruce “The Poor Man”



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