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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ignorant People Easier to Control-Net Kill Bill, Revenge of Poor Man

Bruce’s Poor Man’s Recession Bulletin
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In This Issue:
· Mythbusters – No right to privacy? Green Tech Myths
· New Auction Site Launched
· Another Congressional Internet Scheme in works

When the wheels are coming off, it doesn’t do much good to change the driver.

— Norman Solomon, “From Great Man to Great Screwup: Behind
the McChrystal Uproar” [June 24, 2010]

Revenge of the Poor Man
Coming to a theatre near you soon…maybe

Just as gamblers are vanishing in Las Vegas, so is a vibrant economy and it still seems odd to me that Republicans squashed the recent bill to extend unemployment benefits and other portions of the bill complaining it might add to the deficit…no sh__t! Funny, you didn’t seem to have a problem adding to the deficit when the bailouts began for Wall Street under President Bush and then continuing under Obama, nor did you seem to have a big problem in allowing a health care bill to pass when it too will add to the our financial problems.

Both parties have been crucifying the middle class for 30-years which is why the Poor Man for 20 years has been telling anyone who would listen that we don’t need another election, we need another revolution!

Stay tuned…literally.

Everything video has become the national pastime as reading has become too challenging for many…The Poor Man routinely receives dozens of offers weekly from so-called marketing gurus promising to make me an online millionaire. They all want me to watch their video and a few conned me into it…what a waste. Most of these videos are boring, poorly done and take too long to get to the point.

Few of you know that Google owns YouTube and will probably begin charging a fee to upload videos…they’ll start with businesses and eventually start charging everyone else.

Well, not because I really want to but I broke down and purchased a video camera which seems easy to operate…it will probably take me a century or so to learn how to upload a video to my computer and edit it…my first effort will be directed at showing folks how the Poor Man saved so much cash on his utilities around the homestead. That’s what allowed me to afford a camera!

Resources & News You Can Use

Water your lawn one shower at a time
The first residential water recycling system to capture water from the shower & bath, washing machine, etc. and channel it to the yard or garden for irrigation – find more about the flotender at:

Break the bottled water habit-save money & the environment through approved recycled refillable bottles from GreenIrene.Com/PoorMan or check out the Bobble which cleans tap water on the spot. As you drink the water, it passes through a carbon filter in the neck, which traps impurities – cost is about $10 & good for 300 refills.

Better eBay Searching
In most cases I always find a good deal on eBay compared to most local retailers including WalMart…if a seller has made a spelling error in the title of their listing, it becomes tougher to find and the final selling price usually remains low. You can take advantage of this by using sites which scan eBay for what you’re seeking including typos. Here are a few free sites you can use.

…speaking of eBay as a good place to find bargains, if you hate to spend the big bucks on Microsoft products or Adobe Photoshop, try this site to find free or cheaper alternatives.

Money Blogs to save money
Live large on a small budget at:
Reduce credit card debt & risk at:
How a mother gets out of debt at: the

Social Security Number Safety

Linda Foley
Identity Theft Resource Center

Keep your Social Security number’s last four digits secret. You are only legally required to give out your Social Security number (SSN) when applying for new financial accounts, to an employer or for governmental purposes. The last four digits combined with your name and address could be used to obtain a wealth of information.
Safety: Ask why a company would need your SSN -- if you are not comfortable with the answer, seek an alternative company or use another means of ID. Why do you think the Poor Man calls it the socialist slave number?
Linda Foley, founder, Identity Theft Resource Center, San Diego,

"Could you survive for a few days...
or weeks without electricity or a trip to the grocery store?"
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“Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.” — Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

The News Roundup

BooCoo Auction Site Launches with Newspaper Partnerships launched on Monday with a unique model - it has
entered into exclusive deals with over 280 newspapers around the
country that will advertise the new auction site in return for a
cut of the revenue.

Green Technology Myths -- Learn the Truth
Blindly following green technology myths is bad for the environment
Americans are trusting souls so when it comes to green technology, we often believe everything we're told. If your goal is to become eco-friendly and to make a smaller impact on the environment, learn the truth about these three myths…more at:

Poor Man’s Political Roundup

No Constitutional Right to Privacy? That's A Myth That Must Be Busted!
Most Americans believe in a constitutional right to privacy -- but does it really exist? The answer is yes, but it's not as clear-cut as most people think.
In early 2003, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania announced his belief that no American has a Constitutional right to privacy, a shocking assertion to hear from a high government official. Because this was inserted as an aside in a more controversial statement, it was mostly overlooked -- but not entirely.
Pundits have been weighing in the subject sporadically ever since. The dismaying fact is, Santorum was right -- to a certain extent. There's no specific mention of the word "privacy" anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. But that doesn't mean that the subject isn't covered there, and it's time that myth was busted.
Continue reading No Constitutional Right to Privacy? That's A Myth That Must Be Busted!.

>>><<< What is That’s what I wanted to know too! So I clicked into the site and was delighted to find that it was a free web application that allows its users to brainstorm online.

Since we’re all new users go ahead and the Start Brainstorming button which will whisk you away to the application. Once it’s loaded click the Start Here button in the center of the page. This will open up the text so you can type something there. For example type in computers, and then press the enter key. Now you have the center of your brainstorming diagram, and another button should have appeared. Click that button and type in newsletters, then hit enter and another button will appear.


Resources for Stockpiling and Disaster Preparation

Make Your Own Energy
Step-by-step guide reveals how to
make your own energy for $100 or less.

Terrific site for resources and green, eco-friendly goods

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down – the all time best book on family preparedness has been updated & now includes an online video segment as well. Highly recommended 11th Edition.


Congress comes up with another brain dead scheme

Ignorant people, after all, are easier to control.

What would you think about the Internet having a kill switch? One Senator has introduced legislation, which would allow Homeland Security to issue emergency orders to broadband providers, search engines and software companies, essentially allowing HLS to order the turn-off or enact government control of the Internet in the United States.

Senator Joe Leiberman told everyone to do Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

Crowley asked about the Kill Switch bill Leiberman co-sponsors with Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would allow the President to shut down the Internet in a time of emergency.

The President will never take over the Internet, Leiberman—with a warm smile—assured the audience. The government shouldn’t take over the internet. The president would only do that in catastrophic times. Not going to do it every day. It’s only for national security. Relax.

At the moment, the proposed legislation is supported by several Senators, but it is expected to gain major opposition from the technology industry and Net Neutrality organizations.
Find this and related information at:

Parting Shot from the Poor Man

With more than a $12 Trillion debt looming (more than our combined first 200 years) is another financial meltdown headed our way? That is the consensus of many investment research firms, political analysts and the Poor Man. Two weeks ago I suggested we have two to five years tops before the crap hits the fan…unless some miracle rabbit is pulled out of the hat.

Too many Americans have their head buried in the sand and are unprepared to last more than a couple of weeks.

Over the past few decades both political parties have screwed us with their selfish, money-grubbing, serve the special-interest-only supporters and have bankrupted the country. Their short sightedness has allowed the US to become a 3rd world debtor nation who feeds its mid-east enemies via the oil pipeline.

Our government has become a bloated old man over the past decades feeding non-stop wars and borrowing beyond the hilt to become the nanny state all the while creating policies which have fostered the loss of middle class jobs (and thus tax revenues to state governments)…simply put, we have too much government meddling in our lives and overstepping its Constitutional authority and the mandates set forth by our founding fathers.

The more our government spends, especially on wars, the more we borrow and the less each dollar is worth. The US is near the end of its credit limit.

Republicans recently quashed an extension of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans and refused to bailout state governments under the guise of too much debt, but where was that sentiment when it came to bailing out banks and Wall Street? Unemployment is leveling off but many jobs will never return and food stamp recipients have set new records…what does that tell you about the recovery?

When interest rates rise and taxes rise and inflation destroys our currency things will get mighty tough and lifestyles will plummet…like a family without credit cards, the US government will eventually be forced to live within its means.

Although I just finished nearly 40 hours of Eco makeover training from Green Irene, I’m wondering if I should add blacksmithing to my skill set?

For the Unprepared, 'Trouble is Not Just Knocking at the Door; It's About to Kick It In'

That’s it for this issue and as our friend Red Green always says, “Guys, if the women don’t find you handsome, at least let them find you handy.”

Bruce “The Poor Man”

A Shallow Planet Production

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