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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It Can't Happen Here-24 Hour Bugout Kit

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin
Urban Survival Resources

Inside This Issue:

· The New Normal for Americans
· FBI Monitoring laws
· Class Warfare
· Recession proof business ideas
· It can’t happen here-bug out kits
· Howling Duck Ranch Goat How-to
· Build your yearlong stockpile for $5 a week

The news media is having its usual feeding frenzy over Chelsea Clinton’s marriage…all I can say is I feel sorry for that boy. Imagine having Mrs. Clinton as a mother-in-law.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how much Chelsea looks like Eleanor Roosevelt? Don’t you just love how much taxpayer funds were used for security purposes in the little town during the wedding preparations?

I know, I know…it’s SO important in this country…celebrity worship should be made the national religion!

Long time subscriber Ruth reminded me of this…your stockpiling plans should include plenty of toilet paper and other toiletries. A few years ago Ruth stopped by a garage sale and found boxlots of colored toilet paper for a dime a roll. She bought every case. Seems colored toilet paper does something to your posterior end that made everyone stop manufacturing it…who would’ve known? Beats using corncobs and old catalogs!

You might be interested to learn more of the following items brought to my attention by subscribers

Former Kansas State Trooper Shares his thoughts on problems we face-thanks to subscriber Jeannie for sharing this tip!

Freedom Conference slated for August in Valley Forge,PA

House leaders have even come up with a six-week messaging strategy

to assist vulnerable members on the campaign trail: week one will focus on U.S. manufacturing (although will fail to mention how regulation, high taxes, and minimum wages have driven many manufacturers overseas), week two will focus on Social Security (but will not talk about how Congress robbed the trust fund), the third week on so-called consumer "protection" (ignoring the inflationary policies government was responsible for in housing, education, energy, and other sectors), the fourth on small businesses (ignoring the imminent tax hikes that are on the way if Congress fails to make permanent the Bush tax cuts), the fifth on troops and veterans (ignoring how Congress held troops funding hostage as the majority attempted to secure $26.1 billion to balance state budgets), and the sixth will focus back on manufacturing again.

So watch out for those wasscally wabbits!

Food ain’t cheap but you’ll find a useful article on the site under our DIY Food Co-op tab on how to build a year’s worth of food for $5 a week.

Finally, Rep. Rangel is a good example of why this country needs term limits!


Choosing a Solar water Pump
A free guide to choosing a solar water pump has been published by scientists from Agricultural Research Service (ARS).
Agricultural engineer Brian Vick drew on the ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory’s 31 years of testing stand-alone water pumps.
Vick found that for pumps with motors rated less than 1,500 watts, solar is usually the best choice. With current technology and costs, wind power or a hybrid wind/solar pump is usually best for power needs of 1,500 watts or more.

The guide, published by the American Solar Energy Society in 2009, is available online at


Butchering a goat-pretty graphic how-to instruction and photo

Top 100 free windows downloads
Freeware is the popular type of download because, well, its free. Below is a list of the top 100 Windows freeware downloads

Want to Keep More of Your Money? Here's What Not to Do

Read more:

‘You can get much further with a kind word & a gun than you can with a kind word alone’ ---US Gov’t or Al Capone (your choice)

Top 5 Recession-Proof Businesses

In a recent poll involving 1,000 residents of the U.S., 65% said that they think that economic conditions in the country are worsening. Nearly half have already cut back on their spending and almost 20% are apprehensive about the stability of their jobs. Now that recession has finally landed, is there hope for businesses to thrive, much less survive? If starting a business in these tough times is still an option for you, here are the top 5 recession-proof businesses you might want to consider:

Health care

Regardless of the times, someone somewhere will always be in need of good, professional health service. This is an industry that has experienced some significant growth over the last few years. And it doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

If you have the resources – training, manpower and capital – becoming involved in a business that offers health services will assure you of a comfortable market. Consider businesses that focus on offering affordable preventive solutions to people, alternative health care and home health.

Food and beverages

We're not talking about pooling your hard-earned money and starting a restaurant – although if that seems like a feasible thing to do, it just might work. However, going into the restaurant business still has its risk – and a very high one at that.

Instead, you might consider going into a food and beverage business by focusing on offering healthier fare. These days, going into a recession is even a better excuse to eat healthy because it encourages people to cut down on their consumption and to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Consider alternative menus that are tasty and creative or specialized cafes and diners or even vegetarian eateries. Concept plus good taste are usually the best ingredients to a successful recession-proof business.

Funeral services

Yes, this is a recession-proof business, morbid as it may sound. It deals with an inevitability, which means you'll never run out of customers. You could either get involved in selling services or offering related products. Cremation, which has increased in popularity in the last few years, is also a good option.

Repair services

Repair services are also recession-proof businesses. There will always be people whose kitchen sinks clog, whose air conditioning breaks down, whose roof starts leaking or whose car suffers from overheating. What these mean is pure business opportunity, even when economic times seem shaky. And even if potential clients try to delay much-needed repair, they will still come to you for help eventually.

A caveat: many, if not all, of these businesses require specialized training, skills and equipment. However, once you have these resources, you’ll have access to a recession-proof business that does not only offer a potential for high margins, it’s also a venture that won’t require you to wait too long for a return on your investment. Provided your services are tops, it’s likely that you could be in business for a very long time.

If you have technical skills there are plenty of opportunities in setting up home theatre, computer repair, home wireless setup, video camera setup and more…despite the recession or perhaps because of it, more folks are spending time at home entertaining themselves.


It may seem surprising but starting a business involving dating and matchmaking could help you tide the recession over. Recession or no, people will always be looking for someone special either for dating or marriage. Already, this business has hit over $650 million in sales.

As a recession-proof business, starting a personals venture could mean good profits and steady work. And no one even has to leave home. Some of the most popular companies today are those that offer online dating (Internet speed dating included) to their clients. With sufficient support, attractive and secure platforms and savvy, targeted marketing, this type of business is set to fly.

If you’re so inclined, here’s how high tech hobbyists can make a buck…
Bringing the do-it-yourself market to a whole new level, a California firm is selling kits to build a personal satellite -- and get it into space -- for $8,000.

The program, called TubeSat, is the brainchild of Randa and Roderick Milliron, a Mojave, Calif.-based couple who've been developing a bare-bones, low-cost rocket system for the past 14 years. Selling flights as a package deal with satellite-building kits is proving to be a winning combination, with more than a dozen customers signed up to fly on the debut launch early next year. Perhaps you have an idea, which can achieve liftoff to earn a nice living!
See related news blurb later in this bulletin plus go to our BootstrapBiz section of the PoorManSurvival.Com site to other idea starters.

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. - Albert Einstein

Resources for Stockpiling and Disaster Preparation

Make Your Own Energy
Step-by-step guide reveals how to
make your own energy for $100 or less.

Terrific sites for resources and green, eco-friendly goods

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down – the all time best book on family preparedness has been updated & now includes an online video segment as well. Highly recommended 11th Edition.

Good source for your own domain registration, free lookups

Religion may in most of its forms be defined as the belief that the gods are on the side of the Government. –Bertrand Russell

This week’s news roundup: The Outlook…Bleak

The New Normal…sinking state for consumers
This week's grim report on consumer confidence confirmed what's obvious to many: Americans are fearful about the state of the economy.
A recent survey by Deloitte and Harrison Group shows that 80% of Americans surveyed are focused on cutting back. Of that group, 55% say they haven't been directly affected by the recession but have changed their spending habits nonetheless. The survey further shows Americans are:

· -- Delaying gratification (and purchases, especially of big-ticket items.)
· -- Buying generics and "private label" vs. better-known (and more expensive) brands.
· -- Cooking from scratch instead of eating out or buying prepared meals. Rather than keeping the pantry stocked, Americans are also only buying what's necessary, as results from grocer SuperValu this week attest. (SuperValu's net-income fell 40% from a year ago and its CEO said: "We are not optimistic that somehow the economic environment turns the corner any time soon.")
· -- Cutting costs with "extreme couponing" -- now has 2.5 million users, for example -- and the use of loyalty programs at various retailers.,XRT,RTH,WMT,^DJI,^GSPC


FBI Could Monitor Internet Activity without Court Order under Obama Plan
“The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individual’s Internet activity without a court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or intelligence investigation.” (Washington Post, Thursday)
Another step in the progressive erosion of our privacy

Class Warfare as new taxes bite everyone…

If you love class warfare, your moment has arrived. The next several weeks, leading up to the November elections, are sure to be filled with resounding political invective over who should pay for Washington's profligate spending over the last decade. Democrats will argue that the rich and near-rich should pony up, since they have the most money to start with. Republicans will point to the needy, arguing that they've been getting too much aid for too long. Tea Partiers will struggle to decide whose benefits should be cut in order to achieve the smaller government they envision. All around, livelihoods will be threatened. Instead of the "silly season," the midterm elections will feel like the angry season. More at:

If consumers and businesses don't get traction soon, there could even be another recession. The dreaded "double-dip" scenario seems unlikely: Moody's, for example, says there's just a 23 percent chance that the U.S. economy will be in a recession six months from now.

Americans continue to look for more frugal alternatives in our day-to-day spending.

WalletPop reports that one way we are chopping our expenses is by buying generic brands.

Almost two out of every three persons surveyed indicated that they had bought, or considered buying, generics in the past six months. Even more troubling to those who long for an increase in consumer spending is the finding that this percentage has actually gone up since the question was last asked in January.
We’re also brown-bagging it: 48% saying they had carried their lunch to work in the past six months, up from 45%. Bypassing the dry-cleaners: 24% have reduced their use of this service. Canceling their land line: 15% have done so, while another 22% have considered it.

Skipping the coffee shop on the way to work: 22% no longer hit Starbucks or the like in the morning. Eschewing bottled water in favor of refillable bottles: 39% are doing this, up by 5% in only six months. Cutting back on cable TV: 22% have canceled or switched to a cheaper cable TV alternative; another 22% have considered it.


“When the missionaires came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” --Bishop Desmond Tutu

It Can’t Happen Here! Your Personal Bugout Kit…

This is what many of us say when we hear of a disaster, whether it be man made or natural. We don’t have damn breaks, hurricanes, tornadoes, oil spills, epidemics (except for stupidity), floods, mud slides, sandstorms, forest fires, deluge rains, etc. etc…and of course, if we did, the government would take care of us!

Most of us also know that you can’t buy life insurance after you’re dead but we frequently forget to do so.

Build your own ‘just in case” bug out kit. The primary purpose of a bug-out bag is to allow one to evacuate quickly if a disaster should strike. It is therefore prudent to gather all of the materials and supplies that might be required to do this into a single place, such as a bag or a few storage containers. The recommendation that a bug-out bag should contain enough supplies for seventy two hours arises from advice from organizations responsible for disaster relief and management that it may take them up to seventy two hours to reach people affected by a disaster and offer help.

Typical contents
The suggested contents of a bug-out bag vary, but most of the following are usually included: (Note-guns optional dependending on your personal perspective)

· Enough food and water to last for seventy two hours. This includes:
o Water for washing, drinking and cooking. Canada recommends 2 litres per person per day.New Zealand recommends 3 litres per person per day for drinking.US recommends 1 gallon (3.78 litres) per person per day.
o Non-perishable food.
o water purification supplies.
o Cooking supplies.
o Cutlery and cups/dishes.
· A first aid kit.
· Fire starting tool (i.e. matches, ferrocerium rod, lighter, etc.)
· A disaster plan including location of emergency centers, rallying points, possible evacuation routes etc.
· Professional emergency literature explaining what to do in various types of disaster, studied and understood before the actual disaster but kept for reference.
· Maps and travel information.
· Standard camping equipment, including sanitation supplies.
· Weather appropriate clothing (poncho, headwear, gloves, etc.)
· Bedding items such as sleeping bags & blankets.
· Enough medicine to last an extended evacuation period.
· Pet, child and elderly care needs.
· Battery or crank operated Radio.
· Lighting (battery or crank operated flashlight, glow sticks).
· Firearms and appropriate ammunition.
· Crowbar (weapon, building and vehicle entry, etc.)
· Cash and change, as electronic banking transactions may not be available during the initial period following an emergency or evacuation.
· Fixed-blade and folding knife.
· Duct Tape
You can purchase these kits from the suppliers listed at our website or (see listing above too) or check with the Red Cross at:

Your partner in disaster preparedness.

Bruce “The Poor Man”


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