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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Restoring America through Civil Disobedience

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

Inside this issue:
· Why the wealthy determine the economy
· Recession or Depression – you decide
· Wheat shortage in Russia means higher prices here
· Grass roots organizing
· Cowpots-a bully good idea
· Developing barter skills now
· Geo Carlin’s take on who controls America + Mad as Hell

Stop organized crime. Re-elect no one.

Practicing Civil Disobedience

Although I missed it, the Poor Man was recently cited by ABC news as a “tremendous resource for rescuing average people from the war on the middle class.” And if you don’t think there is and has been a war on average Americans, you need to get out more!

When even mainstream media recognizes there is a war on the middle class, how can anyone not comprehend what the Washington-Wall Street Cartel has done to this country? The ABC affiliate in Phoenix called our site “unique.” I’m unsure if this was a compliment or what, but they passed it along to corporate.

New subscriber Chris F. wrote to say, “at least someone is telling it like it is…your site includes lots of solid information…thanks!”

Readers know I’ve joked about ways to peacefully take over the country and to restore it to its former, FREE state…but as we all know, the government has the guns and the majority of Americans are sheep when it comes to fighting Big Brother. Big Brother passes new laws every single day with one goal in mind – MORE control.

The Poor Man has been busy researching & writing about a topic I’ve discussed before and one I think holds much promise for putting a severe crimp on the stupid laws which are helping to destroy this country AND it won’t involve armed conflict & it is something everyone over 21 can do without cost or effort other than reading about it. Indeed, it’s a relatively simple concept and I urge that you read and share this information, which you will find on our newest category tab Civil Disobedience.

George Carlin’s take on who really owns America – it sure ain’t you! Warning: foul language.

More Big Brother & 1984 tech - new facial-recognition technology deployed by New York's Department of Motor Vehicles.

On Tuesday, Gov. David A. Paterson and other New York officials touted the benefits of the new system, which was deployed across the state in February. They said it had helped them arrest more than 150 would-be imposters. Thirty-five states currently use some form of facial-recognition technology, according to AAMVA, the Association of American Motor Vehicle Administrators.

In 10 years of using eBay, I haven’t ever seen it quite this slow even though from July through August is traditionally it’s slowest time…more proof of a slowing economy and lack of marketing by eBay. EBay’s goal is to have 70% of their listings as a fixed price with more focus on big sellers vs. small sellers.

Read more about new grass roots organizing posted in this issue.


New Reader Tips…thanks Jim & Gary shows a search-able database of printable grocery coupons and other coupons, sorted by store and category.

You can also check out which provides a voice of experience to help the average individual save money by living a life focused on conservative financial decision-making and frugality. There is good value in the messages that come through from this real and sincere person who has lots of experience and insight to share.

Send a package for less at:

Access most user guides at manufacturer sites when you need them at:

Actual headlines:
Floor Collapses at Weight Watchers Meeting”
“Man Opts for Jail Over New Year’s w/ Relatives”
One of the most important investments you can make to secure your financial future is to develop a set of skills with which you can generate cash flow or barter into old age

As George4title of the National Inflation Association remarked in one of his regular YouTube videos ( on how to survive hyperinflation, "Everyone needs to open their minds and look at: How do people survive in a Third World country? And it's not by going to a typical job. It's basically owning a business or providing a service or product in the economy that people will pay for."

Useful bartering web sites include:

· – a free classified ads service similar to Craigslist.
· – offer up a couch or a spare room in your home to travelers seeking a place to sleep, and in return perhaps you'll get some free labor.
· – trade land, houses, or vacation getaways.
· – swap your books, CDs, and DVDs here.
· – buy, sell, or trade just about anything.
· – here you might find barter clubs/networks meeting up in your area, groups for parents who might swap out babysitting or dinner duties, or other groups that operate on the premise of mutually beneficial trade.
· – barter for goods, services, and real estate.
According to a story in The New York Times, Jane Slupecki with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, took a group of dairy farmers to a brainstorming dinner. She had a small grant to try to find possible solutions to a big, stinky problem: cow manure, tons of it.
Cow poop is cow poop,” said Slupecki, who was feeling some frustration at the paucity of workable suggestions. Half in jest, she blurted, “Can’t you guys do something with this stuff — make a flowerpot or something?”
Those were fateful words for brothers Ben and Matthew Freund, second-generation dairy farmers who at the time maintained a herd of 225 Holsteins in East Canaan.

Each cow produces 120 pounds of manure daily. Why not grow flowers and tomatoes from cow flops?
It took eight years’ development, a $72,000 federal grant secured through Connecticut’s Agricultural Businesses Cluster, and countless grim experiments.

Now their manure-based CowPots — biodegradable seed-starting containers — are being made on the farm and sold to commercial and backyard growers who prefer their advantages over plastic pots.

Molded of dried, deodorized manure fibers, CowPots hold water well, last for months in a greenhouse and can then be planted directly into the ground, sparing the seedling transplant shock and letting tender new roots penetrate easily. As the pots decompose, they continue to fertilize the plant and attract beneficial worms.

The Freunds have green dreams far beyond CowPots, though most are too proprietary to divulge. Just one? “Think about golf tees made of composted manure that fertilize greens when discarded.”

“I called a temp agency looking for work, and they asked if I had any phone skills. I said, “I called you, didn’t I?”
--Zach Galifianakis

Why the wealthy determine the economy
Consumer spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of U.S. gross domestic product, or the value of all goods and services produced in the nation. And spending by the rich now accounts for the largest share of consumer outlays in at least 20 years.

According to new research from Moody’s Analytics, the top 5% of Americans by income account for 37% of all consumer outlays. Outlays include consumer spending, interest payments on installment debt and transfer payments.
By contrast, the bottom 80% by income account for 39.5% of all consumer outlays.

It is no surprise, of course, that the rich spend so much, since they earn a disproportionate share of income. According to economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty, the top 10% of earners captured about half of all income as of 2007.

What is surprising is just how much or our consumer economy is now dependent on the rich, and how that share has increased as the U.S. emerges from recession. In the third quarter of 1990, the top 5% accounted for 25% of consumer outlays. That held relatively steady until the mid-1990s, when it started inching up past 30%. It dipped in 2003 and again in 2008, but started surging in 2009 amid the greatest bull market rally in history, with the Dow Jones Industry Average rising nearly 50% in the last nine months of the year
Grassroots organizing among people concerned not for the whale, the trees or the hungry, per se, but for the country and its principles is happening at an unprecedented rate. The politicians in touch with this flourishing spirit in both parties will reap favor with the “everyman” crowd.

Here are a few examples of what has emerged out of a desire for meaningful change:

· U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., has initiated YouCut, where anyone can vote on a menu of spending cuts. The winning item gets introduced to the House floor for a vote.
· GOOOH – Get Out of Our House – is gaining momentum “as a non-partisan plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.”
· The Tea Party Revolution continues to gain followers. The platform: the Bill of Rights. Its website contains mostly links and resources for grassroots organizers.

Read more about how Americans are organizing around a desire to see fiscal accountability, transparency and respect for the Constitution returned to governance at The Washington Times column Inside the Beltway by Jennifer Harper

I’m Mad as Hell & I’m not Going
To Take this Anymore
The classic scene from the movie Network AND
Very appropriate for today…watch Peter Finch


Make Your Own Energy
Step-by-step guide reveals how to
make your own energy for $100 or less.

Terrific site for resources and green, eco-friendly goods

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down – the all time best book on family preparedness has been updated & now includes an online video segment as well. Highly recommended 11th Edition.

This week’s news digest…

Watch the Newt Gingrich Speech
Higher food prices to come
More government ‘1984’ control
Detroit’s High Unemployment

"Wheat prices have risen 25% this week as drought and fires have devastated crops in eastern Europe and led to Russia banning the export of grain…as we’ve warned our subscribers throughout the past year – food prices will go up. Stockpile what you can now…within a couple of months (we predict) there'll be a lot more food riots as out-of-work people become desperate, and angry, and start taking to the streets.

>>>Make yourself as well-prepared and self-sufficient as you possibly can, as soon as you can. Here’s another clue about what’s going on – watch the video speech from Newt Gingrich.

>>>The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009 quietly took effect June 29. It cut off those care packages by effectively requiring that tobacco be sent with one particular kind of U.S. Postal Service shipping that requires a signature for delivery but does not deliver to most overseas military addresses…more control by the bureautwits and why we need another revolution. Another example of 1984-style control from out of control idiots.

>>>Many Americans are disappointed with the current administration. This growing movement recognizes a gap between the promises President Obama made in his inaugural address and the failure of the administration to bring about those changes. For example, in his inaugural address, he called for “a new era of responsibility,” claiming “those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.” Many Americans took Obama’s campaign promises to heart.

>>>Detroit's official unemployment rate is 24%, the highest among major U.S. cities. But officials here believe the actual jobless rate may be 50%, since the official statistics fail to include people who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits or have stopped looking for work. To put this in historical context: a decade ago, Detroit's jobless rate was 6.7% At the height of the Great Depression, in 1933, about one-quarter of Americans were unemployed. Today in Michigan, an estimated 44% of adults lack the fundamental skills, like reading, to qualify for the high-tech jobs officials are desperately trying to attract. An entire population is ill-equipped to participate in the new economy

>>>What’s Spanish for “Best Western?” »
At a time when more than one in 10 Americans are one step away from wearing sandwich boards declaring: "Will flamenco for food," Mrs. Obama's six-figure Spanish vacation has engendered entirely reasonable discussions about just how out of touch the Democrat ruling elite has become.

Parting thoughts…

Recession or Depression – You Decide

Unemployment is rampant... at the start of the recession an average of 1,000 workers lost their paychecks every workday. Just one short year later—28,727 paychecks vanished per workday—nearly 29 times more. And today the unemployment rate is holding strong at a whopping 10%. And if you count the rate of the underemployed—those folks who've either given up looking for work or are working less than they'd like—the true unemployment rate is closer to 20%!

At this rate, more than 15 million workers will be without a job—more than during the depths of The Great Depression! The economy is already in a depression.

The problem is that no one wants to admit it…not in Washington or on Wall Street either. And, for the most part, not even on Main Street.
But the fact of the matter is that in real terms, the U.S. economy has already contracted more than it did during the Great Depression.
A recent survey by Deloitte and Harrison Group shows that 80% of Americans surveyed are focused on cutting back. Of that group, 55% say they haven't been directly affected by the recession but have changed their spending habits nonetheless.

The survey further shows Americans are:
· -- Delaying gratification (and purchases, especially of big-ticket items.)
· -- Buying generics and "private label" vs. better-known (and more expensive) brands.
· -- Cooking from scratch instead of eating out or buying prepared meals. Rather than keeping the pantry stocked, Americans are also only buying what's necessary, as results from grocer SuperValu this week attest. (SuperValu's net-income fell 40% from a year ago and its CEO said: "We are not optimistic that somehow the economic environment turns the corner any time soon.")
· -- Cutting costs with "extreme couponing" -- now has 2.5 million users, for example -- and the use of loyalty programs at various retailers.

Washington conveniently leaves out people who are working part-time, people whose hours have been dramatically cut, and "discouraged" workers — those who are ready, willing and able to work — but have essentially given up looking for a job because they can't find one.

Add these workers into the mix and you have an unemployment rate of 22.7% — more than double the so-called official number and almost as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s.

And that's just a nationwide average. In places like Detroit, Los Angeles, Allentown, Pa. and other urban areas, the real unemployment rate is as high as 40%, far worse than during the Great Depression.
Consider too that from its 1925 peak, the median home price in the U.S. fell 12.57% by 1932. Compare that to the 31% decline since the property peak in 2007

Yours for better living, the Poor Man.


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