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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make Your First Million

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. America’s ‘Motel Generation’
2. The real poop on inflation-the burning platform stats
3. Asset protection resources
4. The Venus Project-Resource based economy
5. Make your first million-Video interview

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H.L. Mencken, “Women as Outlaws”

Why your relatives don’t support you

A reader recently asked me why his family and relatives won’t support him on his new business venture. Without knowing this individual personally, or his family. I wasn’t able to comment. I’ve touched on this a bit last year when I wrote about the Mormon and the Jewish culture…and why as a group, they are successful.

I’ve been fortunate in that my parents were very supportive in my ventures, and much of my inspiration for the Poor Man was derived from my mother.

Where I grew up there was a large Jewish population and they lived by a motto of ‘sell to anyone, but buy from your fellow Jew.” The Jewish population is very supportive of their young in terms of education and getting a start in either a good profession or the family business.

Mormons are very similar in their philosophy. They also live by a creed of self sufficiency, storing food and helping each other out during good times and bad times. Need a job? They’ll find one for you. Need help with groceries and rent? They’ll provide. Need help starting a business, they’ll help you to flourish.

I can’t speak for other groups, but this seems to be the key to success in life - a built in support group such as a church or other like minded group. In business we often preach one should develop a mentor relationship with someone to guide you along. Family, friends and relatives can provide moral support but usually little else.

Having the moral support of your spouse is also important. I essentially gave up my publishing business due to a spouse who did more to frustrate our efforts as opposed to helping.

This also applies to your efforts at becoming self sufficient, food storage and the like. Many will deride your efforts, thinking you’re a nut case or extremist. Don’t let this ‘Henny Penny’ syndrome affect your efforts whether in business or in becoming self sufficient!

Get yourself a bit of luck and pluck, perhaps you’ll make your first million. Watch:

When making home made pancakes, waffles and French toast…make more & freeze the leftovers. They’ll heat up in a toaster & it is cheaper than buying those bland store brands.

Our weekly roundup

FREE Online disaster preparedness training courses

Open forum (registration required) on survivalism, lots of gun related info

Kellene offers one heck of a directory of tools for survival

An emergency water supply storage we came up with. Get a waterbed mattress and fill it with water adding a few ounces of bleach. Build a platform if you like to create a viable flow.

A Few other takes on the major changes predicted
What you need to do to prepare (wish we could find land this cheap)

Core Survival essentials-practical! Part of a series, including weapons

A recent report on CNN noted the following....
The speculative fervor is so remarkable that the big trading firms now have nearly twice as many long contracts open as they did in 2008, when oil spiked to $147 in the summer, a development that either foreshadowed or caused the global economic meltdown, depending on how you look at it.

Resource Based Economy [RBE] - Venus Project
Quote from the Venus Project FAQ :"Distribution of goods and services without the use of money or tokens would be accomplished by establishing distribution centers. These centers would be similar to expositions, where the advantages of new products are explained and demonstrated. Exhibition centers will display what is new and available

"I asked a NJ turnpike toll collector what he makes after hearing the waste of money in this state and was told very proudly that he makes $76,000! That [job] is no better than a cashier and that's not including benefits he receives. No wonder that the Christi administration is looking to privatize it."

The Economic Divide in America expanding
US economic divide ever expanding : The divide between the haves and have-nots in America continues to grow and it appears there is no end in sight. A big factor of this gap is the continued price increases in basic commodities. Staff writer for the Washington Post Ylan Mui says one thing to consider as commodities continue to increase in price, there will be less money a family can spend on discretionary items, one thing that drives the economy.

Hey PM…loved your last issue. You’re right. Low wages in this country make many of us feel like we’re working on the plantation. Your underground resources sparked some good ideas.

The real poop on inflation…
From the end of 2000 through the end of 2010, the ridiculous Consumer Price Index shows prices have risen 29.9% for an average annual increase of about 2.99%.
The fact is inflation is not running at 3%. Nor is it even 5%.
Look at housing. Combined, the typical cost of homeowner's insurance and real estate taxes, two basic unavoidable costs of owning a home and putting a roof over your head — have increased an average of 92.5%!
The cost of energy, averaging the price gains for heating oil, natural gas, and electricity — has soared 87.67%.
The cost of a gallon of gas for your car has jumped 118%!
Medicare Part B premiums have rocketed 143% higher!
And, some of the very basic food items we buy on a regular basis — potatoes, eggs, beef, bread — they too have soared, rising more than 64% in the same period. Read more at:

We get more useful information in your free newsletter than I do from others that I pay for!
--Al & Jeanne

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Asset Protection Strategies
In the mid 1990s I wrote a popular how-to manual on protecting your assets from greedy lawyers, ex-spouses and government agents…things have changed and with the rise of the lawsuit industry in the USA…it might be prudent to take steps to protect yourself.

When I owned my publishing firm, we found that ‘errors and omissions’ insurance cost big bucks. Therefore, I first got my home out of my name and obtained a million dollar excess liability (aka: umbrella policy) insurance rider for added protection. If you have substantial personal or business assets to protect, it’s prudent to consult with an attorney who specializes in such matters. Laws vary from state to state…

There are many strategies to take the necessary steps in order to protect your hard earned assets. Unfortunately, there is not a simple solution for every situation. Each person will choose a different method. It is important that the method chosen will be the most beneficial in protecting all of your assets.

Asset Protection Trusts

Asset protection trusts are great tools to protect assets. There are many states that allow these trusts. Before, it was required for wealthy people to have offshore trusts. While this did protect their assets, it became very expensive and time consuming due to additional . Some states that now support asset protection trusts include Rhode Island, Alaska, Delaware and Nevada. The great thing about these trusts is that you do not need to be a resident of the state to buy into one. These trusts work to protect your assets by placing a portion of your assets in the hands of a trustee. The assets that are placed in the irrevocable trust will not be able to be touched by creditors.

Below you will find additional useful resources to consider.

Read more:

Trucking firms are preparing to impose their largest rate increase since 2005, with an increase of 5 percent or more-thanks to increased regulation and fuel prices. Result: higher prices!

America’s Motel Generation
The Disturbing Growth of the Poor in America

“25% growth of US children now live in poverty and are homeless.”

When I was a kid and you didn’t eat your dinner, mother chided us to “think of the starving kids in China.” Today, it’s Chinese mothers who tell their children to “think of the starving kids in America.”

Not since the Great Depression has America seen the gap between the haves and have nots so great. Nearly 47 million Americans are now on some kind of public assistance. Homeless shelters have a waiting list while free food programs at schools, food banks and soup kitchens are stretched to their limit.

While charitable foundations such as the one operated by billionaire Bill Gates are laudable, they simply ignore much of the United States.

America has a lot of charities and our citizens have shown they are generous even during the worst of times. Many of us feel however, government foreign aid programs should be redirected to our own domestic needs…where along with our infrastructure, middle class families are crumbling.

Last month, the Census Bureau released what is arguably one of the most alarming statistics of the year: In 2009, the number of Americans living in poverty reached its highest level in 51 years. The poverty rate was 14.3%, up from 13.2% in 2008, much – if not all – of that increase attributed to the recession.

If you can help, please do. Don’t let poverty and joblessness become the shame of America…the shattered dream. A donation of clothing, volunteering at a local food bank or Habitat for Humanity or find a volunteer opening through our link to AARP.

We have too many children living in one room motels. We have too many parents living in a state of despair, unable to find work suitable to maintain an adequate lifestyle.
Watch the recently aired CBS 60 Minutes segment:;cbsCarousel

Find additional information, resources and ideas which will enable to you help:

That’s it for this issue from Hollywood…The Poor Man! Reminder-turn your clocks ahead this Sunday.

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