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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes Suh Massah-Life on the Plantation

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. Save on medical costs-pay cash, use concierge service
2. “yes suh massah” - Life on the plantation
3. Earth Day-April 22nd
4. Help the Honey Bees
5. Charity Gardens-feed the poor
6. Girl Scouts banned from selling cookies from home

Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
-- Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist

Beating the Cartels-why we urge you to support local farmers and businesses!

Most American consumers today only have the illusion of choice thanks to consolidation efforts of multi-national conglomerates and virtually no government oversight.

Readers already know that I frequently rail against the Washington-Wall Street Cartel as they have virtually eliminated competition and small business in this country. Over the years our government leaders have virtually eliminated usury laws, monopolies on media ownership and anti-trust laws.

Before Ronald Reagan was in office, the government was targeting A&P grocery stores with its anti-trust laws. Now, Wal-Mart dwarfs A&P several times over and no one in Congress says a thing about it. Nearly 80% of the household goods, toiletries and the like sold in this country, are from this mega-giant retailer.

The government, bought and paid for, has allowed a handful of multi-national firms to rule just about everything we view, buy and consume. As these multi-national monopolies gobbled up more companies, they became more powerful as to how many politicians they could buy off, quietly rigging the vote and circumventing any laws which might protect consumers.

You may recall the pet food scare of a few years ago where tainted foods, coming from China, poisoned or outright killed family pets. These foods, marketed under more than 150 brand names through Wal-Mart, Kroger and others were found to contain ALL essentially the same crap…even those so-called high priced or gourmet pet food brands costing two or three times as much.

Hate to tell you, but this essentially holds true for the beer you drink (even Budweiser is owned by a foreign firm and still tastes like carbonated dishwater), the cosmetics and toiletries you use, and even canned soup. These cartels hold virtual monopolies on just about everything we consume. Further, their only goal is more profit, even if it is at the expense of American jobs.

There is no such thing, any longer, as the free market system and Obama (he’s busy in Brazil promoting oil drilling; something he won’t here) and Congress haven’t seen fit to exercise our anti-trust laws on anyone…because they’re bought and for by the cartels. I’ll bet you a pizza, the FTC turns a blind eye to the coming cell phone merger that I reported on in the last issue!

Most Americans are now essentially sharecroppers. Entrepreneurship is discouraged with bankers and the SBA only willing to look at those interested in a franchised style business. Small business ownership is going the way of the dinosaur and the US is now the 2nd lowest of 22 rich nations in its percentage of workers that are self-employed. This wasn’t always the case, but small businesses have been squeezed out.

As a worker, you’re a numbered consumption machine. Multi-national firms have long wanted our government to initiate a national health care plan so they wouldn’t need to fund anything like that for employees. These employers were happy to stop offering pensions and convert employees to their own 401(k) plan as corporations do not need contribute or guarantee any portion of those retirement plans.

Know of any other newsletters or publishing concerns the Poor Man can take over?

A good sized garden for a beginner in a backyard is a 4'x12.5' bed that amounts to 50 square feet. Even a smaller 4'x4' bed is good. If you live in an apartment, start with a few potted plants perhaps on a balcony or near a window with good light. Each season you can expand as your experience and interest grows.

Help the honeybees…help the planet

Honeybees are critical for pollinating crops, this helps plants to produce seeds. You may have seen reports about the demise in the bee population in this country.

Three-quarters of all flowering plants -- and more than one-third of food crops -- depend on bees, butterflies and other pollinators for fertilization. Yet in just the past few years, the population of honeybees bred for use in commercial agriculture has dropped dramatically. Wild bees, butterflies and some pollinating bird species also are in decline.

Possible causes for the decline include parasites, disease and pesticides, but there’s no doubt that one major cause is loss of habitat -- the plants that pollinators use for food, mating and nesting.

You can help restore their numbers by assisting them to find food quickly and easily. When planning your spring garden, consider planting striped varieties of snapdragons, petunias and lilies.
The stripes act as landing lights, leading bees to the nectar of the flower and pollen, this is what they thrive on. Bees also like roses, zinnias and hibiscus.

To learn about native plants in your region, visit the Web site of the Pollinator Partnership ( Or contact your regional native plant society -- the North American Native Plant Society lists state and regional groups at (click on "Resources," then "Native Plant Societies"). Your nearby cooperative extension office, which provides free agricultural education and information (, also can help. Or you can talk to docents at your local arboretum.

Sidebar: The Pentagon has been is experimenting using bees to sniff out bombs and explosives. Using sugar water as a reward, they can be trained in two hours and are remarkably accurate. They located explosives in 99% of tests!

Community Supported Agriculture-Free resources to help you
Includes national database to find them in your area.

Charity Gardens-helping the needy
With 50 million Americans at risk for hunger, many people need help long-term. Even a 6X6 foot garden plot can feed a lot of people. Get more information on you might help at:

Use petroleum jelly to line the bottom of candle holders. The candle drippings will slide out afterward.

Resources you can use…

HAVE you ever thought of being a court house researcher as a part time, independent means of making money? It can be lucrative. EXAMPLE: When I owned my chain of business newspapers, I contracted with a fellow to obtain all of the new businesses in the counties we served so we could publish them (it was a tremendous boost for our papers and increased our circulation as everyone else was charging for those names at the time). Check these sources at our friends from the Rat Race Rebellion.

Audio Books For Free -

Americans spend more time fighting government stupidity than any other single element of their lives…traffic tickets, marijuana laws, tax laws, red tape on everything from building codes to school rules…wasting billions of dollars annually! In reality, we no longer have Americans running this country…they’re Socialists! Thanks for your insightful newsletter. --RonJay, MN

IRS Casts a Wide Net With New 1099-K Reporting Rules
As online sellers prepare for the next federal tax cycle, they
can look forward to much closer scrutiny of their transactional
information. Kenneth Corbin takes a look at how PayPal, Google
Checkout and Amazon are handling this new IRS reporting requirement.

According to Kent Holtorf, M.D., founder of The Holtorf Medical Group and a board examiner for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, "We have found that, almost without exception, laboratories, doctors and other services will happily take 70% less if paid in cash at the time of service. Their costs are increased by that much if they have to bill insurance companies and incur other expenses – plus the risk of denial – in an effort to obtain payment which, if approved, generally arrives 30 to 300 days after initial billing... The cost savings are not in the care but rather the system."
Another way to save…use a medical concierge services…learn more at:

Schedule Free Donation Pickups
Want to donate your used furniture or other unwanted items but lack the time or kind of vehicle required? Find a non-profit willing to come to you…simply type in your zip code and choose from the list to schedule a pickup.

Clean paint brushes fast by filling a bucket with two gallons of warm water and a fabric softener sheet. Note: don’t use dish detergent as it will gum up the bristles.

How to Create Yeast for Baking
Yeast allows bread to rise and gain air during the baking process. This guide allows you to create a yeast starter of your own.

Earth Day-April 22nd
Consumers are taking a harder look at companies, but they're not impressed. The notion of green business is starting to be eclipsed by the larger notion of sustainable or responsible business, which encompasses social and environmental issues, as well as overall ethical behavior.
As they scan the marketplace, consumers seem underwhelmed. According to the Cone Shared Responsibility Study, three-quarters of Americans assign companies a "C," "D," or "F" grade on how well they are engaging consumers around critical social and environmental issues.
Sustainability seems to be growing as a concept, even though not everyone groks the term. According to the Hartman Group, 15 percent more consumers are now aware of the term "sustainability" compared to three years ago (69 percent in 2010 vs. 54 percent in 2007), though only 21 percent can identify a sustainable product and even fewer, 12 percent, can name specific companies as "sustainable."
That's worth repeating: About four out of five consumers can't identify a sustainable product and nearly nine in ten can't name a sustainable company.
Read more:

Make your fridge door gaskets last longer by giving it a thin coat of petroleum jelly routinely

Ideas, giveaways, extra income resources and more

US Automakers are reporting shortages of certain paint pigments, and parts due to the problems in Japan…if they had kept some plants in the USA, this problem wouldn’t exist.

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Although we very seldom use our dishwasher, we hear you can make it last longer by pouring 1 cup of white vinegar every month into to the bottom of your washer (not the soap cup) and run an empty load…gets rid of soap scum and hard water build up. Works on washing machine too.

Girl Scouts banned from selling cookies on front lawn
In Missouri of all places, two young girls named Abigail and Caitlin Mills were recently taught a lesson on how to be good citizens in the emerging totalitarian control grid going up all over the United States. After a complaint from a neighbor, the city of Hazelwood cracked down on the two girls and told them that they must shut down the girl scout cookie stand that they had been operating in their front yard.
So were the girls doing anything wrong? No. There are very few things that are more "American" than selling girl scout cookies. In fact, they had been operating the stand during this time of the year for the past 6 years. It had become a community tradition. But according to the city of Hazelwood, the girls were violating a city ordinance that bans "the sale of commodities" from a home.

The U.S. Commerce Department reported that the average family’s real disposable income is plunging while inflation is rising at the fastest rate in 2½ years.

The Parting Shot…Life on the plantation, just say ‘yes suh, massah!”
please don' hits me. massah. i goina be good from naw on…

The Middle Class -- Merely plantation slaves, sharecroppers on the Kings Land
We can’t say it too often -- the U.S. middle class faces daunting challenges, and must change the way it works, thinks, and plans. Income has stagnated for decades (see this recent CNN piece, among many others), while educational and medical costs surge by the year. Job security is a distant memory.

But that’s old news. More jarringly, the very concept of “employment” is being redefined as we speak. Every worker -- not just temps and freelancers -- is becoming “contingent,” if not in name, in function. A company may call you an “employee,” but with diminishing benefits and nothing to count on, your job is like 12-step sobriety -- you have it one day at a time.

Multinational corporations have become incredibly skilled at avoiding taxes. It has become routine for big companies to shift profitable operations to divisions in other countries where tax rates are lower. It has also become routine for big companies to set up "sham headquarters" in tax havens around the world. Many U.S. corporations have even renounced their status as American companies in order to avoid paying taxes.

According to Forbes, the United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

We’ve become a nation of sharecroppers. Plantation slaves. We never truly ever own anything, our government does. Don’t pay your property tax and the states takes away your home. Fall behind on child support and the state will take away your licenses, home or other property or your freedom. Forget to renew any government issued permits in regard to your automobile, the state will impound your vehicle. Hunt a deer without a permit, the King will fine you. Don’t pay your annual tribute, face fines and/or imprisonment.

In the US you can longer do what you want on ‘your property’ without permission from the overseer! Whether Americans want to admit it or not, it's the single greatest fear in their lives: fear of the government. Americans who don’t obey are coerced at the end of a gun barrel. The US has the most armed agents in the world.

Who really controls our country…

Free markets do not set interest rates in this country - the Federal Reserve does.

In addition, the Federal Reserve has a tremendous amount of regulatory power over U.S. banks and the entire financial system. Most Americans simply do not realize how much power the Federal Reserve has over our banks. Just last year Federal Reserve officials walked into one bank in Oklahoma and demanded that they take down all the Bible verses and the Christmas buttons that the bank had been displaying.
Like the communist Chinese, the Federal Reserve is not elected and it is essentially accountable to no one.

Our politicians and our business leaders have pursued economic policies that are so self-destructive that it defies explanation. We have no free trade policies left in this country.
According to the Federal Reserve, more than two-thirds of Americans have seen their net worth decline during this economic downturn. In fact, the Fed says that between 2007 and 2009, the wealth of the average American family declined by 23%.

Perhaps it is time for Americans to read…

Animal Farm by George Orwell-worth re-reading…
How a revolutionary government could be worse than its monarchist predecessor, but it also could apply to many political organizations, labor unions, and the like. The key lesson is that the organization's bosses often manipulate the organization for their own benefit, and end up being as bad, if not worse, than the real or imaginary evils from which they are protecting their followers. The sheep will only bleat!

Yours from the plantation, the Poor Man!
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