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Saturday, June 11, 2011

China's US Econ Zones, Swat Raids Student Loan Scofflaw

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
A digest of urban survival resources
ISSN 2161-5543
In This Issue:
1.      China to launch economic zones in the USA
2.      SWAT Teams collecting student loan debts
3.      Sites to help your garden grow, finding legal help
4.      2nd Annual Home DIY Project Guide from Popular Mechanics
5.      More ‘Work from Home’ Resources

"It is a policeman’s duty to protect men from criminals -- criminals being those who seize wealth by force. It is a policeman’s duty to retrieve stolen property and return it to its owners. But when robbery becomes the purpose of the law, and the policeman’s duty becomes, not the protection, but the plunder of property -- then it is an outlaw who has to become a policeman."
-- Ayn Rand
Sugar Coating the Truth…

The economic outlook remains gloomy with even the mainstream press suggesting a double dip recession.  Are you surprised?

A weakening job market. A debt ceiling crisis that the politicos in Washington show NO sign of resolving. A record high 888 banks on the troubled bank list. A plunge in major economic indicators like manufacturing. A double dip in the housing market…
So don't be fooled by the pundits who want you to believe that everything is hunky-dory and our economy is on the mend. They've been spinning this fairytale of recovery since last year, and once again they are misleading you.

Over-regulation of private businesses and lack of strong leadership in Washington on key small business economic matters will continue to keep private sector hiring in the dumps.
We have elected the most gutless Executive and Legislative branches in the history of our country.

In reality, our country is run by special interest groups and bureaucrats.

Through progressively invasive socialistic engineering, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches have consolidated their independent agencies into one massive bloated central government that seeks to control every aspect of our lives, from where we can live, what we can drive, what food we can eat, even down to what light bulbs and toilets we can use in our homes.

A blindsiding example of this…

Since the founding of the Energy Department during the Carter Administration, political forces have increasingly constrained America's most practical energy options. To the point that our dependence on foreign oil has soared from a mere 28% when the DOE was founded to make us more "more energy independent," to a level of about 75% today.

The loss of jobs as a direct result of regulations by unnamed and unelected bureaucrats, who are backed up by threats of prosecution from the government. Our government is stifling job creation.

Want to check your bank out for its risk level…Invest $5 for each rating requested @ or by calling 800.442.2657 to check out the financial stability of your bank or credit union.
Unstuck a jammed window during humid months by holding a small block of wood against the top of the lower window frame and tap with a hammer all around - move the block to each part of the frame, then lubricate with bar soap or silicone spray.
Poor Man’s ‘Betty Schocker’ compendium of useful stuff

Sites that will help your garden grow…
Most of what the Poor Man planted got washed away during a week’s worth of heavy rain…so I replanted much of the garden again! - Find the unusual from culinary herbs and some of the basics. - Offers videos on planting, pest control and its calculator helps you work out how many seeds to buy depending on your garden size. - Its focus is on heirloom and hybrid seed varieties

Get Legal Help for a Steal…
Look at where you post your legal needs and lawyers will bid on your project (it’s a private site so no one else sees your information).

Credit Unions just got better…
Unlike mainstream banks who over charge on many services, credit unions are now poised to compete by offering free checking, lower fees and many now include online and mobile banking and more.  Go to:
Two years ago, our friends at the Solar Living Institute built a solar Tumbleweed House. Having written the book solar living, they used recycled materials and modified it to meet their needs. Their Tumbleweed is open to public viewing in Hopland, CA.  More at:
Waiting until your gas tank is almost empty before a fill up can be pricey, could be dangerous and downright inconvenient.
The gasoline acts like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, so when you run very low, this allows the pump to suck in air, which creates heat and can cause the fuel pump to wear prematurely and potentially fail. The repair could end up costing a couple hundred dollars to fix—much more than the $4.00/gallon fill up.

Popular Mechanics - 2nd Annual Home DIY Guide - Free!

Eliminate Garbage Can Odor
Try Simple Human Charcoal Filters…ingenious product - Stick the strips inside the lid.  Can be recharged by placing in sunlight.  $3.99 for two at:

Eliminate refrigerator odor by soaking a cotton ball in vanilla extract and place in small bowl inside the fridge on the lowest shelf.  Remove when dry.

The Nanny State Updates…
"The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."
-- Alexis de Tocqueville
Dept. of Education Use Swat Team to Collect Student Debt | A SWAT team broke into a home at the request of the US Department of Education to arrest and collect on a defaulted student loan. Kenneth Wright was dragged from his Stockton California home in his underwear while his children were in held police custody for several hours as they searched for his estranged wife. We bring you coverage of the unfolding story with remarks from Sheriff Richard Mack on the increased use of SWAT teams nationwide and Congressman Ron Paul's remarks on the Department of Education.

China to Build Economic Zones in the US
“Special economic zones" would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a "technology zone" south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre "self-sustaining city" that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned "self-sustaining city" in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.
According to the Idaho Statesman, the idea would be to build a self-contained city with all services included. It would be modeled after the "special economic zones" that currently exist in China.
On a related note about China…
It was supposed to be a floating casino in Macau. At least that is what China said when it purchased a decommissioned aircraft carrier from Ukraine for $20 million in 1998. Today, that rusting hulk is about to become China's first aircraft carrier.
This is in addition to a undetermined but huge fleet of nuclear submarines that are secretly patrolling the Pacific and Indian Oceans and all areas in between. Plus, this is just the tip of China's future military ambitions.

Obama: Economic recovery is 'going to take time'

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Saturday sought the public's patience with a slowing economy and said training workers for manufacturing jobs despite declines in that sector will help put the economy on a path toward growth. He said the recession didn't happen overnight and won't end that way, either.

The Poor Man Answers…
Mr. President. many Americans (and local and state governments) are running out of time. the economy should have been your first priority, not health care.  Part of your economic fix should include getting rid of the horrendous amount of ludicrous red tape government agencies (at all levels) impose on businesses and the general population. Red tape and our overly complex tax system is strangling America with costs and threatens our national security as well as our international it any wonder why so many corporations are setting up shop overseas to the detriment of hiring in this country?
Spend more time on our nation’s problems instead of so many vacations and golf outings.

Use coupon swapping sites to save money - folks are using such sites as and to exchange coupons

Parting thought…more tools to explore for income at home
Quite frequently I feature resources and ideas which allow folks to work from home to generate extra income.  What follows are a number of resources to explore, ideal for either a man or woman.
 Get started by visiting for easy instructions on becoming an at-home entrepreneur.  This site includes tools for estimating start-up costs and choosing a business model to licensing an invention and creating a website.
 If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and are seeking salaried at-home jobs, check which features a database of 10,000 legitimate listings.
 If you taken the road to self employment and have a home office, here’s another interesting resource, Home-Based Working Moms or for a free business directory of other work-at-home moms, message boards for exchanging ideas, marketing tips and support.
 Finally, take a peek at the work-at-home resources provided at  It includes career advancement opportunities along with news and advice.  I must admit, although I am a member of LinkedIn, I don’t take advantage of their resources very often.  One site I get a real kick from (I’ve plugged them before) is, where people sell many kinds of services for…$5.
 I tried posting a couple of times but always seem to screw the listing up and it gets popped.

That all for today folks - the Poor Man Survivor!

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