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Saturday, November 19, 2011

7 Ways to Make $1000, Your Papers Please, TradePal

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
A Digest of Urban Survival Resources
ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:
1.       7 Ways to earn $1000 this month
2.      Master of Disaster – Learn from the Red Cross
3.      Your Papers Please!
4.      Holiday gift card bonuses, TradePal for selling
5.      The Magical Misery Tour of the  American Dream

Most Americans have no real understanding
of the operation of the international money lenders.
The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited.
It operates outside of the control of Congress and
manipulates the credit of the United States."
-- Barry Goldwater

Where Are Your Papers?
By Wendy McElroy

Requiring a passport as the key to freedom of movement is akin to gagging someone while maintaining that he retains freedom of speech. The passport has grown into what is arguably the single most powerful tool of totalitarian America, second only to law enforcement itself. It no longer pretends to protect individuals; not a single terrorist has been apprehended as a result of passport checks. But it does cement the totalitarian state. The mandatory passport should be reviled and rejected as an abuse of human rights and common decency. A nation that requires one cannot be free.

“Your papers!” In old movies, the demand is barked at trembling travelers by a Nazi with a guttural accent. If the demand is made in the opening scene, then the audience knows immediately that they watching a totalitarian state in which travelers are in danger.

“Your papers!” now rings out at every American airport and border crossing. The accent is different but travelers need to recognize with equal immediacy that a totalitarian state is playing out in front of their eyes, and they must be careful.

The passport has grown into what is arguably the single most powerful tool of totalitarian America, second only to law enforcement itself. It no longer pretends to protect individuals; not a single terrorist has been apprehended as a result of passport checks. But it does cement the totalitarian state. The mandatory passport should be reviled and rejected as an abuse of human rights and common decency. A nation that requires one cannot be free.

Passports clearly function as an essential and effective means through which a state can control the person and property of its residents. Consider the United States. No one can legally leave without one.

And yet passports can be denied for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with being “an enemy of the state” but rest strictly on statutory grounds. Common reasons for denial include owing money to the IRS, a federal arrest, a state-criminal court order existing, a drug arrest, being on parole or probation. Law-enforcement databases are routinely checked against both passports and applications to weed out those who have committed such offenses as being more than $2,500 behind on child-support payments. Passports can also be revoked for several reasons, although revocation is far less common.

Ed. Note: Wendy McElroy is a Canadian born individualist anarchist and individualist feminist. She was a co-founder along with Carl Watner and George H. Smith of The Voluntaryist in 1982. Her articles are widely published on libertarian websites. A version of this column originally appeared on on September 7, 2011

"Any time the government starts a new program and labels it with some acronym that has a powerful, potent name, like FAST AND FURIOUS, PATRIOT ACT, VIPR, and the like, it usually spells trouble for the citizens of this country. This new program involving an unconstitutional search of a vehicle for no reason is nothing short of Gestapo tactics. All tyrannical governments have internal controls that limit the movement of their citizens. The USSR and its internal passports is a classic example.”

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PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

7 Ways to Earn an Extra $1,000 This Month

In the past year, I've spent most of my working hours helping people and businesses that want to earn more money. Regardless of whether it's an individual or a group, they want to be more financially productive during the work day.
Based on this work, I've discovered two things about earning more money.
First, you need to be willing to work more if you want to earn more. Everyone wants to magically earn more money by working less, but it doesn't work that way. Second, you need to be willing to try new things. You don't necessarily need to be creative. You just need to…read the full post at:

DIY Build your own stone wall

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Introduction to Masters of Disaster
The American Red Cross Masters of Disaster® curriculum is centered on a series of ready-to-go lesson plans that help organizations educate youth about important disaster safety and preparedness information. Masters of Disaster contains lessons, activities, and demonstrations on disaster-related topics that organizations can incorporate into daily or thematic programming. The curriculum is non-sequential, allowing organizers to choose the lesson plans that best fit into their programming. The Masters of Disaster curriculum materials meet national educational standards and are specifically tailored for lower elementary (K–2), upper elementary (3–5) and middle school (6–8) classes
NOTE:  Be sure to click on their Preparedness Fast Facts section for free PDF reports.
There is one quite easy way to check the authenticity of a silver coin: Use a magnet! If the coin is at all attracted to the magnet, it's fake
The Nanny State Updates…

Congressional insider stock trades…the Poor Man wrote about this weeks ago!
On September 16, 2008 Paulson and Bernanke held "closed door meetings" with members of Congress and warned them that the financial system was about to totally collapse.
But instead of racing out to save the financial system, author Peter Schweizer says that many of our representatives in Congress raced out to save their stock portfolios.

Congress pushes back on healthier school lunches

WASHINGTON (AP) — Who needs leafy greens and carrots when pizza and french fries will do?
In an effort many 9-year-olds will cheer, Congress wants pizza and french fries to stay on school lunch lines and is fighting the Obama administration's efforts to take unhealthy foods out of schools.
The final version of a spending bill released late Monday would unravel school lunch standards the Agriculture Department proposed earlier this year. These include limiting the use of potatoes on the lunch line, putting new restrictions on sodium and boosting the use of whole grains. The legislation would block or delay all of those efforts.
The bill also would allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable, as it is now. USDA had wanted to only count a half-cup of tomato paste or more as a vegetable, and a serving of pizza has less than that.  (I’ll bet Congress isn’t cutting their fat cat free lunches).

So much for freedom of the press in NYC
The NYPD is using more than words to fight journalists. On Tuesday, ten reporters were arrested, another was put in a choke hold, and others were subjected to police harassment.
In fact, since the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement two months ago, 23 journalists have been arrested and countless others have been roughed up, tear-gassed and pepper sprayed. There have even been reports of police using high-powered strobe lights to disable video cameras and block people from recording their actions.

Occupy Wall Street movement turned briefly chaotic as police scattered a crowd of rowdy protesters — including a pregnant 19-year-old and an 84-year-old activist — with blasts of pepper spray.

As many as 76% of Americans say they lose sleep between Thanksgiving and New Years due to hectic schedules and stress.

The Parting Thought – The Middle Class Magical Misery Tour

“The Middle Class Is Being Systematically
Wiped Out of Existence in America . . .”

– Business Insider

According to research by Wells Fargo, 75% of the American middle class expects to work through their retirement.

The very foundation of the American Dream is that anyone — regardless of their background — can become a success through hard work and determination.
And for more than 200 years that dream has been alive and well, allowing each generation to grow up better off than their parents.
But in the span of only a decade, the American dream has vanished, becoming nothing but a mirage

Governments make promises they can't afford to keep. Governments don't generate wealth. They just move it around, taking more and more from the productive sector and shuffling it over to various classes of parasites

The Occupy movement, the financial crises in Europe and in our own country and events in Latin America and the Middle East continue to escalate. Countries are in turmoil. Leaders have been toppled.  Have we entered the time prophesized by some cultures around the world – the Mayan era of 2012, the Andean people’s Pachacuti (Time of the Great Turning)…an era of international turmoil?

A mutant, viral and extremely dangerous form of capitalism has thrived under the ever-increasing powers of Wall St., Big Business, and governments that support them (in other words, under the continuing reign of the robber barons or the corporatocracy (as some have called it.)

Today thousands of citizens rise up and demand that we take back our government and our banking systems from bloated fat cats who are not interested in long-term sustainable practices, corporate social responsibility, or a marketplace that serves us, the People

What about you…are you satisfied with the status quo?

 Yours for “what happened to my country”, the Poor Man

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No question in our mind as the how scary our government has become. The Constitution has become a relic. Is it time for another revolution?