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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Reports-Squanto's Garden Secrets, Right Wing Handbook, More

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
A Digest of Urban Survival Resources
ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:
1.        Squanto’s Garden Secrets-Free Download
2.       Right Wing Handbook – Free ebook
3.       Safeguarding yourself on Black Friday
4.       New Urban Garden Resources
5.       More ways to earn extra holiday cash

My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor. - Phyllis Diller

Black Friday BS – Safeguarding yourself
Even with the continued bleakness of the economic picture, I suspect that we'll see record crowds at stores and malls this year. People are desperate to make the holidays a special time, and in many cases, that means spending money they don't have.

I don’t like crowds and therefore, avoid shopping malls and the like (throughout the year, not just during holidays).  I make it easy…everything is done online with notes to sellers to send the item to my designated recipient and/or, I send the one gift all children enjoy - money!

What really astounds me are the huge crowds, and accompanying mayhem/violence which seems to occur each year…folks getting stampeded running through the doors at the appointed hour like it was a horse race.  I see this all the time each time a new Ipad or other stupid gadget is announced.

If you feel driven to the mall on Black Friday, keep these tips in mind:

While you're shopping, remain aware of your space. Avoid bumping into people and be mindful of people who are getting too close to you. It's unlikely they're making a move for your wallet, but certainly possible, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

To avoid identity theft, keep your credit cards and your check book put away until you reach the cash register and the cashier has finished ringing you up. Re-check your personal space before pulling out your payment information. If anyone is too close, don't be afraid to ask him to move back a little.

Also, keep track of your receipts during the shopping day. A dropped receipt can give identity thieves some of your personal and financial information, as well as their own "shopping list" of desirable items to pilfer from your vehicle. So, make sure the cashier hands you the receipt and that you put it into your wallet or into another safe place.

Stay aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the people around you, especially the people that are closer to you than you'd like. Know how many bags the cashier gave you and keep track of those. If you have more packages from a single purchase than you're able to easily keep track of or carry, ask the cashier to call someone to help you out to your car.
Once at your car, put your packages where they aren't easy to see.
At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings.
We still live in a country that has opportunity for achievement. We’re grateful for the confidence you have shown in us during the past two years…
For all of these things we are deeply thankful. Our best wishes for
a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dry wet gloves in half the time by placing one on each end of an paper towel tube  and proper them up someplace warm. 

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Free Downloadable Book - Courtesy of the Washington Times
The time has come to the set the record straight. Conservatives have the only real and lasting solutions to the 10 major problems facing our nation. These solutions are clearly and persuasively explained in the all-new Right-Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left!

Right-Wing Handbook will help you understand and defend conservative positions on:
How to Reduce Poverty & Homelessness without Taxes!
How to Improve Education & Cut Costs!
How to Improve Healthcare & Save Money!
How to End Racism & Give Everyone A Chance  to Achieve the American Dream
Ending War For Good
Debunking The Fallacy of Corporate Greed Gun Ownership Abortion and Other Hot-Button Social Issues
Freedom of Religion, Not Freedom From Religion
How to Harvest Natural Resources & Protect the Environment
Squanto’s Garden Secrets - Free Report
If you’ve been gardening for years or are still just dreaming about being totally self-sufficient, "Squanto's Garden" will both educate and entertain while helping you plan for your family's food future.

In Squanto's Garden, you'll discover:
The truth about organic foods
How to assess your soil quality
The best Ph value for your soil...and how to fix it
The unlikely source for the most effective fertilizer
How to design your garden to work with nature
How to pair crops so they will grow well together and actually benefit from one another
And even secret recipes from the 17th century for preparing turkey, pumpkin and stew!

The Pilgrims were smart, tough, resourceful people, but they had to learn to adapt to a different, difficult environment. You can download this free report by going

Social Car Sharing Site
New site that enables car owners to make money by renting their underused vehicles to other drivers via Smart Phones.  More cities are being added.  Learn more at:

New Urban Farming Resources
A ‘growing’ trend in America…learn more at these resources:

Food Sprout - CA-based site shares the impact on the environment of where your food comes from.

Guerilla Gardening Site -…designs vending machines which dispense compost, clay and seed balls which can be thrown into derelict urban sites for reclamation purposes.

Urbio - Offers a magnetic planting system which can transform any wall into a vertical urban garden.

Earn Extra Holiday Cash
Become a merchandiser with firms such as Hallmark and Mattel.  Requires anywhere from 5-20 hours a week and reliable transportation.  Learn more at:
National Association for Retail Marketing Services - search the job bank tab.

If you enjoy TV - Make money by watching commercials
New site has you view different commercials based on your interests and provide feedback.  In return, you’re entered into a weekly jackpot; get friends to join and you’ll earn money for each commercial they watch.
Santa would have to visit 822 homes per second to deliver all the world’s presents on Christmas Eve.
The Nanny State Updates…

Income inequality is rising to very dangerous levels. According to a joint House and Senate report entitled "Income Inequality and the Great Recession", the top one percent of all income earners in the United States brought in a total of 10.0 percent of all income in 1980, but by the time 2008 had rolled around that figure had skyrocketed to 21.0 percent
In the midst of everything else, the United States is bleeding national wealth like crazy. Tens of billions of dollars more goes out of this country each month than comes into it. Instead of improving, our trade deficit just keeps getting worse. For example, the U.S. trade deficit with China in 2010 was 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.

Today, the Fed has $52.5 billion of capital backing a $2.7 trillion balance sheet.
Prior to the bursting of the credit bubble, the public was shocked to learn that our biggest investment banks were levered 30-to-1. When asset values fell, those banks were quickly wiped out. But now the Fed is holding many of the same types of assets and is levered 51-to-1! If the value of their portfolio were to fall by just 2%, the Fed itself would be wiped out.

County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

Special report: Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back against an over reaching Federal Government
Visit their website at

The Parting Thought – Where’s my piece of the pie?

I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what
Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on
Washington; they would not wait for an election... It adds up to a
preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the
United States!"
-- George W. Malone
(1890-1961) U.S. Senator (Nevada)

Less of the pie to go around for most Americans…thanks to government policy
A recent USA Today story revealed how our sluggish economy has impacted families and communities. "Across the nation, the middle class share of the nation's income is shrinking," the article stated. "The vast middle class has less of the pie than it had before," it continued, quoting Pew Research Center Executive Vice President Paul Taylor.
 In Reno, Nevada, the paper noted, unemployment jumped from 4 percent in 2006 to 14 percent last year. Empty storefronts and rows of home-for-sale signs are commonplace.
USA TODAY also mentioned New Bern, North Carolina, where most middle class residents are retirees living on investments and fixed incomes. Plummeting portfolio values have forced many of them to look for work in an market where the trucking and boat and appliance manufacturing base has been battered.
 American middle-class neighborhoods are on the decline and the divide between the rich and poor is widening, according to a study on Wednesday.
The share of families living in middle-income neighborhoods has dropped to 44 percent in 2007 from 65 percent in 1970, the Stanford University study showed.
The study sponsored by the Sage Foundation and Brown University covered the country's major 117 metropolitan areas.
It supports views that the income inequality gap is widening.

The ongoing legislative and regulatory binge has kept businesses and investors on the sidelines, stifling economic recovery. Actions on energy have been especially damaging, because reliable, affordable energy is the key to living standards, jobs, and everything we make, ship, eat and do.

Yet, the Interior Department and Environmental Protection Agency are locking up more oil, gas and coal prospects; delaying or denying onshore and offshore drilling permits; and imposing countless costly regulations on electricity generation that is the backbone of affordable energy for factories, workers and families. Despite the Solyndra, SunPower and Fisker scandals, the Energy Department spent billions more to subsidize expensive, intermittent green energy.

Yours for “what happened to my country”, the Poor Man

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