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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Chicken Feeder, Get a Bug Out Spot, Virtual Jobs

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       Get cash fast, free useful download

2.      How to build a chicken feeder

3.      Have a bug-out location

4.      Virtual job resources

5.      Hitler’s Enabling Acts resemble US laws

Reasonable orders are easy enough to obey; it is capricious, bureaucratic or plain idiotic demands that form the habit of discipline.
Barbara Tuchman

What our country needs more of…Pro Bono startup services helping them to navigate the pitfalls of regulatory and judicial obstacles.

From zoning laws to quirky local statutes, all can slow down the launch of boot strap businesses.  Red tape routinely strangles American small business which curtails job growth, and in my opinion, is one of the real threats to job growth and national security…but you won’t see many politicians spending time addressing the need in America.

Too often local government leaders work overtime to enforce outdated regulations rather than foster business growth.  They operate on outdated civic and business models.  According to complaints the Poor Man hears, many municipalities don’t allow home based businesses, another obstacle to job growth.

Ripples from the Zambezi, a book by Ernesto Sirolli, is something I’ve recommended to many in government who supposedly foster entrepreneurship but in reality, only promote tax payment and compliance standards.  If they truly wish to help their local economies, they should be promoting viable rebirth strategies.

BLIP is one of the few groups helping entrepreneurs to overcome outdated regulations and you can learn more about them here…

The Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy ("BLIP") Clinic functions as a modern, technology-oriented law firm. Since its inception in 2008, BLIP is training a new generation of lawyers who are well-versed across the spectrum of skills needed to represent emerging tech, Internet, communications, and new media companies. The BLIP experience is well-rounded -- in addition to learning the intricacies of representing start-ups, BLIP clinicians are at the forefront of tech-related policy issues and advocate on behalf of causes and businesses in various legislative, regulatory, and judicial arenas.

Get the user manual you need.  Unsure how to operate something you purchased used?

Go to this free site:

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

How to Build a Chicken Feeder

Keep your flock happy and well-fed with a weatherproof and pest-proof chicken feeder. The chickens step on a treadle, and the feeder opens up! Build one today…

Have a Bug-Out Location 

The idea of a BOL (bug-out location) is to have a place you can escape to and live at in the event of an emergency. Again, we don't know ahead of time what that emergency might be, so a good bug-out location should meet a variety of criteria. They include:

- A place you own or will definitely have access to.
- Has a shelter available.
- Is stocked with essential supplies.
- Is inconspicuous.
- Is far enough away from population centers.
- Is accessible year-round.

There are various ideas about what kind of BOLs are best. Some think of them only in terms of foreign homes, in case they need to escape the United States. Others may consider a second home in a small town a good BOL, anticipating chaos in the larger cities in some future political or economic unrest.

Of course, having several different ones might be ideal, so you are prepared for any circumstances. Even if escaping the country seems like a possible necessity at some point, you may need a bug-out location that is close by to use while you make further preparations.  Continued in Chapter 7 of A Survival Guide for Interesting Times, one of the books in The Secrets Package.)

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Fast Cash Secrets.  Free download at:


Even without the news of CloudFactory, more experts are noting the disruptive workforce changes that we've been talking about here for some time....

Basically, middle-class jobs aren't just disappearing -- the very concept of "job" is being redefined. The things that once defined a "job" -- reliability, benefits, a steady range of well-defined responsibilities at a given location -- are either gone or going.

Excerpted from a new Forbes piece on virtual workers:

"Among large employers upwards of 32% of all positions are now 'part-time' or contract-based."

"The new global workforce is virtual."

"By the year 2014, 47% of US workers will be under the age of 35."

The last point is significant because millions of boomers intend to keep working.


The Internet, as we've long said, is ultimately going to globalize the workforce. Among other effects will be increased competition for work coming out of mature economies like the US, Canada, Europe, etc.

CloudFactory, founded by a Canadian living in Nepal, offers a look at this trend. For more, see this new article in

New Social Networking Job Site

New York based Jibe provides job seekers with insight into how many connections they have at a given company, plus the ability to contact those connections, ask for referrals and attach those referrals to their job applications.

Consumer debt in America has increased by a staggering 1700% since 1971

Americans are carrying a grand total of $798 billion in credit card debt.

The Nanny State Updates…

All aboard the Auschwitz Express...

Life is hard enough on its own. Government makes it harder

In his latest interview with the SGT Report, forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute warns of the multi-pronged attack on our liberty and suggests we are well on our way to living in a country not dissimilar to that of Hitler's Third Reich.

"First it was the Patriot Act. Now it's the National Defense Authorization Act. And then it was Obama's Executive Order giving El Presidente Los Estados Unidos the supreme right to call Martial Law at any potential threat – a potential threat.

According to Celente, nothing will change until the individual changes:

"The people aren't ready yet. They're not ready physically, emotionally, spiritually, philosophically – and that's all it really comes down to. Because when you are at those levels you don't take other people's crap, and you don't give it."

They're not willing to accept that they are no longer individuals, but rather, property of their government and those special interests who control it, and that their land, resources and very lives can be seized by Presidential decree.

New York became the first state to require license plates for autos in 1901.  Owners had to pay $1 and make their own plates!

The Parting Thought – Hitler’s Enabling Act in America

We’re All Criminals in the Eyes of our Controlling Government

Are you just a tiny bit sick of the feds constantly diminishing the quality of your life?

Are you ready to start fighting back?

Get big government off your back...almost daily, our so-called government passes laws restricting our freedom and privacy.  It is reminiscent of Hitler’s “Enabling Laws” which he passed one at a time to bolster his absolute control over the German people.

Those laws, like our unPatriot Act, allowed Hitler to sidestep the Constitution.

The following description of CISPA comes from the Electronic Frontier Foundation website....

CISPA creates an exception to all privacy laws to permit companies to share our information with each other and with the government in the name of cybersecurity…. CISPA’s ‘information sharing’ regime allows the transfer of vast amounts of data, including sensitive information like internet use history or the content of emails, to any agency in the government including military and intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency or the Department of Defense Cyber Command. Once in government hands, this information can be used for any non-regulatory purpose so long as one significant purpose is for cybersecurity or to protect national security.

Panic now... avoid the rush

The U.S. Constitution mentions only three federal crimes by citizens; treason, piracy and counterfeiting.

It’s almost impossible to go about your daily life and NOT commit a crime these days.

 Harvey Silverglate, author of “Three Felonies a Day” writes, every American commits three crimes each day without even knowing it. (Profiled in our bulletin in 2010).

Today, we have so many criminal statutes today that attempts by lawyers, academics and government officials to count them...have failed.

In a study conducted in 2008 by Louisiana State University Law Professor John Baker could only estimate the number of criminal statutes on the books… an astonishing 4,500.

It’s no wonder. Modern laws have exploded in number and concurrently become impossibly broad and vague.

The more aggressive the government becomes in restricting our day-to-day activities the more important our Poor Man Survival resources becomes.

We give you an endless stream of cutting-edge economic and historical insight to help guide you to a better future...some reader comments:

Jim G. of NY says, "I am most concerned about an intrusive, unlimited and untrustworthy government..."

And Deborah P. of Florida wonders, "Will there be anything that the government won't eventually oversee?"

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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