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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resources to Start a Farm Market, Telecommuting, Home Schooling

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       How to start your own farmer’s market

2.      Social Gifting

3.      Telecommuting Resources

4.      What happens when our trucking system stops

5.      Homeschooling Resources

The truth will set you free.  But first, it will piss you off!

--Gloria Steinem

MIT researchers predict ‘global economic collapse’ by 2030

A new study from researchers at Jay W. Forrester's institute at MIT says that the world could suffer from "global economic collapse" and "precipitous population decline" if people continue to consume the world's resources at the current pace.

Smithsonian Magazine writes that Australian physicist Graham Turner says "the world is on track for disaster" and that current evidence coincides with a famous, and in some quarters, infamous, academic report from 1972 entitled, "The Limits to Growth."

Our readers know I’ve been suggesting a financial collapse will hit most of the world, including America, far sooner…as soon as this year perhaps.  Frankly, I don’t know how the Fed manages to keep propping up the economy.  As we’ve reported in previous issues, several other countries have plans to replace the US dollar as the currency of choice for international trading and that would spell disaster for our economy.

Everyone has experienced first-hand the destruction of the buying power of our dollar – filled your gas tank yet or visit the supermarket recently?

Economic freedom in the US continues to decline.  This is the 5th year in a row we’ve declined. (View the video/report at:

The United States has not slowed its deficit spending or borrowing.  What’s worse is most of us feel powerless to stop the destructive policies of Washington politicians and bureaucrats which continually undermine our financial future -  Or as

Hans-Hermann Hoppe's book, Democracy: The God That Failed states,

"The mass of people, as La Boetie and Mises recognized, always and everywhere consists of "brutes", "dullards", and "fools", easily deluded and sunk into habitual submission. Thus today, inundated from early childhood with government propaganda in public schools and educational institutions by legions of publicly certified intellectuals, most people mindlessly accept and repeat nonsense such as that democracy is self-rule and government is of, by, and for the people."

You may feel powerless, but you are not.  You can take control of your personal situation by taking the steps necessary for the survival of you and your family…if you haven’t started preparing, don’t put it off any longer.

You are only as powerless as you let yourself be.

Listing an item on Craigslist?  Compare it to a popular brand.  EX: Selling a ‘Pottery Barn’ style sofa is likely to bring a better price and attention to your listing.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

For Social Gifting, It's a Wrapp
''Social gifting'' app, which allows users to send free
gift cards to friends and family, is now preparing for
introduction in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the U.S.


If you'd like more news and tips on telecommuting, coworking, and related trends, here are some worthwhile resources to check out.

Deskmag, a magazine for the coworking movement

Telework Exchange, for arguments in favor of telework to hit crustaceous bosses with, big-picture news, etc.

How to start a farmers market

Step one: Get your peas lined up in their pods

“When we started, I thought ‘Everybody’s going to love this idea!’" says Crawford. “I was shocked to find out I was wrong.”

Local merchants worried about parking and competing products being offered at lower prices, and neighbors worried about early morning noise, foot traffic, and the possibility of vermin showing up to snack on the mess the market would leave behind.

So do your homework before you begin. Have the answers to the following questions at your fingertips before you meet with neighborhood organizations and representatives:

>Consider whether there are other established options in the neighborhood already. Is the proposed market meeting a real need?

>How big do you want this to be? Provide a map of where you want your market, know your square footage, and have some sense of how many vendors you can accommodate.

>Is the property you have in mind for a market private land or public land? The rules differ according to where you want to pitch your tent. The NVFM is on private land, which, says Crawford, threw the city for a loop because most farmers’ markets operate on public or city-owned property.

And one more thing before you even really get started: The swift establishment of the NVFM notwithstanding, you should expect at least a year’s wait between starting this process and opening your market.

Read Step two and the rest here:

If you feel your child is better served with an education outside of the mainstream, you're not alone. Millions of Americans take advantage of homeschooling. In fact, it is quite common today to find many home-schooled students attending the top universities. Children schooled at home excel in university and afterward.

Here's some information on homeschooling for beginners as well as links to find homeschool groups in your area:

How a recent trip to Sam’s Club convinced me to join Watkins.

I like to bake and use a variety of extracts and other ingredients.  Sam’s Club is a long drive from where I live and the cost to renew a membership is $35 (going up soon).  Several items I sought, including extracts, baking cups and even Heinz 57, are not carried by Sam’s. 

Watkins has been around for more than 100 years and has a reputation for quality.  They carry a number of items I like and the variety/quality of extracts is superior to most supermarkets (Kroger, for example, is very high priced).  Watkins also sells many freeze dried soups and gravies and other items good for long term storage.  Their first aid products (salves, in particular) are known to work well too.

A ‘membership’ to Watkins is $39.95 and includes samples of many products and you get a 25% discount on products…AND if you join before the end of April, you get a certificate good for $50 worth of products.  That in essence paid for my membership.  Watkins also provides a viable means of generating a sideline business and income from home.  With the free website you get, it was a natural add-on profit center for me and it sure saves a whole lot of time and fuel costs!  Learn more at:

Decode food labels by using the Label Lookup feature at: – Clear explanations on 200 claims

The Nanny State Updates…

Why the Washington-Wall Street Cartel is Bad for America

The biggest threats to U.S. national security are the nation's domestic policies and not Iran, China, North Korea or Russia says Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the United States today, big businesses and wealthy individuals fund the campaigns of our politicians, and in turn our politicians pass laws which rig the game in their favor. It is a symbiotic relationship which is very bad for America.

The following is how author Stephen D. Foster Jr. described the attitude toward corporations in the early years of the United States....

The East India Company was the largest corporation of its day and its dominance of trade angered the colonists so much, that they dumped the tea products it had on a ship into Boston Harbor which today is universally known as the Boston Tea Party. At the time, in Britain, large corporations funded elections generously and its stock was owned by nearly everyone in parliament. The founding fathers did not think much of these corporations that had great wealth and great influence in government. And that is precisely why they put restrictions upon them after the government was organized under the Constitution.

After the nation’s founding, corporations were granted charters by the state as they are today. Unlike today, however, corporations were only permitted to exist 20 or 30 years and could only deal in one commodity, could not hold stock in other companies, and their property holdings were limited to what they needed to accomplish their business goals. And perhaps the most important facet of all this is that most states in the early days of the nation had laws on the books that made any political contribution by corporations a criminal offense.

Here’s  how effective the TSA has been at conditioning people. An associate of mine recently visited South America. On his return trip from Peru to the U.S., he said it was easy to spot the Americans on his flight: "They were the only ones, like Pavlov's dogs, that automatically took their shoes off to walk through security."

Spritz vodka on pesky soap scum on ceramic bath tiles.  Wait 10 minutes, then scrub.

The Parting Thought – Just in time shipping could leave you helpless

What Happens when our trucking system stops…

Our "just in time" inventory and delivery systems leave us incredibly vulnerable to a nationwide disaster

A report put out by the American Trucker Associations entitled "When Trucks Stop, America Stops".

A Timeline Showing the Deterioration of Major Industries Following a Truck Stoppage

The first 24 hours

• Delivery of medical supplies to the affected area will cease.
• Hospitals will run out of basic supplies such as syringes and catheters within hours. Radiopharmaceuticals will deteriorate and become unusable.
• Service stations will begin to run out of fuel.
• Manufacturers using just-in-time manufacturing will develop component shortages.
• U.S. mail and other package delivery will cease.

Within one day

• Food shortages will begin to develop.
• Automobile fuel availability and delivery will dwindle, leading to skyrocketing prices and long lines at the gas pumps.
• Without manufacturing components and trucks for product delivery,
assembly lines will shut down, putting thousands out of work.

Within two to three days

• Food shortages will escalate, especially in the face of hoarding and consumer panic.
• Supplies of essentials—such as bottled water, powdered milk, and
canned meat—at major retailers will disappear.
• ATMs will run out of cash and banks will be unable to process
• Service stations will completely run out of fuel for autos and trucks

This is just a sampling of what their report suggests.  Learn more at:

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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