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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jack Knife Cookery, The Big Lie

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       Reviews of cheap products

2.      1 in 7 on food stamps

3.      Why should cops have all the fun-reusable flash grenades

4.      The Big Lie(s)-What government is known for

5.      Jack Knife Cookery. eBay Cash System-Free downloads

"Talk is cheap... except when Congress does it." — Cullen Hightower

Here’s a fairly well-known fact: One in seven Americans is on food stamps.

Here is a lesser-known fact: Food stamps account for 25-40% of the monthly revenue at certain Wal-Mart locations, according to New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle.

Indeed, Wal-Mart collected nearly half of the total $1.2 billion in food stamp spending in Oklahoma between 2009-11, according to the Tulsa World.

While the number of Americans on food stamps grew 70% from 2007-11, the cost of the program grew 135%.

Spending in 2011 totaled $78 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The agency says spending grew faster than the number of recipients for two reasons: First, benefit amounts were increased 15% under the 2009 “stimulus” bill.

Second, as you know all too well... food prices have gone up…

“A vast percentage of food stamps’ money goes into the pockets of soda companies and snack food companies,” says the aforementioned professor Nestle.

“In Florida, a proposal to ban food stamp purchases for soda and junk food was killed with the help of Coca-Cola, the Corn Refiners Association and Kraft Foods,” according to a report from Eat Drink Politics, which describes itself as a “watchdog consulting group.”

For centuries, the North American way has been for people to work harder and earn more to ensure that their children had a better life. For centuries, the strategy succeeded. But today's children are more likely to be crushed by debt than to inherit their parents' wealth. Today, hard work is discouraged and punished. It is discouraged by a maze of regulations that police home businesses, for example. It is punished by soaring taxes and disappearing retirement funds.

Many people turn to frugality in response to economic bad times. That is, they view it as a necessary, but bitter pill they are forced to swallow, but would rather spit out. Viewing frugality as a form of poverty, they are driven to it through desperation, rather than a desire to increase control over their lives.

Also, for the political reasons I’ve mentioned so often, I no longer believe the American dream is functioning for most citizens.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dilute one part to five parts to use as an effective antiseptic wash to heal sores. For bad wounds, soak a gauze bandage in the solution and leave overnight


Grate up a raw potato and apply the juice to soothe sunburn, cysts, inflammation, and swellings.

Honey Spread a small amount of honey on a little piece of bread and put 'honey side down' onto an infected wound, ulcer or a boil. The honey acts as a drawing ointment helping to clean it out.

Honey is good for your skin (especially your neck area) when it becomes dry. Apply, leave for half an hour, and then rinse off in the shower

White Vinegar

White Vinegar is another one of those products that has many different uses. One use is helping to heal the pain of a burn. Put some white vinegar liberally on a piece of cotton wool and dab the burnt area. The same can be done for sunburn

Reviews of Cheap Products - tons of categories + useful budget links.

Why should cops have all the fun?  Make your own reuseable flash grenade

Jack Knife Cookery-Free Download

Easy cooking around the campfire…ALSO, we’ve added some new resources for learning how to shoot, finding a target range in your state and more to the Hunting Section at:  (Click on the Hunting Tab)  While visiting the site, go to our BootStrapBiz section and grab a free copy of the eBay Cash System, an excellent how-to for making money on eBay.

The Nanny State Updates…

From children's lemonade stands to sneaky new speed traps, bureaucrats are getting in our faces, big-time.

Another reminder of the need to stay vigilant and defend your independence and self-reliance.

 Look at these related eating trends (all done for your own "protection"):

Armed FDA agents raid dairy farms and shut them down to prevent you from buying unpasteurized milk;

As recently discovered by a Michigan housewife who faces 93 days in jail, local laws can even prohibit you from growing vegetables on your own property;

All-knowing school health officials inspect your child's sack lunch brought from home – if they disapprove, your child is forbidden from eating it and forced to buy and eat the cafeteria food;

Feds fine a Utah high school $15,000 because it accidentally violated a federal law, failing to power off a soda vending machine during lunch period. Now the school will have less money for enrichment programs;

To one-up New York City, Illinois is proposing a "Fat Tax" to protect adults from the ravages of eating too many calories, hamburgers, and fast food;

It's not just health care. The bureaucrats have their sights set on the whole of life as we know it. They want to wreck every convenience, every exercise of choice. Nothing is too small, too petty, too irrelevant to be crushed. As a general rule, if you like something, the government hates it.

The Parting Thought – What does it take to start a revolt?

The BIG LIE - What government is known for…

   Do you trust the government?  While growing up and under public school indoctrination, I did.  I swallowed just about everything I was told, hook, line and sinker.

Over the years I've watched time and time again as the US Government passed laws that reduced personal liberty, violated the constitution, or blatantly transferred more wealth to the already wealthy.

I now realize that I have been fooled, bamboozled and lied to.

Let’s start with a few obvious examples:

The income tax.  When it was introduced, the public was told “This will not affect anyone other than the top one-percent of income earners.”  We all know where that went.  In the beginning, all it took was a postcard to file your returns.  Now, just about everyone needs a CPA and/or accounting software…don’t forget about the little government brothers which stepped in to grab money from your pocket.  And by the way, witholding of taxes from your paycheck was a TEMPORARY measure to pay for WWII.  We’re still waiting for that to go away.

The Great Tobacco Lawsuit.  All 50 states joined in with the promise the money would go to help educate children and provide free smoking cessation programs.  Only one state lived up to that promise; most of that cash went into the general fund and within a few years, all those states were broke again.  Of course, the lawyers for suit all became very wealthy.

RICO & Asset Forfeiture Laws.  The public was told these laws were needed to go after the Big Drug Dealers.  Guess what?  They use it more on the little guy and the mules.  All law enforcement agencies drool over the prospect of seizing goods and cash to fund their ‘militarized’ ventures and coffers…but the always want more.

The Patriot Act.  The gorilla on our collective backs.  We were told it was needed to ‘guarantee our freedom.’  Instead, the government uses it for unwarranted wiretaps, no-knock searches, illegal detentions and of course, to invade your financial privacy.  Do you feel any safer?

ObamaCare.  This one is in the pipeline but in addition to more taxes, more invasion of privacy, lower medical standards, more government controls I predict it will need to a National ID system with the IRS in control.  Your ‘socialist slave number’ will be used, perhaps tattooed onto your hand as some predict.

As I’ve said before, politicians exploit Ignorance and Complacency and there is plenty of that go around in this country.  I continue to watch as more and more rights are eroded away, more and more money is printed, and the US Gov't continues to get bigger and more powerful.

I often wonder - just what does it take to make people really revolt?

I ran across an article in MIT's Technology Review where researchers at the Institute of Complex Systems published their results on the question; what is the cause of riots? The study was headed up by Marco Lagi and his associates.  Lagi and his associates were surprised when it turned out the cause boils down to one thing:

The price of food.
Note that the price of food is not necessarily the reason for the riots - but it does create the conditions when rioting will break out.

Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970's, 'If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.'

As you know, the cost of food is steadily increasing. And this increase is going up faster than the usual few percentage points we've all come to accept. The most profound thing about Lagi's work is that he plotted out the current trends in food prices and his model predicts that by August 2013, if food prices continue to rise at the pace we've seen in recent years, THE ENTIRE WORLD will be in civil unrest.

 “Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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