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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Preserving Food, The World Doesn't End Often, Toxic Cleaners Safety

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
A Digest of Urban Survival Resources
For Independent Minded People!
ISSN 2161-5543
In This Issue:
1.       Preserving food + Grow 100 lbs of Potatoes in a barrel
2.      The Best Financial Privacy
3.      Safeguard you home from toxic household cleaners
4.      The world doesn’t end often

"The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them” - Albert Einstein

Starting With this Issue..
Our twice weekly posting will be smaller, more condensed.  There are three reasons.  Fewer people read during the summer months.  Few people read lengthy blog posts (reduced attention spans) AND, beginning July 15th, we’re launching PMPrivate.  This ‘members-only’ newsletter will focus more on saving and making money, how-to’s, DIY and will offer many more free downloads of useful books and other materials.

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Enjoy the summer and take a minute to review our new PMPrivate newsletter (you need to scroll down a bit under the description for the free version of the newsletter)…some very nice bonuses to start folks off with the introductory price is extremely reasonable.

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PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Preserving your family's food is an old idea that is making a comeback. With the average household's net worth down a whopping 40%, millions of middle-class Americans are rediscovering all the new technology that lets them sidestep major food inflation.

When you dehydrate foods, you can save money. Drying your own meats, herbs, and produce is cheaper than buying pre-packaged dried foods
Dried foods are more nutritious than canned goods. I do recommend you do some canning so you'll have more variety in your food stores – and because, if water is ever scarce, canned foods are essential.
But, it's important to keep in mind that when you dry foods, they retain 95 percent of their nutritional value. Canned goods retain only about 40 percent of the vitamins and minerals they had when fresh. From a nutritional standpoint, dried foods are superior.
And, they're easy to make at home

Yes, You Can Build Your Own Solar Food Dehydrator
Building a solar food dehydrator is similar to building a box-style solar oven.
The simplest style starts with a box made of wood or metal. Instead of a flat top, you should build the box with an angled top. You'll make the angled top from glass or a sheet of clear plastic, so as much sun as possible can enter the box, helping your food dryer to heat up. For optimal heating, build the top at approximately a 45-degree angle.

Rather than a solid bottom, use a sheet of fine metal screening material to allow air to enter the box. Affix the bottom about 4 inches up the interior sides of the box, so your screen isn't resting right on the ground. Drying food requires a constant flow of warm air, so you'll also cut vent holes near the top on the back of box. Cover the vent holes with screening material, too, to keep bugs out.

The final exterior design change from a standard box-style solar oven is to build a hinged door into the back so you can easily insert and remove your drying racks.
Like a solar oven, you should paint the interior of your solar food dryer black to help the heating process. You'll also build ledges on the interior sides that you can rest shelves on. Allow about four inches of space between the ledges. You'll make drying trays by stretching lightweight, food-grade screen mesh over wooden frames. Each tray should be the same width as the interior of the box – minus a quarter to a half an inch.

Dry Almost Anything
With your solar food dryer, you can dry almost anything. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats are the most common things to dry. Some people make fresh pasta and dry it in their dehydrator, but that seems a little labor-intensive to me, especially when you can buy dried pasta at such a low cost.
But, the cost savings on fruits, vegetables, meats, and herbs over what you can buy in your grocery store is impressive.
Read the rest here and get your homemade jerky recipe:

  Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes In a Barrel
Timothy Hurst built his own potato barrels and wrote about them on Green Upgrader. He says they reduce weeds, pests, fungi, and eliminate shovel damage to potatoes. See these next 4 slides for his steps. "Just about any 2- to 3-foot tall container will work," he says. Pick a container you can drill drain holes in, and clean it with a mild bleach solution, as he puts it, "to get out the nasties."

For more on this step,
go here.

Safeguard Your Home From Toxic Household Cleaners
-Learn which are the most hazardous
-Proper Storage Methods, How to Identify
-Alternative DIY Recipes to Make Your Own
It’s another Free report (PDF) from the Poor Man Survival Editors
Something you should share…

Drowning in stuff?  Send an SOS to or call 800-586-5872.  For a fee beginning at $50 they’ll haul away just about anything from old books to old refrigerators.

The Nanny State Updates…
We are living under a system of almost complete financial surveillance. Authorities can see every major transaction you make and block any of those transactions, often without a warrant. Now, there is a way to transact essentially anonymously and prevent financial blockades.
Financial privacy is a fundamental right which the law does little to protect. In fact, the laws of any country with a central bank and strong bank regulations make financial privacy a very difficult right to exercise.

Central Banks Are Anathema To A Free People

Dissatisfaction with central banks has grown in recent years, as evidenced by the large number of co-sponsors to Dr. Paul’s bill to audit the Fed. Even if the Fed is subjected to an audit, it is only the first of many steps needed to secure more economic freedom and the best financial privacy. That road to financial freedom and financial privacy is a long one. Since the law cannot adequately protect financial privacy, we must find alternative peaceful methods to protect our rights. No matter how dissatisfied we are with central banks, there are few viable legal alternatives.  More at:

As John Lott Says, “More Guns, Less Crime”: “Murder rates have fallen 13 percent from 2008 to 2011 (1.9% from 2010 to 2011). Violent crimes fell by 15 percent over the same time period. Yet, over that same time concealed handgun permits have gone up by 37 percent from about 5 million to around 8 million.” [John Lott’s Website, June 20]

Skip car chargers for your cell phone as these are meant for emergencies only.  Using one regularly can cut off of up to a year of battery life for your phone.

The Parting Thought –

The world doesn’t end that often…and folks are becoming pessimistic as seen in this new Yahoo poll.

·         Is the American dream a myth?
o    Yes, there are fewer opportunities.
o    No, it's a reality if you work hard.

Experience shows that if something is going to go really wrong, predictably waste your time, annoy you, attack your dignity and finally just prove to be totally ineffective at accomplishing the task, there's a good chance that it involves the government.

Society outside the state has corrective forces always at work. Life's not perfect, but it is generally trying its best to improve. But with the state, everything seems to be stuck in a pattern of failure at every level. At best, government does stupid things; at worst, it does unspeakably horrible things.

During this financial crisis that continues to plague America, there's a good chance that your retirement savings, investments and home value has been impacted-and not in a good way. The Federal Reserve reported that the median net worth of American families dropped by nearly 40% from 2007 to 2010.

There might be a war between U.S. citizens and the Fed or its rulers, but overall, the world will muddle on though albeit with the majority of the population at odds with the government…showdown time? If a major shakeup takes place, there will be uncertainty and possibly chaos, at least for a time.

We have absolutely zero hope that Americans will wake up, so…
What could possibly be the good news about America's next financial meltdown?  I’ll let you answer that.

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“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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