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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surviving in a Black Market Economy-Guns n Ammo, Breast Milk, Body Parts

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
A Digest of Urban Survival Resources
For Independent Minded People!
ISSN 2161-5543
In This Issue:
1.  Will the American Dream Continue?
2.  Can you Survive in a Black Market Economy?
3.  DIY Bicycle Generator Plans
4.  Garden Refrigerator Pickles

Men, it has been well said, think in herds;
it will be seen that they go mad in herds,
while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

-- Charles Mackay

Will the American Dream Continue?

The global financial crisis is tremendously scary -- but various government leaders, corporate titans and even cable-TV commentators have been trying to assure us that if we don’t panic and we exercise patience, it will pass without much lasting harm. They say our deposits are safe, the stock market will eventually rebound and the American way of life will essentially remain the same
Beware of this smoke screen of denial and ideology. The truth is that our leaders don’t have a handle on how much damage will result, so they frame the future the way they want it to be.
Think for yourself. Wall Street and Washington, DC, have been cooking the books for years and twisting facts to hide the rot eating away at our nation’s financial superstructure. Each time a distressed economic sector fails, it is patched up with bailouts, buyouts and other cosmetic fixes.
We must consider the possibility that our lives and our futures will be very different.

America’s going broke, and the whole world knows it. We are burdened with $10 trillion in debt, and that’s a credit risk global financiers are less and less willing to take. Since early 2000, the sickly dollar has lost about 25% of its value against the euro despite recent gains. Government economists explain that the dollar collapse is “beneficial” because it attracts tourists to the US and makes our exports more attractive overseas, but the weaker the dollar gets, the more it costs you and me to live. When incomes do not rise as much as the dollar drops, our standard of living goes down
The government’s massive bailout packages and rescue plans will not work. It’s a fundamental rule of both reason and economics -- the more dollars that are created, the less they are worth. One result: Foreign countries with sounder economies will accelerate purchases of big chunks of US businesses and premier properties for dimes on the dollar.
TIP:  Regardless of what happens, people will still shop and they’ll seek out goods which can be reused, lower income folks will still buy food.  With medical costs sky high (it’s doubtful Obamacare will do much good at containing costs and many will still be without care)…people will increasingly seek alternative medical resources such as chiropractic treatment, naturopathic treatments and medicines, mass therapy, etc.
Source:  Gerald Celente

Gardening is a workout.  Pull weeds for 60 minutes and burn 200 calories.  Shoveling dirt and moving rocks can burn 600 calories an hour.

PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

Free DIY BYO BIY plans for Pedal Power Bicycle Generator Car Alternator
Grab Gift Cards for Playing Video Games
Put your teens to ‘work’ playing video games and get rewarded with points redeemable for gift cards and other prizes. These sites show a few ads during the game and share the revenue with you.  Check out:

Garden Refrigerator Pickles
Don’t like to can?  Try this recipe, no canning needed.
In a Dutch Oven…
Combine 6 cups of sugar, 6 cups white vinegar, ¼ cup each mustard seed and celery seed and 2 Tsb canning salt; bring to boil.  Pour over cut vegetables: 10 halved and quartered carrots, 3 sliced cucumbers, 3 cut-up sweet red peppers, 2 sliced onions and 8 cut-up green onions.  Cover and refrigerate 6-8 hours prior to serving.  Stores for 30 days.

The SBA offers a nice package of preparedness reports for small businesses - all free to download and quite useful.

Get more from old clothes that you cannot donate by harvesting buttons, zippers and laces from shoes.

The Nanny State Updates…

The police state is well under way in New York City, where NYPD has just unveiled a $40 million supercomputer spy system to watch everything and everybody:

Privacy invasion - Police and firefighter drones raise huge concerns
(NaturalNews) Lawmakers and privacy advocates are becoming increasingly concerned about the rising number of drones used by federal, state and local governmental entities, an effort that is being coordinated through the Department of Homeland Security...

"This is a Constitutional battle, and we're going to defend our rights," says Aaron Sandusky, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Upland, California who now faces federal drug trafficking charges even though he was operating within California state law.

Get cleaner windows for less by dissolving 1 tablespoon of corn starch into 1 quart of water.  Soak and wring out a cleaning cloth in the mixture and use to wipe the glass.

The Parting Thought- Life in a Black Market Economy
Could you survive in a Black Market Economy?

Black market human fat, breast milk, body parts and more…

My former mother-in-law grew up in Manheim, Germany during the war and post-war years.  Life wasn’t easy and she often told me about the black market…their only source of yeast, cigarettes, nylons, liquor and meat.

“To compensate for our worthless Reichsmark, merchants raised prices to the point where nobody could afford to use real money. Inflation hit very hard. Barter became the method of the day. As hard as it is for you to imagine, salaries were eventually paid in food and clothing.”
She admitted prostitution was widespread among the German women, who sold or exchanged their services to GI’s and other occupying forces in order to survive.

The Weimar Republic. Serbia. Zimbabwe. Bolivia. Argentina. Over the decades there are many examples of how hyperinflation has decimated economies and destroyed people's savings and ruined their lives. In every case the common denominator is a loss of confidence in the country-government.

What would it be like here in America if we had to survive in a black market economy?

A transaction can be illegal is if it is an otherwise legal good or service that is bought or sold in such a way as to avoid proper licensing or taxes. This is the case with unregistered firearms and cigarettes, which usually include a hefty local, state, or federal tax.  I have plenty of friends who obtained tobacco products from Switzerland, Indian Reservation stores and low tax states and resold them locally.

Due to man’s inherently entrepreneurial nature, coupled with government’s pesky tendency to regulate, black markets can and do exist everywhere. They do, however, tend to develop more readily in states or countries with especially heavy regulation, such as the United States. Even though a good or service becomes outlawed or heavily regulated, the market may continue to demand it. As a result, the black market springs up to meet the market’s demand. This is the case when governments place price controls, rationing or complete prohibition on a good or service.

During wartime, black markets tend to thrive due to rationing or short supply. During World War II, many countries had a hard time importing basic goods to meet demand, thereby driving up prices on the black market. Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union had and most likely still have a healthy black market despite the introduction of capitalism.

Consumers are often willing to overlook the illegality of a black market transaction if they feel that the good or service is “harmless.” This is often the case with illegal prostitution and also applied to alcohol sales during prohibition. Although some people think that most black market transactions are relatively harmless, the money generated on the black market is often used for nefarious purposes. The mafia in the U.S. thrived during prohibition, resulting in bloody battles over turf and profits. Governments combating black markets waste vast taxpayer fortunes fighting organized crime and racketeering, and lose millions in tax revenues from the prohibited goods.

The variety of goods traded in this market is enormous and the most commonly traded black market items are:

electronics and watches
fashion goods (perfumes, jewelry and bags)
clothes and accessories
pirated media (CDs and DVDs for music, films and software)
Alcohol, certain food items

Factors that Support Black Markets
The stricter the government regulations are in a country, the great the impetus is for a parallel economy. Corruption, shortages and monopolies also act as catalysts for the black market.
Parallel economies are further encouraged by periods of war or any other crisis. During harsh political conditions or natural disasters, scarce goods are rationed by the government. People have the tendency to violate restrictions or rationing laws to secure the products they desire.
Human Fat on the Black Market-The oddest thing I’ve heard of…
CBS News - quoting the AP -- reports that Lima police officials arrested a Peruvian gang of black market profiteers that allegedly killed about five humans and then drained their fat. The human fat was collected - sometimes in soda bottles - and supposedly sold for as much as $60,000 per gallon to cosmetics firms located in Europe.

It’s been reported the Chinese sell body parts, taken from executed prisoners, on the black market.

Black Market Breast Milk
Earlier this year, Daily Telegraph writer Xanthe King exposed the Australian New South Wales black market for breast milk. Desperate women unable to produce their own breast milk -- but unable to receive any supplies from mothers' milk banks - opted for buying unscreened breast milk from private parties. Of course, the United States also sees its own private sale of breast milk, frequently to the tune of about $1.90 per 20ml.

What Sells in an Underground Economy?
Havocscope - a data gathering organization that compiles information on illegal black market activity - reveals that America leads the pack with a black market economy valued at $310.6 billion. It is interesting to note that Italy comes in second, with Japan, China and Canada filling up the top five spots. The United States', Japan's, China's and Canada's underground economies thrive on counterfeited and pirated consumer goods. Italy's black market is dominated by illegal drugs.
Worldwide, Marijuana ranks first in the underground economy. It is closely followed by counterfeit technology products and also pharmaceutical as well as prescription drugs. Fifth on the list is cocaine. Organ trafficking brings in roughly $50 million worldwide, with kidney donors making about $5,000 per organ. Human body parts rank lower but still bring in a tidy profit.

Alarmist Reporting?
...Or a Prudent Wake-Up Call

What would happen if America chose to default on its massive debt; although the implications are too terrible to really contemplate. As America is already the largest debtor nation on the planet the problems would begin immediately. Within hours of announcing debt default, the worth of the US dollar would plummet. Within days, no one would trade with America and no one would lend the US a dime. Around the world there would be a virtual stampede to dump US dollars.
Learn more at:
“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man
From the Poor Man Survival Lecture Series…Creating your own community in a digital age..Four Step Plan for Weathering the Coming Financial Storm
One of the survival topics that is frequently discussed on a variety of internet forums is how to create a community of like-minded individuals, and how to organize and train that community so it has the highest possible chance of surviving almost any type of hard times tragedy event. Part of our plan incorporates this goal - before the storm hits.
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