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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 Things You Should Get Free, Take Guesswork out of Gardening, More

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

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In This Issue:

1.        Being prepared for anything with the right knife

2.       Beginner’s tips for handguns

3.       Taking guess work out of urban gardening

4.       19 Ways to earn quick cash, 13 things you should be getting free

5.       Non-lethal self defense weapons-Gov’t has no moral right to ban them




"Governments, whatever their pretensions otherwise, try to preserve themselves by holding the individual down ... Government itself, indeed, may be reasonably defined as a conspiracy against him. Its one permanent aim, whatever its form, is to hobble him sufficiently to maintain itself."
-- H. L. Mencken


Be Prepared For Anything With Knives And Tools

Being out in the open or in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness can be an exhilarating time and challenge. While the desire to get back to nature and behave in a manner that can be commonly lost these days, it is still important to utilize a number of tools or accessories that can help people out. It would defeat the purpose to utilize modern technology and anyway, a lot of modern gadgets that rely on mobile signals would be of no benefit at all depending on your whereabouts.

However, the benefits of carrying knives and tools are well known and these should be an essential purchase for anyone looking to spend time in the wilderness. The level of assistance and support that is provided by these tools is absolutely crucial and they can easily make the difference in surviving the challenge or having to bow out meekly. In more serious cases, the benefit of proper bushcraft knives & tools can often save a person from suffering serious injury or worse. Basic knifes and tools may not seem like the biggest asset a person can have but in the jungle or out in the wild, they could be the difference between life or death.

Knives are a sharp solution

A basic example would be when it comes to getting food. Being able to cut down berries or fruit from trees becomes an awful lot easier with a proper knife and then slicing open or cutting into these fruits can also be made easier by having access to a sharp and reliable knife. The same can be said for hacking your way through undergrowth or vines. Conserving energy is an important part of the challenge when being out in the wild and properly utilizing tools gives you a great level of support while managing to make your way safely through to your destination.

Cutting rope is also an incredibly common part of safety and survival and this is another area where having access to a reliable knife can make all the difference. Too much time can be wasted in slicing ropes or any other connecting wires or vines and if you are in the middle of nowhere, time is often of the essence. With darkness descending, there is no time to waste because people need to be safe and secure before the coldness of the evening becomes too much. Even if people intend on carrying out survival trips with very little help or modern equipment, the presence of a sharp and reliable knife or tool will provide a lot of comfort for people. The peace of mind that comes from knowing this type of tool is in your equipment bag or in a pocket can help people to face up to big challenges.

It is always important to ensure that these blades and tools are kept safe and secure, which is why choosing from the modern range is a smart choice too. Safety is paramount in these products and even if you are focusing on other tasks, there is nothing to worry about with respect to the knife in your pocket.

Side note on making some extra cash…

I added another interesting report to our Earn Extra Income file at the blog site…9 Online Ways to Make Extra Micro Incomes…just click on the folder by the Please Donate box.



PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


Breaking Inequality is a documentary film about the corruption between Washington and Wall Street that has resulted in the largest inequality gap in the history of America. It is a film that exposes the truth behind the single event that occurred back in the early 70′s that


Beginner's Tips for Handguns

What's the best handgun size? Revolvers or pistols? What models are best for self-defense? Get answers in this beginner's guide to handguns.


Patch is a self-watering herb planter that makes urban gardening projects easier, delivered through the letterbox. READ MORE…


New York-based gadget store Hammacher Schlemmer claims to be offering the first available-to-buy mobile-charging parasol. READ MORE…

19 Ways to Raise Quick Cash
Need a little quick cash? Everyone does at one time or another. If you could use a greenback transfusion, try one or more of these 19 ways to raise some quick cash.
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The World’s Largest Yard Sale: 

Covering 690 miles along Route 127 from north of Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL.  A bargain hunters delight.  Starts Aug. 1st -4th.


13 Things You Pay for That You Should Be Getting for Free


There are few things more thrilling for a deal shopper than getting something for free. In fact, freebie deals are often the most popular offers on our site. From smartphones to restaurant food, there are certain categories that are regularly flush with gratis promotions. So next time your whip out your wallet, consider first if that purchase should come at no cost to you…





The Nanny State-We love our government


The IRS has mastered the art of breaking their own laws, one case in particular; using banks to launder and then steal disabled veterans’ disability checks.

The Veterans Disability Act of 2010 is a Federal law which exempts VA disability from withholding of any sort. Actually, existing code USC, Title 38, §5301 already protected VA disability from withholding, but this provision was re-iterated and included in the newer legislation of 2010, because too many civil court judges were legislating from the bench and including veterans’ disability monies as earned income and granting it to ex-spouses (men and women) in divorce proceedings, at times, leaving disabled veterans without any safety net for self-care.

Currently in America, twenty two veterans a day are committing suicide. One of the biggest contributors to the suicide epidemic is our veterans’ inability to find suitable work after serving and the inability to take care of themselves and their families financially. This is why VA disability is sacred- except in the eyes of the IRS. Too many disabled veterans in the U.S. are just a disability check away from being on the street and joining the already nearly 70,000 homeless veterans in America.


If you are a veteran receiving disability from the VA, and you are having it garnished, withheld, or having a lien placed upon it for any reason, please contact the entity who is withholding, garnishing, or who has placed the lien, and reference the federal code stated earlier in this article. You stood up for the rights of all people of a great nation in combat, but unfortunately, you must continue to stand up for yourselves to ensure that the promises of being taken care of upon your return are kept. But you can do it, because you are a warrior, and that’s what warriors do.



The Parting Thought:  do you need permission to defend yourself?

Government has no right or moral authority to ban non-lethal self defense weapons

A lot of women in Michigan get raped or sexually assaulted on or near college campuses.  They are not allowed to defend themselves with non-lethal self defense tools.

By non-lethal, I mean they won't kill in most situations.  This includes pepper spray, tear gas, or personal Taser.  Of course, one can carry a can of 20-foot wasp and hornet spray which does a mighty fine job of disabling an attacker.

A few "anti-citizen" states and cities are restricting / limiting / banning / infringing self defense by even non-lethal means. 
Owning a stun gun or Taser is a crime in seven states and several cities. Carrying irritant sprays, such as pepper spray or Mace, is probably illegal in several jurisdictions. Even possessing irritant sprays at home is illegal in Massachusetts if you’re not a citizen.

 In several states, even law-abiding adults generally can’t get licenses to carry concealed handguns, and can’t possess or carry stun guns. In some other states, eighteen-to-twenty-year-olds are restricted this way. In some jurisdictions, both handguns and irritant sprays are likewise unavailable to all people in public places, or to some people anywhere. And many universities, as well as some public housing systems and some public transportation systems, ban handgun, stun gun, and irritant spray possession on the premises, even when the premises are residences (such as university dorm rooms). Law-abiding citizens in those states or places are thus entirely barred from defending themselves in public using the most effective defensive weapons.

My friends carry MACE which is illegal in New York, Chicago and all of Michigan. Chicago and New York have very strict gun laws.  The average citizen cannot get a permit to carry a pistol unless they are well connected to the politburo and/or are willing to shell out a lot of cash to obtain the “necessary government permissions.”

Firms which sell these self defense tools (and often certain types of knives) are not allowed to transact business in these states.

Always remember:  Most politicians and bureaucrats are flatworms.  They often pass laws which cannot pass any kind of doctrine of fairness, ethics or they even defy your God given right to defend yourself.

Ironically, many politicians rely on armed body guards or police for protection, usually at taxpayer expense.  As far as I am concerned, you do not need permission from the state to defend yourself.


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“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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The Poor Man has gotten involved with setting up this program through Mott College in MI and in securing donations and business sponsors.



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