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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Target Reject Store: How Goodwill Cheats Employees, and the Public

The Target Reject Store: How Goodwill Cheats Customers, Donors & Employees

After learning from a 60-Minutes special which aired a few weeks ago about how Goodwill pays some of its challenged workers as little as 22 cents an hour while paying their CEOs six-figure salaries, I was pretty disgusted.

My anger with them goes further however.  Goodwill and other thrift stores once were a fun treasure hunt.  No longer as all of their ‘good stuff’ is skimmed off the top and sold online at higher prices for the consumer while cheating its retail customers by offering only high priced crap and over-priced Target Store rejects which seldom work.  Even their clothing has become more expensive than sale merchandise from Walmart.

No longer does one find antiques or collectibles at bargain prices.  If you’re lucky enough to find something of this nature, Goodwill prices it at eBay prices (the asking price, not what the item sold for…eBay is trying to get rid of its antiques & collectibles category the last I heard).

Not long ago I donated a carton of old Elvis magazines from the 60s & 70s to our local Goodwill.  Not one of them ever found their way to the retail shelves.

In the past three years I had been a generous donor, giving away truckloads of belongings from my deceased parents and those of my wife who both died the same year also.  I won’t be donating anything else.
This is my opinion...what are your thoughts?

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