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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TSA Forces Mom to Drink Her Own Breast Milk, Homemade Breads for the Fall, More

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If you buy what you don't need you might have to sell what you do.
- Irish Proverb

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In This Issue:

1.       DIY Shrub syrup recipe

2.      Guide to homemade fall breads

3.      5 places to find free firewood, 10 things to stop buying

4.      Simple tips for selecting the right shotgun

5.      More outrageous TSA acts-Mom forced to drink own breast milk


DIY Recipe for Shrub Syrup…

Just because summer is coming to an end, you don’t have to part ways with the delicious fruits of the season. In fact, this is a perfect time to give those summer berries a second chance in the kitchen by making your own shrub syrup.

Shrub syrup is an old favorite that has made a big comeback this year. When mixed with water or alcohol, the fruit-and-vinegar concoction is transformed into a refreshing beverage and is a great way to use seasonal fruit before it goes bad.

While you can make shrub syrup with virtually any fruit, right now is a good time to use strawberries, blueberries and blackberries — anything that might otherwise be wasted because it’s on the verge of spoiling is a good candidate.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Here’s an easy recipe, created by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. Feel free to adjust the amount of fruit, sugar and vinegar based on your personal taste.


·         2 cups fruit

·         1 pint vinegar

·         1 ½ to 2 cups sugar (white, brown or raw)

Place your fruit in a glass container with a lid (a mason jar is perfect). Heat the vinegar to just below boiling, about 190 to 200 degrees, then pour it over the fruit, leaving about ¼ inch at the top. Cap tightly and place it in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or refrigerator.

Let it stand undisturbed for at least 24 hours and up to four weeks, depending on how much flavor you’d like. Then, strain the vinegar through cheesecloth and place it in a saucepan along with the sugar. (Keep the fruit for use in other dishes.)

Bring the vinegar and sugar to a boil, remove from heat and, after it’s cooled, pour into a glass jar. It can last up to six months refrigerated.

To use, mix 1 tablespoon of syrup into a glass of water or with alcohol — and enjoy.


PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


Cooler days mean more time spent inside, and while some may be lamenting the end of summer, others are looking forward to warm, comforting meals, pulling out the slow-cooker, and most importantly, baking up a storm. Homemade bread is a homestead staple, and with so many variations, it’s possible to go an entire season without repeating one recipe. Consider this your official guide to homemade fall bread making. Dill, pesto, sundried tomatoes, cherries and even chocolate are just a few ingredients that will transform your favorite basic bread recipe. If you’ve never tried your hand at sourdough, this is your year. We have step-by-step instructions for attaining and maintaining a starter, and a recipe if you’d like to start one on your own. Enjoy this wonderful season of baking!


5 Places to Find Free Firewood
Folks living in the country already know how plentiful firewood is, but whether you live in a large city or small town, free firewood for burning is all around. You just have to look for it. So where is all this free firewood where you live?


10 Things You Can Stop Buying at the Grocery Store
We've been sold a lot of imaging and branding through advertising that has convinced us that we need to buy this brand, that bag, this carton. What we really need to do is live less expensively, eat healthier, and be more environmentally responsible. Here are ten ways you can do just that.
Read more.

Start a fire with an aluminum can and a chocolate bar


Running your household using a generator


Frugal indulgences help you wind down when you're stressed out!
read more here

Simple Tips for Selecting the Right Shotgun
The choices available in shotguns can make selecting one a daunting task. Following these simple tips will help you hunt down the perfect scattergun.

If we start with the double gun, we find that the days of the moderately priced, new in the box, American side-by-side (SxS) have long waned. A few years ago, Sturm & Ruger tried to bring out a SxS but ultimately had to abandon the project.
Read more

The Nanny State-We love our government

The American Dream is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you’ve been scammed by the most basic elements of the government system.

From the author: All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?

The American Dream takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today.

You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation, and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track.


The Parting ThoughtNot to worry in the land of the free!


Dear Unconcerned Citizen…


More outrageous TSA blunders: Incidents that should get your blood roiling.

The first story concerns a new mother and breast milk. Stacey Armato had some trouble with TSA agents about bringing the liquid through the security check points. The TSA had previously classified it as a medical liquid, which would have allowed Stacey to request an alternate screening, instead of having it pass through the airport's x-ray machine.

As a new mother she didn't want her to endanger her child's milk.

What the TSA did next should surprise anyone who isn't used to the agency's outrageous behavior.

They put her in a glass holding area in the middle of the security checkpoint, and kept her there for an hour and a half while they tried to figure out what to do. A uniformed police officer told her that she should comply with the TSA's requests and have the breast milk x-rayed, or else he'd have to arrest her. They finally let her transfer her four 3-ounce bottles into smaller containers of around 2 ounces each (because that somehow makes it safer).

Oh, and she missed her flight.

This is your tax dollar at work.

Sadly, that's not the only breast milk debacle the TSA has under its belt. Another incident in Hawaii involved a new mother who tried to board a plane with a breast pump and some empty bottles. The officials on the scene were suspect on this contraption, especially since the bottles used in conjunction with it were empty.

So they did was any unreasonable government employee would do. They told her to go to the bathroom and fill the empty bottles if she wanted to board the plane with the pump.

In their eyes, this was a completely justifiable solution to the problem at hand. The fact that this woman had to do this in front of any traveler who entered the bathroom didn't concern them as much.

Outrageous stories like this sound like something that would come out of a sitcom on TV. And to any outside observer not used to our customs, they might think this was all part of some comedy.


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