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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ultimate, No BS, Start Your Own Successful At-Home Sideline Business

The Ultimate, No BS, Start Your Own Successful At-Home Sideline Business


Get 22+ Invaluable eBooks, Newsletter & Free Entrepreneurs Library


   It’s no secret our economy is a sham…


 Four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and a vanishing American Dream.


Good jobs, despite what the nightly newscasters tell us, are scarce in America.  The vast majority of new jobs created are low paying service sector jobs which few today can live on.


My name is Bruce David and I’ve owned several successful businesses ranging from a publishing company to a country inn to an appraisal & antiques business.  I also wrote a best-selling small business guide, the Mercenary Marketing Manual, had a syndicated business column in 80 different publications, was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by Venture Magazine, the Network of Small Business and won the President’s Award for Supporter of Entrepreneurism.  I’ve also been profiled in such journals as Entrepreneur Magazine, In Business, and on the National Business Radio Network.


I was a volunteer for the SBAs Small Business Development Center and was a top presenter at the annual Entrepreneurship Conference in Cleveland, OH for three years.


Now I am conducting my How to Start a Successful Sideline Business program at area colleges and making it available on a DVD along with a subscription to our weekly online Sideline Income newsletter and we’re providing you access to our Business Success Library (we add new ebooks each week for our ‘Member-Only’ subscribers).


Here’s a sampling of what’s included:


·        How to Start an Online Business-More than 11,000 Free Resources

·        How to Escape the Rat Race

·        3 Steps to Newbie Success

·        10 Business Ideas with Zero Startup Cost

·        At-Home Jobs Directory

·        eCommerce-The Top Five

·        The Frugal Entrepreneur’s Startup Guide

·        Low-Cost Marketing

·        45 Ways to Make a Living Without a Job

·        Release your Inner Entrepreneur

·        Social Networking How to Guides

·        Let’s Make Money Online

·        Budgeting & Feasibility (See if your idea will work)

·        Detailed outline of my presentation & resources


This is what we give to our students and they pay $79.95 to attend!


If you need to replace an income due to job loss, if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, a retiree who needs more income or if you just plain old want to be your own boss and to become more independent, this is a darn good deal…


Don’t forget, you can sign up for our weekly Sideline Income Newsletter and get access to our existing Entrepreneur’s Library (Plus we add new selections weekly).  This is all optional, but frankly, you’d be silly not to take advantage. Less than a meal for two at the Golden Arches but it will last a lifetime.


Upon payment, your DVD will be sent by first class mail and we’ll provide you with in immediate to link to sign up for the newsletter and access to our business library.


 For obvious reasons, there are NO RETURNS on this DVD (Not a movie).





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