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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tiny Homes as a Bug Out Retreat-Caveat Emptor

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"Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."
-- George Orwell

 From The Smiling Dog Saloon Files


In This Issue:

1.        Tiny homes as a retreat-Caveat Emptor

2.       DIY burn cream, Home Smoker

3.       Cheap compost

4.       Oathkeepers creates “Civilization Preservation” Teams




Tiny Homes as a Retreat – Buyer Beware of the Bureaucrat


Lessons the economically ignorant will never learn…


   A quirk of family fate brought me back to live in Michigan from our beloved Arizona and what a financial shock it has been.  Our car insurance doubled in price (and we have one less car), our water bill is double what we paid in the desert (and we had horses there to water) and utility bills are double what we paid in AZ.


Local utility rates, despite all of our energy and water saving efforts, are high and getting higher.


The biggest crock-of-crap has been from our run-ins with the rural autocrat serving as a township inspector (trespasser).  We purchased an older mobile home to add more space to our small cabin.  Our plan had been to make improvements (roof over a roof, porch & deck additions, etc.) as we had done in AZ…but no. 


Inspector Bob, the local commissar, took it upon himself to trespass and then called me screaming so loudly I thought the phone would explode.  “You can’t have that on your property!  Get rid of it before I initiate legal action…how’d you like that where you’re from?’ he bellowed.  (Take note – on my own property).


I explained to him that is precisely what we owned in AZ and no one bothered us. I asked him why no one told us this when we purchased the property or why it wasn’t posted in a township website.  Apparently, their 19th century mindset precludes any of that as we’re supposed to somehow divine that knowledge.  He had no response and we were forced to have it removed and lost $5,000 and learned that in order to legally occupy our cabin it had to be 1000’.  Our 400’ building won’t cut it meaning we’ll have to spend more money to comply with unwritten rules in place by local communists.


You may have seen articles about tiny homes built by Tumbleweed.  His solution to bumbling bureaucrats is to keep the home on wheels.  That may work in some areas but not in communist MI (don’t get me started on their laws against carrying non-lethal defense weapons…they would rather women on campus get raped and assaulted as is so often reported on the news).


The funny thing is just how shortsighted these bureautwits are…


If there had been no interference from the blatantly ignorant township, our annual tax bill would have increased substantially and helped their coffers!


Find images of our cabin and learn more about Tumbleweed Homes at these links:




“Government -Three fourths parasitic and the other fourth Stupid fumbling.”
Robert A. Heinlein



PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…

Discusses a few more natural ways to soothe a burn as well as a burn treatment to consider: “We can get burned in many ways by things around our house. If it is just a minor burn it can be safely treated at home. There are many creams and sprays you can purchase but there…


Creating a makeshift cold smoker apparently isn’t that difficult, here’s how……


While I feel you’re only as prepared as your weakest link (e.g., food, water, security, comms, etc), when it comes to boiling it down to preparedness you really have to start with what you KNOW you will need and that begins with water and food…



Free, or at least cheap, compost!
read more here


The Nanny State-We love our government

From 2010 until last spring, the Virginia State Police (VSP) used automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) to collect information about – and build a massive data base of -- political activities of law-abiding people. The VSP, for example, recorded the license plates of vehicles attending President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, as well as campaign rallies for Obama and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Following a strong opinion by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the VSP discontinued the practice, and the agency says it has purged its license plate database, and now disposes of ALPR-obtained information within twenty-four hours of collection, unless it is relevant to a clearly defined criminal investigation.


The Parting ThoughtNothing to worry in the land of the free!


America maybe on the brink of revolution?

 By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter

The recent pattern of federal government abuse is very troubling, undermines citizens’ trust in their government and we, the American people, deserve an explanation from this government as to why this administration and others including Congress used its vast powers to commit these unconstitutional acts.

Congress wrote and passed the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and was signed into law by Presidents Bush and Obama respectively. According to U.S. Rep.Tim Walberg, who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee which has been investigating IRS-related issues said “The lack of preparedness in rescuing Americans under attack, and the administration’s misdirection to investigators seeking the truth about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi is disgraceful. The Department of Justice’s broad phone-tapping of reporters is chilling and the slew of improprieties conducted by the IRS in targeting the president’s political opponents leading up to his re-election is outrageous.” In the last few years the laundry list of violations of Americans rights by the Government is lengthy and unacceptable by most Americans recent polls show...

Americans, the very people who the big banks, Wall Street and corporations made their massive fortunes from were forced by the United States Government to bail out those same banksters and corporations. Not one bank or corporation or any leaders have been brought to justice. The price tag that many believe will be in the trillions of dollars and were given to those same companies in the form of American hard earned tax dollars. Those very same companies are being rewarded for failing, and being too big to fail yet the American citizen is expected to weather the storm and do all the suffering without any help from anyone, much less the too big to fail group. These same groups today are foreclosing on Americans homes and businesses, and are not making loans to small business and dragging down the U.S. economy. But believe it or not they are continuing to do the same things that got us where we are only they are doing it even bigger and many believe it is designed to bring down America as we know it. Many Americans are finely getting fed up with it and are looking for ways to take action.

The lack of jobs and what feels like deep depression to many Americans that started in 2007 is still going on today with no real change in sight.

More at:


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escapeartist said...

Always a cool and useful read!

Nick said...

Love your articles and commentary, as always! Interesting note about the tiny house debacle... move down here to the Ozarks! No codes, just a caveat: if you build a shack that's so weak it'll fall down, why, the only head on which it'll fall is YOURS!

Don't know why your website auto-redirects to something called 'The Jailhouse Lawyer's Webpage'. I have to go 'back' a page to your page, then stop it so I can read the articles and click on the links. Any idea?