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Monday, December 30, 2013

Danger Ahead in the New Year-Thinking Required!

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"New Year's Day... now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual." - Mark Twain



   Happy New Year!


Toast yourself with some champagne today…studies show it actually improves your memory and helps protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s.  These findings are from research done at Reading University in England.



The Universe According to the Poor Man


Danger Ahead:  Thinking Required from the Unthinking Masses


In his book Attention Deficit Democracy, James Bovard explained, “Government is an elective dictatorship when voters do little more than select who will violate the laws and Constitution....[I]f the purported consent of voters confers upon the winner the right to nullify citizens’ rights – they are voting for a master, not a representative. Elections become little more than reverse slave auctions, in which slaves choose their masters.”

The world is changing — dramatically! Paradigm shifts are happening everywhere. We are reaching the culmination of The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI).

It won’t all happen at once. There will not be a certain day or time when it is announced by the media that all of the government and central bank constructs built up over the last century have collapsed. It will happen as it has been happening, with more and more things falling apart, day by day.


Voting for one criminal over another will never bring freedom.


The Poor Man has suggested for more than a decade DON’T VOTE because no matter which party is elected to office, we get screwed…


Before the year 2000, who would have ever guessed that Edward Snowden, would speak freely about the truth in the US and then need to become a political refugee first in China, then in Russia. And that the President of Russia would be more of a beacon of free markets and freedom than the President of the US (although still being a sociopathic criminal)? That the Chinese Yuan would surpass the Euro and become the second most widely used currency on Earth?


Send these crooks a message of NON SUPPORT for a change and STOP donating to their campaign coffers.  Cut these pirates off at their financial knees.  STOP feeding the beast which is devouring our rights, our privacy, our freedom.


Treat jerk off bureaucrats like the unelected criminals they are too.  When they pull some nonsense like fining a local Girl Scout for selling lemonade without a permit or cookies from home SHUN this idiot and their whole family (don’t give them an oil change, a haircut, serve them a meal, etc.).


EVERY citizen need to learn the art of Jury Nullification.  Do not convict someone of a stupid law, such as having a bag of weed in their car, smoking tobacco in a tavern, etc.


Many intelligent voters are expressing a love of America when they cast a ballot. It is not a love of the political system but of the country in which they grew up and of the freedom they believe that country embodied. They cannot accept that what they love has been destroyed by precisely the process in which they are participating through their ballot. Instead, anyone who points to the destructive folly of voting becomes a target of backlash.

These are just some of the ways I wrote about in our pioneer report last year on How to Take our Country Back from Dysfunctional Politicians and Bureaucrats!



The US Has More Laws than Any Other Nation-and it shows!



The incarceration rate in the United States of America is the highest in the world today. As of 2009[update], the incarceration rate was 743 per 100,000 of national population (0.743%) In comparison, Russia had the second highest, at 577 per 100,000, Canada was 123rd in the world at 117 per 100,000, and China had 120 per 100,000.

While Americans represent about 5 percent of the world's population, nearly one-quarter of the entire world's inmates have been incarcerated in the United States in recent years. Imprisonment of America's 2.3 million prisoners, costing $24,000 per inmate per year, and $5.1 billion in new prison construction, consumes $60.3 billion in budget expenditures.


The Police State:
Know It When You See It

Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport
Saturday, January 18, 2014
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


In the modern United States, federal laws are now so numerous and written so broadly and vaguely, that it is nearly impossible to make it through the day without breaking at least one of them. In many cases, these accidental infractions, when prosecuted, carry stiff penalties and prison time. Business owners are especially at risk in the face of federal agencies with nearly-limitless resources and thousands of laws and regulations to choose from when seeking to shut down or punish business enterprises. The situation is even more precarious for citizens seeking to actually challenge the power of the state. From whistleblowers to journalists to run-of-the-mill political activists, the risk of prison terms and heavy fines becomes ever greater. And through it all, an enormous government apparatus of prisons, prosecutors, police, and bureaucrats remains well-funded, powerful, and nearly impossible to oppose in court. Join us to discuss these issues.

See for speaker information and a complete schedule and to register online.

National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014, 21 States Compliant (Video)

As the Poor Man accurately predicted, this would coincide with Obamacare…

CONTRIBUTOR: Mort Amsel. The REAL ID Act's enforcement will start next year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today. The enforcement steps will begin in April 2014 within restricted areas of the DHS headquarters, followed by a phased approach, with substantial enforcement in 2016. The 2005 REAL ID Act prohibits the federal...



The Plague of the Black Debt

Though primarily about Great Britain, it applies to the US as well-48 minutes.

MoneyWeek claims that everything about the way you live your life could change very badly. How you save your money, your retirement plan, the way you safeguard your assets... all of these things they believe are under a great danger. They don't make this forecast without evidence,...

You might also enjoy Money as Debt: Money Unleashed-Money as debt 2 explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT...


Got a painful sprain?  Applying a menthol gel such as Bengay before placing ice on the ache nearly doubles the healing benefits…Journal of Athletic Training reports!




Questions to Ask Any Natural Health-Care Provider

When interviewing any potential natural medicine practitioner, start by analyzing these three important factors.

1. Ask about their training and credentials. Most fields of natural medicine have associated degrees, licenses or accrediting organizations. Ask where and how a practitioner was trained and for how long, as well as about her professional experience, particularly with the medical issues you face. I recommend choosing practitioners with a minimum of three years’ experience. If you ever sense a practitioner isn’t being straight with you or is inflating her experience, move on.

2. Determine which level of medical expertise you need. If you’re looking for someone to manage your medical care, diagnose disease or treat an advanced condition, you will want a naturopathic physician or medical doctor who specializes in integrative medicine (see “Resources” on page 32). Such professionals can manage drugs if needed and make referrals to specialists more seamlessly. If you’re looking for suggestions for how to improve your health (for example, to lose weight); manage less-serious conditions; or want to seek a second opinion while retaining your relationship with your primary-care doctor, you may consider a provider with less medical training but more training in specific modalities. (I think of this difference as medical care versus consultative advice.)



Mini Hydroponic Grow Pot

Construct a simple and really cheap hydroponic grow system. wanted to use as many recycled items as possible. Well sort of…
After much thought, I hit upon an idea that that would allow me to grow one plant, and an extra bell pepper starter I had would do the trick.


Natural Home Remedies for Colds and Flu
Many of us aren't strangers to the typical symptoms, such as coughs, colds, fevers, stuffy noses, aching head and body. Here are some simple natural home remedies you can make using ingredients that are probably already in your refrigerators or pantries.


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Numrich’s Gun Parts Catalog #22 Excellent source for detailed information - hundreds and hundreds diagrams, blowups, parts numbers, etc.  Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Accessories, Gunsmithing, etc.


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