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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Will Water Become the New Gold of the Future?

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

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“Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it.”


From The Smiling Dog Saloon Files


A new Pew Research survey shows that most Americans believe the U.S. is no longer the world power it used to be. “This doesn’t mean we’re losing confidence in ourselves, rather it’s an indication that the progressive ideologies that have been foisted on the nation in recent years are wearing thin,” >>Conservative activist Dan Weber



In This Issue:

1.       Water will become the new gold

2.       DIY Cleaning kit, Wound Care, Slingshot Ammo, Disguised Weapons Download

3.       8 Tools to Finding Promotional Discount Codes

4.       Hidden Identity Theft Risks, Speak to a Live Rep/Free 800# Directory

5.       US Coal Plants being put out of business


Water will be the new gold for many in the coming years…

Thievery and incompetence in Detroit politics has made our water bill 100% more expensive than when I lived in the desert southwest.  Our nightly news frequently airs stories about broken water mains and fire hydrants left running for months on end, wasting this precious substance and costing everyone who feeds off the Detroit system (and fuming).

High costs for government waste is passed on to consumers and despite calls for action, local officials keep their thumbs up their collective rear ends…

Despite extensive conservation efforts (water miser faucets, rain barrels, no livestock, not washing our car) the bill continues to rise.

It’s always wise to have access to multiple water sources if you can.  (Our mini-farm has its own well but wells where we live have been tapped out for years).

Regardless, we’ve maintained a garden each year and I urge everyone to do the same as in the long run, it’s cheaper, healthier and provides a nice way to spend time outdoors.

Recently, my cousin came home to find her home had no water due to a water main break.  She too is a victim of the Detroit water system and it appears she won’t have water for several days.  This is a lesson for all of us.  It is recommended that we should have 28 gallons of drinking water per person stored away.

  Farmers typically have access to 275-gallon containers or stock tanks.  For urban dwellers this isn’t always practical.  For emergencies at our mini-farm we have filled a queen sized water bed mattress which is stored in our barn.  Of course, we added household bleach to the water to preserve it but before drinking it, we’ll air it out as well.

Collecting Rainwater is another conservation measure.  We’ve run irrigation hose from downspouts into plastic food grade 55-gallong drums to collect rainwater.  We paid less than $10 a barrel.  The pickle factory down the road used to sell them to the public but they got greedy and now sell them to some ‘big time’ operator instead.

Get a solar distiller.  I’ve been looking at these and a solar pump for our well…lots of different makes and costs.  If you live near salt water you might look into an eco-distiller called Eliodomestico.  At $50 this device turns saltwater into fresh water at the rate of about one gallon per day.



PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


This is something to keep and share…

Interested in contacting a company rep, and are useful resources…but you’ll find current 800 numbers to speak with a live human for many popular firms here:


Slingshot Ammo

Make the ‘OK’ sign and lay a small square of newspaper (about 4x4”) center over the hole formed by your thumb and index finger.  Carefully poke the newspaper down in the center to form a pouch.  Fill the pouch with BBs and/or lead shot.

Twist the top of the pouch shut and tear off the excess newspaper just above the top of the shot.  Place your ammo into the center of your slingshot and keep it pinched while you hunt your quarry (use a slingshot that makes use of surgical tubing as it seems to work better).  You can experiment with shot sizes to give you that shot pattern that you need for the game you’re stalking…


Several good recipes (with printable reference cards as photos) that you can use to make your own cleaners which not only saves money but is probably much better for you too: “There are many things I like about natural cleaners. They work just as well as the chemical cleaners you can purchase, but they are…


I’ve linked to posts on Dakin’s solution before and here’s another good one about how to make it if you haven’t seen this before: “There may come a time when professional medical care becomes scarce and luxuries like modern antibiotics are hard or impossible to obtain. During times like these one of the most prevalent…


Hidden identity theft risks
read more here


Disguised Weapons-Free download from the Poor Man


6 Tools to Find Promo Codes for Just About Anything: The internet has made it easier to do many things, including saving money. Here are 6 tools to help you find promo codes this holiday season.


The Nanny State- Your Freedom at Risk!


It's evident today that corporations raise and spend huge amounts of money on the political campaigns of the presidents and congressmen. These corporations also spend huge amounts of money hiring former government officials to lobby congress to pass laws that mainly benefit their interest. If so, have...

"When Resistance Becomes Duty"



The Parting ThoughtNothing to worry in the land of the free!


Coal Generated Power Plants We Need
Are Being Run Out of Business


 Credible estimates suggest that 175 or more coal fired power plants are to be shut down from 2013 to 2016, removing from the market 27 gigawatts of electricity – enough to power 27 million homes. Quite a stretch for the power grid, especially given the shortage of replacement power plants scheduled to come on line. This is probably the biggest non-story-story in decades.

I really do think Mr. Obama means what he says and says what he means on making energy expensive and scarce. In his first term, he was crystal clear:

"Under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket... Regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I'm capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations."

The Poor Man Reported more than a year ago (because of Obama’s new energy regulation which would make it too costly for coal fired power sources to stay in operation)…Are you prepared?  Have a generator?


The Plan to Ration Your Home Use of Power is Science Fact, Not Fiction

A "solution" that you and millions will come to loath more than the TSA. More than gun-grabbing, and more than government mandated toilets and crummy mandatory light bulbs combined.

You may have noticed that those new automated ticketing systems aimed straight at motorists – which even a judge recently denounced as a scam – are designed to fleece the driving public and are out of control. Concerning the micromanagement of electricity usage going forward, suffice it to say that Team Obama is ready to take abusing the truly stupefied general public to the next level. I and others have no intention of joining them.

You can purchase RV Solar Panel Power Kits, Dual A/C-USB Power Inverters and diesel or gasoline generators or look into retro-fitting your home with solar and wind turbine systems (low cost kits are available on eBay too). Some examples:


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