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Monday, March 9, 2015

Genetic Privacy, Executive Bomb, DIY Blowgun


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By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest.
- Agesilaus

Personal debt in America is approaching $17 trillion. So the American consumer isn’t much better off than the American government —

Consider some recently reported data points that underscore the desperation percolating through the typical American household today:

  • Nearly one in five American children living with married parents receives food-stamp assistance today, almost double the rate prior to the Great Recession.
  • More than 60% of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a $500 repair bill or a $1,000 emergency-room visit.
  • More than half of American households have less than one month of income in savings.
  • Nearly 40% of existing jobs on America pay less than $15 an hour. Worse, nearly half of all new jobs are low-wage jobs, and about 48% of the projected job openings nationally do not even pay $15.
  • Finally, the American middle class, once more than half the households in the country, has continued to shrink and is now about 43% of the country — and a large portion of those are retirees who have pensions to supplement their Social Security income.

Those are not the statistics of a fundamentally strong nation.

We are internally weak — a service-sector economy populated by low-wage workers who live their life on credit, one paycheck to the next, struggling to feed their children without government support.

Our greenback faces challenging days ahead because of the level of American debt (both government and consumer), the incompetence in Congress and the Catch-22 that the Fed faces. It needs to raise rates to correct imbalances it has created, yet doing so risks a potential crisis that kneecaps the U.S. economy and calls into the question the wisdom of a dollar-centric world.


A Useful Set of Tools for getting out of debt…




Goodies you can use and share…


Government corruption costs U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars a year, and education programs typically end up shortchanged by compromised state...


War on Whistle Blowers

In the face of potentially life-threatening dangers, they dare to speak truth to power. They're the whistleblowers; the crusaders for truth who often stand as the lone link between corrupted corporate and governmental interests and the public's right to know. The stirring film...
Watch now...

Here’s a nifty site we can all use…  --  provides e-mail addresses and direct phone numbers for highly placed executives at thousands of companies.  Helps you to bypass the peons and get to someone who has the power to actually do something.


Secrets of keeping a Youthful Look-Free

No sales pitch, no come on, no cost!


Don't Throw That Out Yet!

If you find a can or package of food in your cabinet that has recently passed the "best by" date, call the toll-free number on the product and ask the manufacturer's representative if the food is still good to eat without any significant loss of quality or safety. I have found in such calls that many canned products maintain good quality for many months after the "best by" date. It pays to make a call before you toss out a product.


genetic privacy
Your DNA Can Now Be Used Against You In Court Without Your Consent 
A recent refusal by the Supreme Court means that involuntary DNA [READ FULL STORY]

diy for guys
How To Make A Laser-Sighted Blowgun For Only $3
Broken window repairs not included!

Yours for a useful life!

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