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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Make a living as a smuggler


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Most of us have figured it out by now, government is nothing more than a racket designed to keep the little guy at bay for its superiors...the bankers and other Wall Street hustlers. --AJ Bayless


Crime keeps government in business…

Make a good living as a smuggler-Welcome to the government’s ‘Create-A-Crime’ bureau


President John F Kennedy Dad smuggled liquor to the United States during Prohibition while acting as ambassador to England…after all, he had clout and diplomatic immunity and plenty of flatworms in Congress drank to their heart’s content during Prohibition.  As for the rest of the public, well, let them eat cake.

Founding Father John Hancock did not directly participate in the Boston tea party. But he stood to lose the most from the East India Company imports of English tea to Boston. On the other hand Samuel Adams who led the Mohawks aboard the British ships was so close to John Hancock that Bostonians even joked that "Sam Adams writes the letters [to newspapers] and John Hancock pays the postage". You do the math.

John Hancock was a wealthy shipping magnate, who made the bulk of his money illegally by smuggling. Many colonials were smugglers, Hancock just happened to have a flair for it. Because the ever-tightening British policies that came about after the French and Indian War were aimed at his sort, he wholeheartedly took part in the call for Revolution.

It was a well known fact that John Hancock had made his fortune through smuggling Dutch tea, which was cheaper than East Indian tea.

We always hear of political promises to deliver new jobs and they’re not lying.  Consider every single time the government outlaws something, as it is doing right now with .223 ammo, the price ‘shoots’ up and plenty of profit will be made for those who had previously stockpiled such ammunition.

After all, look at what our government did for a bunch of low-level thugs when it prohibited alcohol!  Feeding the need of citizens and politicians alike became a multi-million dollar business.  If it could work for booze, why not a cheap [not so cheap now] weed called marijuana.  It gave rise to billion dollar drug cartels.

The same applied to tobacco products.  The government created large price hikes in the product by jacking up its ‘sin tax’ which produced a larger revenue source for the government…but now ‘terrorists’ and are profiting from this evil weed…hell, cops in NYC will shoot you for selling a single cigarette as it might be untaxed and therefore dangerous.

Our government’s ‘create-a-crime’ bureau works overtime to make things illegal so they can pretend to fight the crime they made from thin air and they tax you for their efforts or infringe on your rights to ‘fight the bad guys’ with asset forfeiture laws.

A good example of obnoxious create-a-crime laws are our seat belt laws.  We used to have freedom of choice in America but under the new Nanny State rule you must COMPLY or as the ads say Click it or Ticket-Another nifty way for the government to grab some of your cash.  Did you notice they jumped the fine from $25 to $65 and now host surveillance events to pull drivers over for ‘safety’ checks when in reality, it is an excuse to run your name in hopes of nabbing you on an outstanding warrant or to see if you have another ‘contraband’ in your car so the government can cash in.

Government has become just another racket
In essence, our court system is just another taxing authority and most ‘fines’ are padded with other court expenses governments use to scam the public.  Crime is good-for government.  It employs a lot of people and brings in a steady revenue stream.  More crime equals for profit and control for government.

When crime rates are down, which the FBI says they are, what does the government do?
Provide military grade weapons to local police AND write more laws to create more crime to justify more law enforcement and courts.

Yours for a better life,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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DAR said...

Sad, accurate, funny and so true-our government is a big scam to benefit those lifelong politicians and bureau-twits.