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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Bureaucrats Destroy a Nation

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“A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted”

--Chinese Proverb


Everywhere you turn government at every level is creating obstacles to living the American dream, to freedom, to making a living.  At the local, state and federal level, regulations and laws are crushing small business and their job building engines. 


Our 74,000 page ‘tax code’ has proven a DISINCENTIVE for many to pursue work or to create jobs and since the idiots in Washington place a 39% earnings rate on corporations, this so-called corporate tax revenue is eventually paid for by consumers via higher prices.


Government is a model for stupidity, waste and inefficiency and can no longer be trusted.  As I’ve reported several times previously, for example, their inflation numbers are pure bullcrap…Americans are having a tough time keeping up with the spiraling cost of housing, medical costs, food and more. 


If you’d like a more accurate picture inflation gauge, use the Chapwood Index.  The impetus for its creation is that ‘the government has been artificially deflating the CPI to keep figures as low as possible.  The readings you see published today no longer represent the real out of pocket expenditures incurred by most Americans.’


In 2014, the Chapwood Index showed consumer price levels in major cities increasing at rates of 6.6% to 13.7%  --  far above the CPI’s unrealistic inflation rate of less than 2%!  


Lifelong politicians such as the [Teflon] Clintons’ have fed at the public trough while attempting to impose their socialist agenda on America…I’m sick of people like this and their desire for more mega government which is already bankrupting the nation.


The United States now has more rules, regulations and laws on the books than any other nation, essentially turning everyone into a lawbreaker which is why we incarcerate more citizens than other nation and perhaps, why record numbers of people are actually renouncing their citizenship.


Well trained monkeys could run the government better than the legions and hoards of incompetents who are currently sucking the lifeblood out of our nation.


 I want to share the potential these kinds of parasites hold for America by sharing the following from Simon Black…


How Bureaucrats Ruin a Nation

It struck me as so curious why one of the largest car rental agencies in the world would have just one worker at one of their busiest tourist transit points.

If you look around in France, it’s actually quite typical to see. And the answer isn’t hard to find: regulation.

Between all the taxes, rules, and inflexible labor laws, it’s simply too expensive and risky for businesses to hire employees in France.

So as a result, French companies tend to hire fewer workers-- far fewer than they need to get the job done right... which means that quality suffers.

It’s a sad thing to see when companies have to care more about regulatory nonsense than providing a great product or service to their customers.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in France’s bloated public sector, where roughly a quarter of the country’s labor force is employed.

French bureaucracy is legendary, and it is the primary disability of otherwise productive businesses.

Curiously, French bureaucrats are rewarded handsomely for making people’s lives more difficult. They have shorter working hours, longer vacations, great medical care, and guaranteed employment for life.

It sounds a lot like the US, actually, which isn’t far behind. In fact I recently stumbled across a pretty scary survey of the job satisfaction of civilian government workers.

It showed that 91.2% of US government workers think that their work is important.

In other words, the people who tell us what we can or can't put in our bodies, or that we can't collect rainwater, or tell kids they can’t shovel snow from their neighbors’ driveways-- think they’re providing a valuable service for society.

The truth is the exact opposite. I’m sure they’re all very nice people. But government bureaucracy is the problem, not the solution.

Ever single business day of the year, hundreds of pages of new regulations are published in the Federal Register that most people aren’t even aware of.

In the last year alone, an astounding 79,066 pages of new regulations and proposals were published.

Note- these aren’t laws passed by congress. They’re ‘rules’ created out of thin air by obscure agencies within the executive branch, each of whom has the authority to make up new rules on a whim.

Like the Bureau of Economic Analysis, for example, which recently commanded every American with a foreign company to fill out an absurd survey under threat of a $20,000+ fine.

This is not exactly the sort of thing that makes people more prosperous and free.

And yet the apparatus grows, suffocating innovation and quality beneath it.

At this point people seem to get it. I doubt anyone is going to complain that the government isn’t big enough.

The problem is that people think they can fix it in a voting booth.

That’s lazy thinking. Voting doesn’t affect anything; all you’re doing is changing the players, not the game.

If you’re truly fed up with the system, one of the most powerful weapons you have (other than your feet) is your money.

Bureaucracies thrives on funding. Money. Specifically-- YOUR money.

So if you want to change the system, stop supporting it. Take every option available to legally reduce what you pay in taxes to the government.

Deduct legitimate business expenses. Use the foreign earned income exclusion or Puerto Rico exemption. Set up captive insurance and finance companies. Buy whatever you can online from states without sales tax.

As an example, I maintain a US mobile number so that my mother can more easily call me.

But I set up the billing address in Nevada, which has the 2nd lowest cell phone taxes in the country.

I obviously don’t live in Nevada. I don’t even live in the US. All it took was a Nevada address (which hardly costs anything), and the net savings is several hundred dollars each year.

These steps don’t need to be complicated.

But a little bit of effort can go a long way in reducing what you legally owe, which, aside from saving you money, also reduces how much you directly contribute to the destruction of your country. 

Simon Black


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