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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

546 Reasons Apple Should Reject FBI Access

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546 Reasons Apple Should Reject FBI Access-Hell, Let the Chinese Do it

   All of us who follow politics and government feel that whole business has become nothing but crap and fakery – that politicians simply emit gas and whichever noxious person is in office will lie and break promises.

Most of already know we have too much government and we cannot afford more – government has broken our collective spirit and financial back which is why so few people pay attention.  Take for example the recent tug of war between the FBI and Apple over the encrypted smart phone belonging to the San Bernardino terrorists…the FBI wants Apple to write a new program to decrypt the phone and Apple is refusing citing its need to protect customer privacy and…

A fear that once it opens this Pandora’s Box, it will allow Russia and China easy entry to these phones. 


It will and our own government, which is infamous and treacherous for breaking its word, will use it to violate what little privacy remain for US citizens.

Think about it…your IRS files are no longer secret, your Social Security number is now required [thanks to Uncle Sam] required reading for opening ANY kind of financial account including a simple debit card which has led to the biggest increase Identity Theft crime and everyone else from schools, your dentist and doctor to utility firms seem to think they need this number…I don’t know about you but my card clearly states NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION.

The government also violates its own Privacy Act of 1974 and with the poorly named un-Patriot Act all Americans gave up their privacy allowing the terrorists a big WIN – thank you very much Uncle Scam!

So why would Apple or anyone else for that matter trust sensitive data to the government?  When I was in the Navy I had a Top Secret Security Clearance and worked with Crypto codes and other sensitive information…I had to sign a ton of documents stating I would never share this information [never seems to have affected Ms. Clinton] but that was military and times have changed, the government no longer honors its promises.

There are 546 reasons why America should reject encryption back doors [the number of devices and/or programs offering encryption that have been developed by foreign companies.  If the feds force tech firms to weaken your security – you and criminals alike will take your business elsewhere, further hurting our economy and privacy.

The government lost our collective trust years ago.

After all, just imagine all the fun the FBI and your local police could have accessing all your unsecure devices…maybe the FBI should ask the Chinese for help, they seem pretty good at hacking government and industrial databases!


One safeguard you should use to avoid hackers is to avoid public Wi-Fi or use a virtual private network with an encrypted technology connection such as TunnelBear.  All you have to do is download it from their site, install it and surf the web as usual.

Free Wi-Fi for the Taking

Your library almost certainly has free Wi-Fi, as well as most other government buildings, such as city halls, courthouses and some public parks.

Some cities are developing city-wide Wi-Fi, called Muni Wi-Fi. Widely touted as the next-best-thing a decade or so ago, municipal Wi-Fi has not expanded as expected, largely due to cost, security issues and the advent of common 3G and 4G networks. However, there are renewed efforts to work out the kinks, and free Wi-Fi may be coming to a city near you sometime in the future.

Finding Free Wi-Fi

Multiple websites and smartphone apps can help you identify free Wi-Fi in your area, and the list will surprise you — it also keeps getting longer. You need to perform some advance research if your goal is to hang out wherever you can get some free downloads.

Use one of the many websites or smartphone apps that provide free Wi-Fi listings:


Smartphone apps:


Free Wi-Fi is one thing, but free and fast Wi-Fi is harder to find. The Internet abounds with analyses of a wide range of free and paid Wi-Fi connections. One excellent report from Open Signal analyzes various public Wi-Fi speeds in the U.S., focusing on restaurant and hotel chains. The upshot: Starbucks' switch from AT&T to Google almost doubled its Wi-Fi speed, while McDonald's and Best Buy trump Target, Lowes and Dunkin' Donuts for fast downloads.

Ultimate Privacy Guide/161-pages:Free


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DAR said...

Many will disagree with you but you're right in that it's hard to trust the government as they live up to that cliché that if you give them an inch, they will always take the mile...they've all but destroyed privacy and trust in America ever since they stopped obeying their own Privacy Act of 1974