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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Escaping Serfdom-Getting Your Affairs in Order

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The one who dies with the most toys...still dies.
- Unknown


Everything is a Lie. Everything


"The whole drift of our law is toward the absolute prohibition of all ideas that diverge in the slightest form from the accepted platitudes, and behind that drift of law there is a far more potent force of growing custom, and under that custom there is a natural philosophy which erects conformity into the noblest of virtues and the free functioning of personality into a capital crime against society."
-- H. L. Mencken


One of our partner sites surveyed their readers about why Americans are so disillusioned about our elections and government in general.  Their responses mirrored what our readers said when we had our full blown Poor Man Survivor site and in recent conversations I’ve had with people across the country who have expressed sentiments such as “I can barely make it on $45,000 a year-everything in this country costs so damned much now compared to just a few years ago…car insurance, mortgages, car payments…who the hell can afford a new car?!”


The government, at every level, continues to push the cost of living up for everything we do through inflation and red tape…there is a new regulation or law which we pay for and the bottom feeding bureaucrats and politicians either don’t care or they are too stupid to see it.  After all, they vote themselves non-stop raises all the while denying COLA raises for Social Security recipients or for our military…it’s criminal that we need to have fund raisers for our wounded military because the government won’t properly take care of their needs!


For example, residents of Flint, MI are forced to pay for water they cannot use and get sick from [we live nearby and our water rates were jacked up more than 1200% as a result] – government extortion at best…activists are coming out of the woodwork pointing fingers at the governor [they seem to forget the water was polluted by area manufacturers and local politicians led the charge to change the water system] and others. 


“Our current malaise,” Douglas K. writes, “is due in large part to our loss of confidence and respect for our government and for those who govern.

“There exists a nearly a total loss of confidence in our government, and the average person is angry -- mad as hell, and isn't going to take it anymore.

“But sadly it's an unfocused anger because it's very difficult for a social order or a society to function that has no vision, no confidence and have learned that nothing in governing is as it seems. Government itself is unfocused.

“Everything is a lie. Everything.

“I sometimes think that we are living in a second medieval age,” writes the veteran Washington journalist Sam Smith, “in which the strong have enormous power but can only exercise it behind moats and in heavily walled castles because, in the end, they are truly scared.

“The rest of us live in villages on farms owned by the lords but in a culture that still retains some of the traditions, freedoms and values the elite no longer experiences. We are victims, but also models and preservers.”

Many Americans already live a serf-like existence, says the urban studies scholar Joel Kotkin.

“Housing now takes the largest share of family costs,” he explains this week in The Daily Beast, “while expenditures on food, apparel and transportation have dropped or stayed about the same. In 2015, the rise in housing costs essentially swallowed savings gains made elsewhere, notably, savings on the cost of energy. The real estate consultancy Zillow predicts housing inflation will only worsen this year.”

The Baltic Dry Index has fallen below 300 for the first time ever, and export numbers are way down for almost every major exporting nation…

The phenomenon is worst on the coasts -- where land-use regulations have served to limit the housing supply, especially single-family homes. Cities are increasingly home to only wealthy elites and inner-city poor. The dwindling middle class is confined to ever-more pricey rentals…

On a national basis, the homeownership rate sits near its lowest point in 30 years. And among homeowners who have a mortgage, 14.4% are still underwater -- owing more money than the house is worth.


“The middle class will have little chance to acquire any assets for their retirement and increasingly few will choose to have children. Imagine, then, a high-tech Middle Ages with vast chasms between the upper classes and the poor, with growing dependence — even among what once would have been middle-class households — on handouts to pay rent.”


The political class has completely disrupted the American structure of production, made American workers uncompetitive, snuffed the life out of entrepreneurs, and burdened the entire nation with a debt obligation the size of Jupiter. The US economy is not the strongest and most durable in the world -- it is an unskilled thirty-two-year-old waiter crashing at his parent’s place and trying to pay down an $80,000 international relations degree.



Parting Note…


The epicenter of “higher learning” has become, and for good reason, the butt of a whole lot of hilarious jokes. It’s expensive. It’s divisive. It’s impractical. That’s because the university of the future, it’s said, will be three things: scholarly, high-tech and cheap.

The Khan Academy, for example, a free “learn anything” website, is the poster-boy for the new virtual-ed movement, and all the proof we need that there’s demand aplenty for alternative education.

And this trend is nothing exceptionally new:

“More than 2 million users watch his videos every month,” a Wired article reported back in 2011, “and all told they answer about 15 questions per second. Khan is clearly helping students master difficult and vital subjects. And he’s not alone: From TED talks to iTunes U to Bill Hammack the Engineer Guy, new online educational tools are bringing the ethos of Silicon Valley to education.”

“With technology pushing the price of instruction dramatically lower, what reason will there be in the future to shell out upwards of $60,000 a year for the privilege of being intimidated and propagandized?  So Bernie and Obama want to push for free college…great.  It’s already free in Europe to many students, so what is taking so long for America to catch on?



More Resources You Can Tap


You know you need to have an emergency fund. Here's how to accumulate one pain free!

Would you like to be rich? Take your financial destiny into your own hands: Master these money moves


·  The "Envelope System" In a Cashless Society
Mom used to put her grocery money in an envelope to keep from overspending. Worked great then, but it's out of date now. We'll show you how to update it for today's lifestyle


Get your affairs in your order now…


3,612 Legal Forms & Docs


   I thought about enrolling into a pre-paid legal plan via AARP but once I studied the pros and cons, decided against it…most folks rarely need anything other than a will, power-of-attorney, medical end of life forms and the life along with some real estate related matters…therefore, you’ll probably find this useful:


Files you can use: Fill & Print-in ZIP file [most MS programs have a free unzip program or search the net for a free program]


Some examples below:

Banking, Collections, Finance, Business Agreements, Consumer,  Corporate,  Formalities,  Divorce,  Employment,  Family, Children,  Child Support, Financial & Investments,  Health Care,  Insurance,  Legal Utilities,  Loans,  Marriage & Partnerships,  Media & Broadcast,  Non-Profit Organizations, Business & Partnerships,  Power of Attorney,  Promissory Notes,  Real Estate Contracting,  Real Estate Deeds,  Real Estate Landlord & Tenant,  Real Estate Ownership,  Technology,  Contractor, Patient, Trusts, Abatement,  Credit,  Debt, Independent Contractor, Marketing, Salvage, Damage, Borrowing, Homesteading, and so much more....

You can customize any form with your logo or business name. Or change wording with your word processor. Upon payment you will be sent a link where you can download the complete file…or for $1.50 additional I will mail you a CD ROM.  Go here:


In a recent article entitled70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is Going To Happen To America“,  readers can find some basic pieces of advice on how to get prepared for what is coming.  In my opinion, everyone should have an emergency fund that can cover at least six months of bills and expenses.  And now is not the time to go into debt.


My gift to you:

The Poor Man’s Essential Survival Package


--The Doctors Protocol: Secrets of Survival

--How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

--Guide to Self Reliant Living

--Becoming Self Sufficient for Six Months

--How I Found Freedom in an Un-free World


Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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