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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Social Chaos and Crime-Protecting Your Home and Family

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‘Locked doors only keep honest people out’…Unknown


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   My late father-in-law always told me that locked doors only keep honest people out and there’s a lot of truth to that.  With a challenging economy our nightly news is filled with reports of break-ins and crime.  Even the chief of police in Detroit has suggested his residents should arm themselves.  Most locks are pretty easy to pick and I’ve assisted friends get into their homes and apartments using a credit card.

   Some of my ‘prepper’ friends are armed to the teeth and I always tell them there is no way you can defend yourself against the government-you are simply outgunned and outmanned.  The best you can hope for is to prepare for a scenario against thieves and gangs [if the SHTF].  Some of the following methods are extreme, a few I picked up while in the military.  Most are just basic, common sense tactics anyone can use.

Despite what President Obama tells the TV news, crime and violence continue to rise in this nation.  Last month was the deadliest July in 10 years for the city of Chicago, and police officer shooting deaths for the country as a whole were up an astounding 78 percent during the first half of this year.

It is getting to the point where it is starting to become difficult to blame people that are afraid to leave their own homes.  Our streets are becoming increasingly dangerous, and there are some very, very sick people out there.  If you doubt this, just consider what just happened to a young and promising Google employee

A Google employee from New York City who disappeared on an afternoon jog while visiting her mother in Massachusetts has been found murdered in the woods.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said Monday that 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte was reported missing after failing to return from a run between 1pm and 4pm in Princeton.

Her body was discovered at around 8.20pm Sunday by a state police K9 unit near Brooks Station Road, about a half-mile from her mother’s home.

A source told Fox25 in Boston that investigators were examining the possibility that Marcotte was sexually assaulted and set on fire, with burns to her hands, head and feet.

Protect Yourself-The Police Cannot Always be There

   Aside from having a big dog, which is always a good idea [we have a large chocolate lab who leaps at the door and sounds like Cujo scaring the bejesus out of strangers, yet he’s very gentle once he knows you] many folks use a variety of driveway and perimeter alarms which warn you as soon as someone enters your property.  One such alarm system is the Dakota Alert perimeter system which you can find on eBay [you can find a variety of systems in all price ranges there].  They’re solar powered.


Speaking of solar power…I suggest keeping your property well lit and solar powered lighting or dusk-to-dawn timed lights which you can find at Home Depot and Lowes-make sure every entry point in your home has such a light, preferably a motion activated light which you can find at Walmart.


All of our windows are locked tight and have secondary snap-tight locks on them and we use wood blocks to prevent patio doors from being opened along with adjustable door-to-floor wedges.  You can also purchase floor wedges and my Dad used to make his own out of left over wood to prevent doors from being opened.  You can always do what they do in the movies and jam a chair into the door handle and the floor.


If you really want to get nasty, hang a line of fish hooks and sinkers around doors and windows on curtain rods-makes for a nasty surprise for would be burglars…also, place trays of marbles on the floor below windows for added security.


Surprisingly, adding fake security cameras that are battery operated so they turn and have blinking red lights work as do having fake security ‘Protected by ABC Alarm Co.” on your windows provide an added deterrent and these too are available at Home Depot and at eBay.


Five Ways to Boost the Safety of Your Home


1.      Purchase the right locks.  Medeco & MulT-Lock tumblers are highly lock and bump resistant thanks to their special engineering.  They’re twice as expensive but cheaper than dealing with a break-in.

2.      Use a deadbolt on exterior doors.  Otherwise your lock can often be broken by a good kick.

3.      Replace hollow core doors or flimsy glass doors with solid wood and metal doors.  If can break the door you don’t need to worry about picking the lock. [You might check with your local Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore thrift store for these doors at a substantial savings]

4.      Get rid of those ‘hidden’ door keys – burglars know you have them and can easily locate them.

5.      Always lock doors and windows, even if you think they’re too high for someone to get to.  Simple.  Yes, but often overlooked.


If you leave for vacation or a long weekend make sure your newspapers [if you get them delivered] or your mail doesn’t pile up outside – a sure sign to thieves that no one is home.

We keep a weapon in every room of our home including a short barreled shotgun and revolvers as they’re good for ‘up close and personal defensive shooting’ and know how to use them but not everyone is comfortable with that.  For those who are not comfortable with firearms I strongly suggest having several Kimber Pepper Blaster II’s around [both my wife and I carry these as no permit is required and they are the most effective non-lethal self defense spray available with a 12’ distance and no blow-back.  Kimber makes sidearms for many of our law enforcement teams].  You can find these on eBay and Amazon.


Escalating Social Chaos

I think few jobs are tougher than being a cop especially given that crime is increasing in many cities and some groups are targeting police as we’ve seen in Dallas.  Most of us know that police normally arrive after a crime has taken place so it is important to develop to develop situational awareness as I have written in previous issues.

Groups like Black Lives Matter have spawned disruptive, violent, and deadly racial conflict and this violence is likely to take place again as the press legitimizes their hatred and as we get closer to election day I expect more of this kind of politically motivated chaos and hatred to occur in major cities…this is one of the reasons why Donald Trump is running on the law & order stump while Clinton bends over backward to the minority groups spewing hatred.

Regardless of who wins the election, the potential exists for additional social chaos to increase in the months ahead especially in larger cities such as Chicago which are controlled by Democrats who are more concerned with being politically correct than with tackling crime among minorities and gangs.

I do however give credit to the Chief of Police in Detroit, another city wracked by gun violence who routinely cautions his citizens to arm themselves…getting the proper training and permits.  There are plenty of groups fomenting civil strife during this election including some which might surprise you [that’s the subject of a future article].


Parting Thought…

Escape Anything: Call me crazy, but my boots are laced up with paracord shoelaces and, on the end of one of the aglets is a tiny little handcuff key. Why? Because if I ever end up in a crisis or kidnapping situation (heaven forbid, of course), I want to be able to break free and bug the hell out of there. The paracord shoelaces will burn right through any zip ties or duct tape, if need be. And the handcuff key, well, you know.


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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DAR said...

Most people that I see have ZERO sense of personal security-there nose is stuck into their cell phone making them easy targets. This was an excellent article-thanks.

larry said...

Inexpensive but effective are cans of wasp spray. My wife keeps cans handy at each door and they have a range of about 20 feet and will blind an attacker.