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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Yellow Journalism-Nude Photos of Mrs. Trump, Obama’s Mother, Clinton’s Alcoholism, Trump’s ‘Breakdown’

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Yellow Journalism-Nude photos of Mrs. Trump, Obama’s Mother, Clinton’s Alcoholism, Trump’s ‘Breakdown’

   In recent weeks we’ve seen Yellow Journalism at its worst in America from the New York Post running nude photos of Ms. Trump to disgusting, porn-like images of Obama’s mother on the internet to continued rumors of Mrs. Clinton’s alcoholism [the reason she supposedly went into treatment after passing out in public.  She subsequently appeared wearing strange eyeglasses most often attributed to treatment for minor strokes often attributed to excessive drinking [her PR folks refused comment for the most part].

Currently the media is blasting headlines about Mr. Trump being in a ‘meltdown’ in need of an intervention.  I’ll be the first t admit he too easily strays off point – that’s his biggest weakness against seasoned mercenaries from the Clinton Camp.

What if Trump quits? He doesn't need this crap-few in own party support him.  The GOP has been shooting themselves and its supporters in the foot for over a decade.

The US can suffer with a career carpetbagger like Clinton or Obama 2.0 - it makes no difference as most Americans are too distracted to know the difference, everything is rigged against the little guy anyhow. This reminds me of when Texas billionaire Ross Perot ran for president and subsequently pulled out citing health issues…Trump doesn't need it and both parties have been screwing the middle class for 35 years and destroying our Bill of Rights and robbing us of our privacy while bankrupting the nation.


The Public Has the Memory of Gnat When it Comes to the Clintons’

   With a record of dishonesty and chicanery, why would anyone support Hillary Clinton?  I can understand left-wing anti-gun nuts such as New Yorker up-Chuck Schumer who has never held a real job in his adult life and fellow anti-gun [and anti-slurpee] former mayor Bloomberg and other Democrats…it’s what they do.

However, most of America is sick and tired of career politicians who have done nothing but feed off the citizen and special interests as the Clintons have done.  Yet, the left-wing media fawn over her as if she were the second coming, glossing over her misdeeds as if they were school girl pranks.  Most of us find something inherently wrong with a politician who becomes tremendously wealthy from politics.  After all, the Clintons have never produced anything, never created a job, never invented anything useful so what gives?

Consider that Hillary:

·         Lied about her home server and emails

·         Lied about Benghazi [as did Obama] and the reasons for it

·         While acting as Secretary of State, her foundation took money from foreign countries including Russia [to influence a uranium deal], Saudia Arabia and in 2012 they accepted $500k-$1 million from HSBC bank, a known Mexican Drug Cartel money laundering bank-the IRS is now reviewing their returns from those years.

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS — Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

The latest revelation by the whistleblower organization reveals Hillary Clinton was a director of, and received over $100,000 from, French industrial giant Lafarge, which was recently exposed as secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.

These latest revelations expose the deep relationship between Hillary Clinton and Lafarge — a company proven to be working with and funding ISIS. The information was released one week after a statement made by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, during an interview with Democracy Now, implicated Clinton as being connected to arming terrorists.

“Hillary’s hacked emails include info on Hillary arming jihadists,” Assange said.

According to an investigative report in The Canary by respected academic and journalist Nafeez Ahmed:

The company is a regular donor to the Clinton Foundation – the firm’s up to $100,000 donation was listed in its annual donor list for 2015. Lafarge is also listed again as a donor to the Clinton Foundation for the first quarter of 2016.

Hillary didn't just vote for Iraq,” Julian Assange reminds us on the Wikileaks page. “She made her own Iraq. Libya is Hillary's Iraq and if she becomes president she will make more.

“I have had years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgment and will push the United States into endless, stupid wars which spread terrorism. Her personality combined with her poor policy decisions have directly contributed to the rise of ISIS.

“Pentagon generals objected to destroying the Libyan state. They felt Hillary did not have a safe post-war plan. Hillary Clinton went over their heads. Libya has been destroyed. It became a haven for ISIS.

“The Libyan national armory was looted and hundreds of tons of weapons were transferred to jihadists in Syria. Hillary's war has increased terrorism, killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians and has set back women's rights in the Middle East by hundreds of years. Having learned nothing from the Libyan disaster Hillary then set about trying do the same in Syria. Hillary publicly took credit for the destruction of the Libyan state.

“On hearing that the country's president had been killed by her handiwork, she became wild-eyed and gloated ‘We came, we saw, he died!’ In the momentary thrill of the kill, she had aped, of all people, Julius Caesar.

“Hillary's problem is not just that she's war hawk. She's a war hawk with bad judgment who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people. She shouldn't be let near a gun shop [yet she has publicly cast doubt on her willingness to support our right to bear arms], let alone an army. And she certainly should not become president of the United States.”

This is the same woman, need I remind you, who waxes sentimental about the need to get “unnecessary” guns out of the hands of Americans. As if someone who takes delight in death has any moral leg to stand on about gun violence.

When her husband was being grilled for perjury over his lying to the public about his [one of dozens] Lewinsky affair, Hillary was already plotting her strategy with Bill’s chief strategist as how she might play her role depending on the outcome.  She’d either play the wounded wife ‘stand-by-your-man’ role or the outraged spouse…either way they felt the American public, especially women would rally around her [which they did].  It was all planned.  At the time, she could care less how it went for Bill, she was only concerned for her future.  It should be apparent to all by now theirs is not a normal relationship, it is a business partnership.  According to insiders, they haven’t slept together in years and during their years in the White House, Hillary managed the slush fund to pay off the women ‘Slick Willie’ had affairs with and supposedly brokered the deal to sell political pardons to criminals like Marc Rich for more than a million dollars!

My how soon the public forgets about the abuse of women or how the Clinton’s were forced to return White House belongings, the sale of political pardons and so on…just stupidity as usual in the beltway and mainstream America, which has memory of gnat, always sucks down the Kool-Aid and pays the piper for such crap.

The following is courtesy Devvy Kidd:

The scandals that plagued the Clinton's while soiling the White House were endless: Bloodgate, Cattlegate, Travelgate, White Water, Commerce Dept's 'pay to play' which resulted in the murder of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, the murder of Vince Foster (allegedly had an affair with I believe bi-sexual Hillary), renting the Lincoln bedroom and the one which should have resulted in Bill Clinton being tried for treason, Chinagate. Of course, millenials know nothing of all those which is what Bill & Hill are counting on. The rest of her supporters and decades long clean-up crew don't care, she has something for everyone. A very accomplished, carnival-barker. For an accurate and comprehensive list of the aforementioned plus Billy's 'women', click here.

Our advice…

   All Politics is local.  Special interests know this and for decades they’ve been buying and selling local politicians at the state level, before they get to Washington. Get involved by either running for office on a local basis even at the city level [I was a city councilman and advisor to the Libertarian party when Browne ran for President]. If for some reason Hillary becomes our next president, I hope she faces enough Libertarians and Republicans to challenge her every move.

 I’ve been lax in recent years due to an obligation of caring for ailing parents and then facing a long recuperation from own health challenges…but now that it is apparent that we’re staying in MI [my wife’s choice, not mine], I may get involved again locally.

Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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DAR said...

No holds barred-you called that right! The press is just about ratings - especially NBC.

Ridley said...

You must keep in mind many of her supporters are women and they are too young to recall all of the crap the Clinton's have pulled - they don't care, they just want a woman in office, just like the Blacks who wanted a Black man in office no matter how unqualified he is. Don't forget, today's voter is less educated-they rely on sound bites and 'smart phones' and seem unable to do any real research on their own.