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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Any way you look at it, the Elites Still Win & it Appears There is a 100% Chance of Recession as Politics Drags us All Down-Your One True Power is Your Own Consumer Power

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Any way you look at it, the Elites Still Win & it Appears There is a 100% Chance of Recession as Politics Drags us All Down-Your One True Power is Your Own Consumer Power…

Today I’ve included a variety of thoughts on self reliance, the folly of our election and more…feel free to share or comment at the end.

The topic of self-sustainability is one I find to be extremely important…One that will continue to reveal itself as not only significant, but necessary in the years to come. A Gallop poll taken in 2013 across 65 countries with 66,000 respondents, found that the overwhelming majority of the planet considers the United States of America the greatest threat to world peace. As I have noted in the last few shows, our perception of ourselves as a country, is wildly skewed, and it’s becoming increasingly important for Americans to begin finding ways to be less reliant on the system, or break away entirely.

Your one true power in today’s America, is your consumer power; it’s the only asset we possess, as average American citizens, that the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be respect. 

Whether that be beginning with simply shifting to peer-to-peer economies whenever possible, or creating a completely off the grid homestead reliant on no one but yourself, the true goal is to create the one thing that all of humanity has a right to, and the very thing being slowly removed in this increasingly oppressive society, and that is personal freedom. 

The biggest obstacle to off-the-grid living is our own government [at every level]:

Join us as we discuss “How to Break Free From the System” with our special guest Eric McCool:


   Any Way You Vote, The Elites Still Win

   Various Silicon Valley and Wall Street elites have thrown their support behind Hillary hoping to buy influence down the line…At&T which has been spying on Americans and selling your data is one example of a Fortune 500 firm salivating at the prospect of more government blessings with its hope for merger  with Time-Warner which would likely get a blessing from Clinton and a fat no from Trump…


Just about every business involved with mergers and acquisitions and power acquisitions that makes corporations more powerful  [Goldman-Sachs is among the top advisers to such corporations and one which has strategically donated to Clinton]…


If Shillary manages to escape indictment and win the election you can expect the status quo to continue with regard to Wall Street and Big Banks…the little guy will remain at the bottom of the pecking order.


Ironically, this is the 60th anniversary of the publication of the book The Power Elite, by C. Wright Mills-the class study of wealth and power in the United States.  Our country is run by a small, interconnected class of individuals who advance their personal interests over those of the country as a whole and you and I are victimized by their policies.


1.       Elections are a façade and we’re pretty powerless to do much of anything to make any real change.  Mills divides his power groups into: Economic, Military and Political.




Imagine what's going to happen when we go into a recession again…

As I explained yesterday, artificially low interest rates restrict growth, limit consumer spending, and encourage individuals and corporations to borrow far too much money.

We're seeing record debt at the corporate level, the government level, the consumer level (auto loans), and an entire generation (students) encumbered by massive debt.

Do you think those conditions are going to lead to calm, cool, and rational policy decisions? Do you think those conditions are going to be good for our banking system? Do you think that's going to make us less aggressive with our foreign policy? (It's Mexico's fault!) Do you think our political leaders are going to wake up and realize that it's their policies that have put us in this mess?

No way. They're going to keep "doubling down" until the whole thing blows up.

That's why I'm 100% certain we're going to enter another recession next year…



Crabs and Communists: How Envy Politics Drags Us All Down

by José Azel

In the United States, we are beginning to condemn individuality, businesses, and the profit motive and to promote a culture of being taken care off. We seem to forget that when someone is taking care of us, it means someone is deciding for us.


It’s interesting that Huma Abedin, Hillary’s “second daughter,” raised in the Wahhabist kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is now entering the FBI limelight.

Hopefully it’ll spur some questions about Hillary’s unsavory relationship with the House of Saud. (Not likely, but we’ll see.)

 Hillary, a woman who prides herself on being a beacon of women’s rights, has taken millions of dollars from a government which treats its own women as second-class citizens.

Saudi women are not allowed to drive, vote, wear make-up, swim in public pools, interact with men they aren’t related to, compete in sports, try on clothes while shopping, and if they are victims of rape, they can even be charged with a crime.

Worse than the human rights violations, though, is the fact that Clinton has known for a while that Saudi Arabia is a major source of funding for terrorism in the Mid-East. As Wikileaks revealed, Clinton and Abedin sent emails back and forth about Saudi Arabia funneling money through charities and into terror cells.

One email from Abedin was sent on Sunday, May 22, 2011, 08:04 AM, quoting a Reuters story:

Islamic charities from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates financed a network in U.S. ally Pakistan that recruited children as young as eight to wage holy war, a local newspaper reported on Sunday, citing Wikileaks.

A U.S. diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks said financial support estimated at $100 million a year was making its way from those Gulf Arab states to a jihadist recruitment network in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Dawn newspaper reported.

The November 2008 dispatch by Bryan Hunt, the then principal officer at the U.S. consulate in Lahore, was based on discussions with local government and non-governmental sources during trips to Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province.

It said those sources claimed that financial aid from Saudi and United Arab Emirates was coming from”missionary” and “Islamic charitable” organisations ostensibly with the direct support of those countries’ governments.

Nevertheless, Clinton still accepts money from the brutal regime…



Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


P.S.  You cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are…and often, we are the enemy!

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