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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Are Americans too Corrupt to Value Liberty, Why do they still trust the DNC?


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Are Americans too Corrupt to Value Liberty, Why do they still trust the DNC?

It’s getting crazy out there. The world and the people in it are becoming increasingly unpredictable…especially in our own government and in the Democratic National Party as revealed in the avalanche of Wiki Leaks. [See the link below as to why the trust level in our government continues to decline].

In the U.S. — a nation of laws, not of men — those things are impossible. In America, we would never see elite government workers’ policies widen the wealth gap, with median family income declining and the number of people living below the poverty line increasing.

We would never have an all-powerful, unelected Federal Reserve whose monetary policies impoverish millions of retirees relying on interest income in order to rescue Wall Street’s balance sheets and inflate asset bubbles to enrich elites.

We would never have a corrupt administration and Congress ram a government-run health care law down the throats of its people while exempting themselves and their supporters from it.

We would never have a ruling-class presidential candidate verbally convicted by a FBI chief for mishandling classified information and not be charged by the Department of Justice chief who had a secret meeting with the candidate’s husband (the former president) just days before.

We would never have well-connected Wall Street bankers crater the economy and their companies while making millions… only to get bailed out by the working-class stiffs so they can do the whole thing over again.

We would never have an all-powerful IRS blatantly target political enemies and destroy evidence while the Justice Department pretends to be unable to find even a hint of any wrongdoing.

And we would never have the ruling class engaged in widespread warrantless wiretapping and lawless monitoring of its citizens.

No, none of that would ever happen here because that kind of stuff only happens in a banana republic.

Despite evidence showing that President Obama knew first hand of Hillary’s private server and had sent and received email messages via his secure Blackberry, he has attempted to pin the blame on the Russians…despite knowing full well they were not the instigators.

The Obama administration is setting the Russians up for the time of the election to blame any deviance or hacks on them.

It is no secret that election fraud is being committed now, even with the early voting that is occurring in several states.  The Cyberattacks conducted on Friday, October 21st were a Beta-test for what is to come: full-blown election fraud and an attack on the infrastructure of the U.S., to be blamed on Russia or North Korea and used as justification to either suspend the elections or declare them null and void.

On October 25, an article was released entitled DMV Computer Outage Raises Fear of Election-Day Cyber Attacksas presented on  Apparently 100 DMV offices in California had a gigantic computer malfunction that was not attributed to hacking.  The article interviewed a USC professor who had the following to say:

“Election day may be a different story.  Government computer systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks.  I think there will certainly be some sort of cyber security issue in some location.”

Clifford Neuman, Director, USC Center for Computer Systems Security

From a standpoint of greater simplicity, the government can simply collapse the power grid, and this can be blamed on an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon from North Korea or Russia.  If this is not done, the government can use the Soros-provided voting machines and other nefarious measures (such as dead people’s names being used to vote, illegal aliens casting a ballot, or people voting in numerous states, to name a few) to steal the votes.  Then blame can be shifted to the Russians.

Keep in mind that the Cyberattack on October 21 was found to “not be done by a government’s actions through state actors,” as the Mainstream media termed it.  How true.  Not one concrete shred of justification that Russia has been conducting any Cyberattacks has been provided.  Certainly the Russian government has taken the time to investigate the source of the hacking on the U.S. systems.  They will certainly monitor the elections in some manner to protect themselves from any accusations of hacking and prove they do not hold any culpability when the Democrats skew the numbers of the election and steal it themselves.

This is why the federal government has warned Russia that simply to monitor the elections may warrant criminal charges being brought against the Russian government.

But it’s OK to have UN election monitors, which in itself is a violation of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, right? 

The law doesn’t apply to the Democrats; the law only matters as long as they can inflict it upon you.  Soros just came out recently and cursed democracy in general: though toad like in appearance and mannerisms, this communist foreigner is responsible for the collapse and/or debilitation of almost a dozen governments.  In a previous article we covered how the voting machines in the early voting in Illinois did not register the original choice of the voter and “chose” the Democratic candidates.  This was labeled as a “calibration error,” so simply and innocently.  The communists masquerading as Democrats know the truth of the matter, that it is those who count the votes and not the voters who decide the elections.

In summary, the U.S. is prepositioning its “enemy-assets” to blame – on what the administration does – for a collapsed election labeled as “rigged” or the suspension of the election for any number of reasons, real or illusory, such as a genuine attack the U.S. provokes or an attack the U.S. carries out on itself.  Civil unrest and/or war are the escape hatches to bail out of the Constitution and to take control of the country…not letting either crisis go to waste.  With civil rest or a world war, the administration will be handed the country on a platter – indefinitely – and the election will be a moot point, whether it happened or not.

However, the vast majority of citizens probably don’t care as made evident by those who still support Hillary despite the overwhelming evidence of her wrong doings…

Are Americans Too Corrupt to Value Liberty?

by John C. Chalberg

The twin lodestars of the self-government experiment were liberty and equality; they were not greatness and strength, much less togetherness. The founders assumed that greatness and strength, and perhaps even togetherness, would pretty much come along for the ride, so long as the country remained committed to liberty and equality.


An ‘Accidental’ Headline?

NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee has inadvertently posted election night results. The results page appears to be similar to what mainstream news networks display on election night, including Presidential and Congressional results, the popular vote count, electoral votes, and percentage of precincts reporting.



Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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