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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hateful Hollywood Hypocrites & Left Wing Groups-Some Even Call for Tom Brady to be Assassinated!

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   There are three questions that I think would destroy most of the arguments on the left.  The first is, “Compared to what?”  The second is “At what cost?”  And the third is, “What hard evidence do you have?”  >>Dr. Thomas Sowell, Economist & Social Theorist

   There are many left wing groups including the media and Hollywood celebrities who are shallow brained sore losers who somehow think they speak for middle America when they take every opportunity to tear down our President.  Frankly, the vast majority of us don’t give a rats ass about their lame political opinions.

The left is so spiteful and out of touch with reality that…

After spearheading the Patriots’ amazing comeback victory in last night’s Super Bowl, Tom Brady became the target of Donald Trump haters on Twitter who flooded the social network to call for his assassination.

Leftists associate Trump with Tom Brady because Trump said he considered Brady to be a personal friend and has sided with the Patriots against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.


Welcome to our Shallow Planet


America is divided right down the middle. It has become essentially two nations. One half knows (or is beginning to understand) that something is seriously wrong – that the system is rigged. They are tired of being lied to and stolen from. They love freedom, truth, and rugged individualism. They know that the government cheats, censors, and punishes everyone who tries to expose its corruption. This half of America is largely pro-Trump – not necessarily because they love the man or his personality, but because they know he hasn't been bought and paid for and isn't owned by the power establishment. Their vote for Trump is a demand to end the corruption and criminality of the fascist system the government has developed.

The other half dreams of utopia or worships the US government. It has been totally corrupted by welfare and free money given nonstop by the Democrats to buy votes and perpetuate their power – free money, which incidentally is confiscated from the working half of the population via taxes, fees, and penalties. The people in this utopian faction are blinded to the truth. They are shallow, unthinking, and know only the government propaganda that is fed to them daily via the controlled media or the socialist-controlled educational system. Life for them is a free lunch.

 They believe the lies and the propaganda – largely because they want to and because they are completely na├»ve regarding the real world. Their morality, values, and common sense have been severely corrupted. And they will always vote Democrat, even if Satan himself were running on the ticket. And sadly, they represent one half (or more) of the US population.



The snowflakes that beat up Trump supporters, pillage storefronts and set fire to communities need a harsh dose of having their ass kicked or at the very least, their parents need to pay for the damage they cause.  I realize most school systems encourage stupidity and no longer teach American history.  It would seem many students are taught what to think as opposed to how to think.  I’m saddened by the memorized, knee-jerk response young people give to reporters when asked why they are protesting Trump – most don’t know but instead blindly repeat something they heard from another protestor or mindless celebrity.


It’s been a sociological mystery for decades but many people live their lives vicariously through celebrities because they are shallow and have no meaningful life of their own.  Hollywood gossip dominates our culture and is evident by the lame TV shows, newscasts and supermarket tabloids one can purchase at the checkout line.


Many protestors shout and stomp about screaming about this and that, yet never research the topic they’re mad about.  Most often, they don’t ever work for any worthwhile causes which affect all of us.  For instance, Madonna blathers on about blowing up the White House yet, even though she’s from Detroit, has never helped the inner city youth here or helped out with the Flint water crisis.  On the other hand, we have sincere men like Gary Sinise who donates a ton of time and money to help our wounded warriors!


These Hollywood twits all have maids, nannies, gardeners, pool boys and other home help usually made up from the underpaid illegal Hispanic community of southern California and Arizona where many of them live [I know firsthand as I did a research project in Palm Springs for a year; a very wealthy community].


Hollywood doesn’t speak for me or for anyone that I know of.  We recently did an informal survey of 122 customers of another business we own in MI [which were all Trump supporters] if a} Did they trust the media to be fair in their treatment of Trump and b]Did they agree with the recent protests in Washington DC against Trump’s executive order regarding a temporary ban on immigrants from certain nations.


In both cases only a few people expressed a mild disagreement [mostly with how the plan was rolled out].  In a nutshell, here in the heartland, we take exception to the Hollywood dotes who live in la la land or as most of us label them – limousine liberals.


Television contributes materially to the culture of depravity and violence. Its families portrayed are usually broken, and no show or movie is complete without one or more homosexuals or bisexuals or transgenders openly and proudly displaying their depravity and immorality.


It’s an amazing phenomenon that Joe and Jane American would follow this garbage [Hollywood & TV crap] with the zeal that they do when you think about it, given how far removed Hollywood is from real life and actors are from real people. I’m speaking, of course, about the “big” actors who drive Hollywood’s box offices and whose “star power” almost automatically ensures big paydays for the movie makers and whose words and appearance automatically ensured increased sales of cars, perfumes and clothes.

But there is a sea change underway. Many people from Middle America are finally coming to realize that Hollywood values are antithetical to American values. The box office is beginning to reflect that.

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What’s your view?  Leave a comment below…


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Danielle said...

It is amazing to watch these morons being interview on the news-these protestors sound as if they're repeating a script someone handed them and they're unable to articulate anything meaningful when asked a question by reporter which is outside the script...I believe someone is paying them to appear at the protests as there are so many protests at so many sites and the ACLU is a big organizer of some of these as I've gotten emails from them asking me to show up!

Randy said...

It's like there are two America's now-the hateful, spiteful left and rest of us. Watching the news anymore makes me sick-all they do is run a smear campaign against Trump and they try to normalize what I consider abnormal behavior, much of it started by the left, especially Hollywood. I wish they'd go start their own country somewhere else.