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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updated Resources on Self Reliance: How to be Product Tester for Prepper Goods, DIY Skills

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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


Updated Resources on Self Reliance:

·       How to be Product Tester for Prepper Goods

·       DIY Antiseptics

·       DIY Water Distiller

·       DIY Violence Survival Plan

·       Preparedness Checklists


How silly is disaster prepping?

Disaster and emergency preparedness is not silly. The Red Cross certainly doesn’t think so…FEMA doesn’t thinks.  Folks living near wildfires don’t think so.  People face potentially inconvenient, uncomfortable and even life threatening challenges every day.

Imagine being stuck on the Interstate in a snow or ice storm or a traffic jam caused by an accident or a dam breaking?

We tend to associate with people who think like us, so doomsday scenarios proponents tend to run in packs. Many scenarios have definite political or religious affiliations and preppers seem to be at one end of our very polarized society.

It comes down to a matter of chances. What are the chances of a nuclear war going down, or a civil riot taking place, or a zombie apocalypse, or a total economic collapse and so on?

Let's say such a doomsday scenario really happens. What are the chances of someone who prepared their entire life to survive that scenario and one who did nothing? 


The American Red Cross says that only one out of ten American households has taken the appropriate preparedness steps for both manmade and natural disasters.

And you don’t have to be a doomsday prepper to know that there have been some very alarming trends in the news (and not reported in the news) lately...Including:

The rise of domestic terrorism in America… even more riots and robberies than you’ve been seeing in the news… increasing frequency of natural disasters such as the meltdown of the dam in CA and the increase in severe weather... greater potential for epidemics… and perhaps most obviously, a long-overdue stock market crash [thanks to the conditions Obama left to Pres. Trump].


Self-reliance is a mindset, an approach to life that can be adopted whether you live in a wilderness cabin or a “little box” in the suburbs. Self-reliance is about living a life in which you make decisions and opinions with primary respect to your own experience of the world. You trust yourself. You’re true to yourself.

Self-Reliance means respecting our own experiences, ideas, and traits.

The best of those things.

It’s not an excuse to be lazy, immoral, confrontational, distant, or an asshole in general.

It’s not an excuse to mock the ideals of others, be narcissistic, or hurt others in any way.

Sartre recognized that “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

Notice the word “condemned” — the freedom self-reliance offers isn’t fatalistic or nihilistic. It means taking on more responsibility, just a higher grade responsibility than we’re usually saddled with.

Self-reliance is a call to be true to yourself in the most important way possible.

To try and use it as a way to justify the worst parts of yourself is a terrible mistake.

Doing It All On Your Own

Self-reliance is associated with 100% bootstrapping your life.


Doomsday Prep For The Super Rich, What Is The 'Crisis' Of Modernity?

Last spring, as the Presidential campaign exposed increasingly toxic divisions in America, Antonio García Martínez, a forty-year-old former Facebook product manager living in San Francisco, bought five wooded acres on an island in the Pacific Northwest and brought in generators, solar panels, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. “When society loses a healthy founding myth, it descends into chaos,” he told me. The author of “Chaos Monkeys,” an acerbic Silicon Valley memoir, García Martínez wanted a refuge that would be far from cities but not entirely isolated. “All these dudes think that one guy alone could somehow withstand the roving mob,” he said. “No, you’re going to need to form a local militia. You just need so many things to actually ride out the apocalypse.” Once he started telling peers in the Bay Area about his “little island project,” they came “out of the woodwork” to describe their own preparations, he said. “I think people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now.”

Inspired to dig deeper into Emerson’s Self-Reliance? Grab Kyle’s FREE reading guide.

Kyle Eschenroeder is a writer who has been an entrepreneur, day trader, and whatever else sounded good at the time. Tweet him @kyleschen


Preparedness Resources

Emergency water distillation can also save your life in a coastal or maritime emergency when all you have is undrinkable salt water or suspect POISONS or deadly pathogens in your local water supply, an ever present danger from the rise of global terrorism.

If terrorists attack the water supply to a city,
as ISIS has done in Syria, what will you drink?

Go to the article:


Easy Homemade Antiseptic for Survival

In a survival situation, even small wounds can be deadly. If not kept clean, your body can go septic, which is difficult to treat without modern medicine. Fortunately, there is an easy DIY antiseptic you can use to quickly and easily clean wounds that is perfect for survivalists and preppers.

It’s called Daikin’s solution, and it was developed during WWI to treat soldier’s wounds in the field. It is credited with saving hundreds of lives during that war, and is one of the safest and most effective antiseptics you can find.

It is essentially just bleach and water, making it incredibly simple to prep for and make. Here’s how


Did you know that instead of wasting $5 to $10 on ointment, you can make your own DIY antiseptic from scratch?


Emergency Preparedness Lists: 

The following information was compiled by Vince Lombardi -

1. Food Storage Ideas and turn-key pre-packaged 1 year food supply resource

2. 100 Items to Disappear First
3. 55 Preparedness Items
4. An ideal home / bunker might include...
5. article on the Transition Economy and the New Economy -- some good thoughts.

Learn how to survive the violence epidemic of the left which seems to be sweeping the nation:


Finally, here’s a free resource you should share with your family and friends:
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In the fight to preserve our freedoms, our greatest enemy is ignorance. Become an expert on the document that secures and preserves your freedom -- the U.S. Constitution.



So, you want to be a gear tester?  Great; you've come to the right place!  This series of lessons was created to help you to easily become a BackpackGearTest tester.  There are sometimes misconceptions about what it takes to participate as a gear tester.  Some think that becoming a tester is hard, or that you need a lot of experience before becoming a tester, but in reality, gear testing is fun, easy, open to people of all experience levels - including newbies! - and it allows you to try new things.  


Yours for better living,

Bruce, the Poor Man


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