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Friday, May 5, 2017

Boycott CBS’s Disrespectful Low-life Stephen Colbert

Boycott CBS’s Disrespectful Low-life Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert to Trump: ‘The Only Thing Your Mouth Is Good for Is Being Vladimir Putin’s C*ck Holster’

Time to start boycotting ‘Hollycrude’ Flatworms who show nothing but disrespect for our country.

Stephen Colbert unleashed a blistering, profanity-laced barrage of personal insults against President Donald Trump during Monday’s broadcast of The Late Show.

Colbert couched his attacks on the president as an attempt to defend his CBS colleague and Face the Nation host John Dickerson, whose show the president “loves” and jokingly called “Deface the Nation” in an interview this week.

Over the decades comedians frequently use politicians and presidents as foils for the humorous barbs and wit, Bob Hope being the most famous, but none that I can recall have ever been so rude and crude and unprofessional and undignified as Colbert.

I’m tired of Hollycrude and their outright disrespect of the White House and our President.  Indeed, according to a recent Association of Mature Americans poll, 90,000 of us are fed upand disgusted with Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna and Debra Messing, Colbert and others and their utter lack of respect for conservative America.

If you believe as we do, we ask that you boycott their products and advertisers AND write CBS and let them know you are disgusted with the material they are allowing to air.

Express your displeasure to CBS here:


Larry said...

I never thought the idiot was funny to begin with!

DAR said...

He is a jerk & I stopped watching him awhile ago. In fact, Jay Leno was the last late-night comedian I watched who was actually funny. CBS should dump this nit.