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Thursday, May 25, 2017

How You Can Thank a Veteran this Memorial Weekend


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How You Can Thank a Veteran this Memorial Weekend

   Memorial Day is meant for honoring our soldiers and military personnel from all of the wars and conflicts that we’ve been involved with… a task I’ve always upheld and one that I’ve frequently highlighted this month by the many charities I feature now and throughout the year.

I’ve been honored in the past for these efforts by the Ohio Veterans Administration, the USO and others for these efforts and today I’m adding several more to that list in hopes that you’ll support them too.  [I still recall the insults that I and my fellow service members endured while in uniform during visits home on leave throughout the Viet Nam conflict. One of my best friends still suffers bouts of depression from his experiences in the Marines –Force Recon/1967].

If you’re planning a Memorial Weekend celebration, think about asking your guests to bring along care packages which can be sent to those currently serving.  You can find lists of goods and how to donate at: and

You can send cards and mail and thank-you notes to active duty personnel via

One branch I sometimes over look is our Coast Guard and should you have any gift cards in any amount for national coffee chains such as Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or Tim Hortons, consider sending them to the USCG who often work long hours and perform a lot of miracles rescuing folks at sea and protecting our coastal areas from drug runners.

Mail the cards to the Coast Guard Foundation, 394 Taugwonk Rd., Stonington, CT 06378-learn more at:

   You might want to remember our soldiers and sailors on Memorial Day at 3pm on the 29th – that’s the National Moment of Remembrance…take one minute to honor the members of the armed forces!

Finally, for years I provided low cost seminars [at area colleges] to returning veterans who wanted to start their own business and you can get a copy of the many materials we used in these programs on a CD-ROM for only $5 ppd.  Typically, I donate 50% of the profits to such charities as Wounded Warriors and the USO.  This year I plan to begin giving money to the OathKeepers organization!  See below to order your copy.

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DAR said...

Commendable and a nice touch with the many charities and we thank you for your service!

Larry said...

luv the Monroe foto & we do our best to support our troops but many don't lift a finger-nice of you to point these charities out. God Bless!