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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hiding Your Own Medical Information From You


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Hiding Your Own Medical Information From You

   Advancements in DNA analysis can potentially put vital information about your health and disease risks at your fingertips.

The bad news is that the FDA restricts what DNA testing services are allowed to tell you about yourself.  The Trump administration is pushing to make reforms of some of this needless over regulation however.

The FDA restricts the availability of potentially life-saving drugs and drives up the costs of those drugs which finally make it to market and even tries to do likewise with regard to blood and DNA testing services which don’t dispense drugs or perform surgeries or provide any kind of medical advice or treatment.  These tests, when put through a lab analysis can reveal vital information about you.

For some reason, regulators think this information is dangerous in the hands of us mere mortals, so they limit what you can know about your own body.

In 2013, the FDA sent a cease and desist order to 23andMe, a leading purveyor of direct to consumer genetic testing.  The agency whined that the firm was letting its customers become too knowledgeable on their own.  The FDA effectively told them consumers would be forced to spend more money by going through their doctors to get genetic information that 23andMe provided.

The firm fought back and in 2015 the FDA relaxed their ban slightly on 36 genetic markers, a small fraction of the markers that could be analyzed.  The rest are preemptively impounded by the FDA.  Among the genetic screenings that are banned by the FDA are those for breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

An End-Run-Around the FDA

There is a means to obtaining “uninterpreted raw genetic data” from 23andMe.  You can take the data to a specialist for further analysis.

For $5-$10 one can run it through a service called Promethease, which will produce a report that explains some of the medical information that may be encoded in your DNA.  You may still wish to discuss the results with your own doctor.  Reports of DNA kits that were to be sold via drug stores, then held back and then allowed keep surfacing and I have not double checked nor have I looked into some of the kits being sold via TV ads.

Another service that can unlock some of the information hidden in your DNA is LiveWello.  It expands upon the personal denomics profiles provided by services such as 23andMe.  It processes genetic raw data files to generate variance and health reports.

Clues to how much life we have left to live may be found in your DNA.

Specifically, in the length of the protective caps, called telomeres, that cover the ends of every strand of DNA.  These telomeres shrink over time as we age and serve as short of biological hour glasses.  Geneticists may someday figure out how to slow or even reverse the aging process at the chromosomal level.

In the meantime, a firm called Telomere Diagnostics [which runs the TeloYears genetic test] can glean potentially useful information by measuring the length of your telomeres. 

DNA testing firms are part of a growing area of retail genomics that promise an era of personalized medicine, direct to individuals, at lower cost.  Eventually, you may find testing labs in your area which offer such diagnostic services.

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Larry said...

We wouldn't want the FDA to find out that there are aliens among us!

Yvette said...

The government treats its citizens as if they were in grade school [and they steal our money on top of that and invade our privacy]...appreciate the tips you provided.