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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finding the Free Resources & Answers You Need

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Finding the Free Resources & Answers You Need

Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, I have no privacy and life couldn’t be more terrifying.

Fortunately, privacy isn’t dead. And technology is a wild beast which might prove impossible to tame completely

Despite all these known risks, though, and the constant stream of stories about hackers and government spying, few people take steps to safeguard their data.

(As an example, according to a study by Keeper Security, the most common password is 123456. Not exactly hacker-proof.)

But there are some very simple tools available that can help.

One of them is called Cryptomator, which came to my attention from a close friend of mine who works in the US Army’s cyberwarfare divison, which was established to defend government systems against foreign hackers.

Cryptomator is free, simple program which encrypts every single file you store on a cloud server.

Let’s say you use Dropbox to sync files between your laptop and the cloud.

Ordinarily, your files are stored unencrypted on your laptop, and they’re accessible by certain Dropbox staff through the cloud servers.

Cryptomator encrypts the files on BOTH ends, i.e. the file that’s stored on the Dropbox servers is encrypted, AND the file stored locally on your laptop is encrypted.

Dropbox employees who try to access your data would see nothing but gibberish.

And anyone who gains physical access to your laptop would see nothing but gibberish.

Only you have the ability to unlock the files.

Now, this sounds like a cumbersome process… having to constantly encrypt and decrypt files, enter passwords, etc.

But it’s not. Cryptomator has created a streamlined platform where you can group files together in ‘vaults’.

Then you can decrypt an entire vault, attach it to your file system, and easily re-encrypt it when you’re finished.

Try it out if you’re interested; the software is free, available on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhone.

Plus it’s open-source, meaning that anyone who knows the Java programming language can download the source code and verify that the software contains no backdoors or malware.

[Ed. note: This article originally appeared on the Sovereign Man blog, right here at this link.]

Sometimes you just need to ask someone

JustAnswer gives you instant access to lawyers, mechanics, doctors, and vets and even provides answers on topics like firearm repair, antique and instrument appraisal, structural engineering, and etiquette. They guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate and usually answer in a couple of minutes. They also allow you a one-on-one discussion with your expert and let you upload a file relevant to your question.

Health24's expert panel is diverse and you can expect a knowledgeable answer within 24 to 48 hours of asking. Experts include psychiatrist Professor Michael Simpson, psychologist and sexologist Marelize Swart, gynecologist Dr. Chantel Stewart, and nutritionist Andrea du Plessis.

Stumped by income tax or want to know how you can get the most from your tax return? To ask your question, just fill out the questionnaire and submit. A tax expert will get back to you with an answer in 48 hours. has a team of experts geared at answering your technology questions. Topics include security and safety, finance and banking, operating systems, social networking, and more.


Wishing a Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year to all!


During all the celebrating, I'd like to make a request for those who aren't able to celebrate this time of year because of poor finances, illness, loss of a loved one, or anything else that makes this time of year especially hard for them.

My request is this. If you're able, among all the gifts you give, reach out to someone who's having a hard time this holiday season. Invite them over for cake and coffee, give a gift card to your local grocery store, just sit with them while they grieve, or do whatever to encourage them and let them know they're not alone in this world.


Yours for smarter living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Larry said...

OK-What is the meaning of life?
Just kidding...Merry Christmas...

Dave said...

Good stuff! We'll be back after the holiday to see what else you post.

Mila said...

I like free, I like you, I'd like to with you the merriest of holidays!

KatManDu said...

kool stuff kitty-a random search produced this-glad I found it.

Mary Ann said...

Love the request you posted at the end. If we all just reached out to help/be there for one other person-imagine what a caring world this would be. Thanks for another great year full of helpful newsletters. Wishing you and yours very Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

RandyD said...

Another terrific issue and we wish you another wonderful year and hope you maintain your health and the helpful info you produce. Happy New Year!

Keith said...

The commercialism of the season often leads us astray from the real message-we are here to help each other 365 days of the year, not just during the 'season'. A safe and glad tidings to you and thank you for all the good you share.

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