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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

NatGeo Survey Says Most Americans Think the End is Coming Soon

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NatGeo Survey Says Most Americans Think the End is Coming Soon: Tips on How You Can Survive in Place

   When the National Geographic Channel wanted to know whether U.S. citizens are really that worried about a civilization-shattering catastrophe, it conducted a survey that discovered Americans find the end-times scenario all too realistic.  Here’s a summary and some ideas on what you can use to survive:

>>How many years from now do you think it’s likely that the world will experience a major catastrophe?

16% said NEVER while 17% believe in less than a year!  12% though sometime in 1-4 years while 15% felt it could happen in 5-9 years.

>>If a major catastrophe were to happen in your lifetime, do you think it would be…

Natural, such as a hurricane or earthquake…..71%

Man-made, such as a terrorist attack……………29%

>>Which do you think is a smarter investment?

Saving for retirement, such as through a 401(k)………59%

Preparing for a global catastrophe in some way……..41%

>>If all factors were equal, would you be more likely to purchase a home that had…

Brand new high-end appliances…….51%

A bomb shelter or safe room…………49%

Ironically, billionaires are stockpiling land for the apocalypse in record numbers…yet, the vast majority of people are blind to the looming threat posed by our out-of-control government.

Life Pod Shelters

8 ft. x 7 ft. 14 Person Underground Tornado Storm Shed-around $7800 at Home Depot [must be ordered]

   Everyday Items You Could Use For Survival

Whether you are experiencing a lengthy power outage, a natural disaster or apocalyptic event, your stockpile is bound to dwindle sooner or later. I’ll tell you one thing – the folks who get creative with everyday items for survival will definitely be in it for the long haul.

Everyday Items For Survival: Your Life Depends On It

Improvising with these items, which you may not consider for a survival situation on a normal basis, could potentially be the difference between life and death. Lucky for you, these items are already lying around the house. Improvise, adapt, and overcome! Check out these everyday survival items.


You can use it as a disposable plate or bowl so you can just dispose of it after without having the need to wash. It’s a good way to eat on-the-go.  A few uses for coffee filters include:

·         Filter water or juice

·         Glasses cleaner

·         Emergency toilet paper

·         Potting soil

·         Gardening

More at:

Realistic Disaster Scenarios That Can Happen

What disaster scenarios are most likely to happen that people should definitely be prepared for? While global disasters are almost impossible to predict, the world that man walked on for millennia has always posed as being an obvious threat to himself.

Disaster Scenarios and Global Threats to Prepare For

Throughout the years, scientists have continuously been finding ways to predict natural disasters before they actually happen. There’s been a degree of success in this area, thanks to the growth of modern technology. However, nature can still be very unpredictable and can easily claim so many lives in a short period of time. At the same time, there will be personal and local threats you will also face alongside global disasters. To help you be more prepared, here is an emergency preparedness plan in case the situation gets way out of hand.  Learn more here:

Homemade Weapons for When SHTF

Any prepper or survivalist will tell you that the importance of having weapons can’t be stressed enough. It’s ingrained in each one of us; we must have one or a few (or a dozen) or else. When things get really ugly, we’re left to fend for ourselves. What would you do when there is no gun or ammo around? That’s when these essential homemade weapons come into play.
How to Craft These Essential Homemade Weapons

Although the chances of guns being banned in the future are remote to say the least, there might come a time when you have no firearms at home or you are trapped somewhere else when SHTF. That would be the time to conjure up your crafting skills and use all available tools to craft an improvised weapon.

The good thing about DIY weapons is that you can always improve them to make them better or more effective. Knowing how to use DIY weapons is also important. Take the time to learn the techniques. This will make the weapon safer and more useful.

Urban Survival Tactic: How To Become A Gray Man

Do you know what your most important survival skill in an urban crisis is? It’s not how well you shoot, how much you’re packing, or how many knots you can tie. Your survival could well depend on exactly how much you look like everyone else. Being a gray man means moving among the crowd undetected. This is an essential skill in a survival situation and a real survivalist needs must always be prepared when such event rises. So how does one become a gray man? What are the necessary things you have to consider to blend in perfectly with the crowd? How can you travel incognito? Scroll down to find out the answers to these questions.

Urban Survival Tactic: How To Become A Gray Man

This survival tactic is a form of urban camouflage called “gray man,” and in the middle of an urban crisis or martial law, it could be the only thing that keeps you from having a target painted on your back and a bullet in your brain. Being a gray man and having the ability to seamlessly slip in and out of situations unnoticed is an art form mastered by few. Do it wrong and you’re dead. Do it right and you’re home free. Do you think you have what it takes to be a gray man?

What is a Gray Man?

A gray man is someone who blends in where they go.  It is a person who does not stand out. They are wallflowers. Outside of a survival situation, this can be an incredible asset, especially for information gathering and improve your situational awareness if you don’t stand out you greatly reduce your risk of being targeted.  More at:

   Long time readers know I’ve urged folks to learn how to make living or at least a secondary form of income that does not depend on a single source, to develop a useful skill.  In a climate dominated by zero privacy  from both Big Brother and Big Business it is the wisest course of action…live life off the books wherever possible.

How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…Here is the download link.


15 Ways Your Family Can Save Money This Holiday Season
If you try these tips, your family just might end the year with more money in the bank, a spirit of gratitude, and learn to enjoy the beauty of the season without spending any money.


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Improve your brain & prevent Alzheimer’s

   Neuroscientists have pinpointed a few simple lifestyle changes which can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and other diseases…

·         Stroll in the sun.  Walking outdoors for 10 minutes a day year-round is the top way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s as exercise increases blood flow to the brain and when combined with sunlight it boosts the benefit by ensuring you have plenty of vitamin D in your system.

·         Challenge neurons.  Study after study shows that keeping your neurons active is another essential strategy for keeping your brain healthy for life.  Solving puzzles or crosswords fit the bill as does taking a dance class or painting course.  Reading books is another positive way to keep your brain active.

·         Toast to your health.  Enjoying 1-1/2 glasses of red wine each day is another good way to help keep your mind sharp for folks over 65.  Resveratrol reduces inflammation in the brain which can slow cognitive decline in patients…grape juice will work too.


>>Want to improve your brain?  Learn how here:


You Have a 16-Cylinder Brain-Learn How to Use it & Re-Awaken the Genius Inside You!


I know everyone is short on time in this hectic world so I’ve kept this PDF short and to the point with links to expert how-to articles and guides including:


·         How to Increase Your Intelligence

·         6 Step Brain Exercise Steve Jobs Used to Boost Creativity

·         6 Simple Habits to Boost Your Intelligence

·         The Best Vitamins to Increase Brain Function

·         How a Harvard Brain Specialist Keeps Her Brain Healthy

·         A Review of the Top 10 Brain [Limitless] Pills

·         How to Protect Your Cognitive Function



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DAR said...

Most people haven't a clue about what is taking place-too busy guzzling beer & watching mindless TV shows like Survivor!

Larry said...

Some interesting resources and reading partner-thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

There is certainly a lot to be concerned with and most Americans find it easier to bury their heads inside their smart phones and overlook everything outside their little sphere of activity.

Mary Ann said...

That survey tells me more are worried about the future than will openly admit it. Good! Less zombies. :)