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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trimming Home Expenses in 2018-Your Money Sherpa


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Trimming Home Expenses in 2018-Your Money Sherpa

FOOD Prices are expected to climb 1% to 2% this year!  While coupons and sales help cut costs, it is time consuming to gather these deals.  There are sites which do the hunting for you such as or

Just head to these sites and type in items from your shopping list and get a list of local stores offering those products at a discount with prices.

If you only do one thing to save on groceries try this:  ONLY buy meat or chicken when it’s on sale for 40% or more off the regular price.  Be sure to check your sales flyer each week and stock up on that selection, filling up your freezer as much as possible.

If you are an Amazon Prime member take advantage of it by shopping at Whole Foods where members get even bigger discounts on many items.  Even Walmart is now working with local growers in order to supply consumers with fresh produce and better prices.  It is worth a look.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the southwest where 99 Cent stores operate you can find food bargains galore [and great deals on gourmet chocolates-which we stock up on each time we fly out to visit friends]…items from fresh produce to Greek yogurt and various bread items along with many name-brand items.  Not long ago we found large jars of Planters Dry Roasted nuts for 99 cents each!

I know for us we keep expenses down by not using credit however bills for utilities, insurances and other overhead have become increasingly higher over the years.  You can turn to a professional haggler who negotiates these costs on your behalf such as or…they can save as much as 35% on average per bill and there are no out-of-pocket costs.  They split the savings with you on a 50/50 basis for the first year…you keep all the savings after that.

Where we live the state has bungled auto insurance premiums so badly there’s nothing the average person can do to save [which is why so many cannot afford it] and as a result, we have the highest premiums in the entire country.  For others located in more reasonable areas give this a try to learn if you are paying more than you need: to take a survey that pinpoints the kind of coverage that best suits your needs.  [We’ve found if you are aged 55 or more that insurance through AARP offers the most competitive rates].


Your Financial Sherpa


A mountain of debt is perhaps the most difficult mountain to climb.  And procrastination never works in your favor. So we created a plan to help you make a plan to conquer that mountain — and you only need 13 minutes today to get started


Here’s the gist:

  1. Look at your credit report. We’ve got a resource that makes it easy and free.
  2. Consolidate your credit card debt. A lending marketplace can help you get started.
  3. Find some hidden cash. Like refunds for your impulse buys!
  4. Manage your money. We found an app that tracks your spending and can cut your monthly bills.
  5. Automate your savings. With an auto-savings app, you can stash funds so you don’t find yourself in this debt-strapped predicament again.



Additional Resources:


What about you? Got anything interesting to share?

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Larry said...

It's getting tougher to find ways to cut expenses but thanks for the tips - you always do a good job.

Holly said...

These are wonderful tips for the New Year-thanks a bunch!

DAR said...

Judging how people spend money at Sam's Club [fights broke out at one that was closing] you'd think money grew on trees!