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Monday, March 12, 2018

Newest and sneakiest strategy of gun grabbers is to start grabbing political office!


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2nd becomes the ‘It Depends’ amendment

   The newest and sneakiest strategy of gun grabbers is to start grabbing political office!

The anti-gun groups have grown impatient and have launched a new strategy to get guns banned – even from law abiding citizens.  Various groups have banded together to pack lawmaking bodies with gun-hating representatives who will, at least, fulfill their dream of removing guns from Americans.


Groups such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America have begun training 400 volunteers from among its 70,000 members on the skills to be an effective candidate. 


Gun control groups have hired professional consultants to produce a guidebook called Preventing Gun Violence through Effective Messaging. Big money supporters have channeled billions of dollars via so-called ‘philanthropic’ charitable organizations with the goal of stripping gun rights from Americans.  George Soros and his Open Society foundation is at the forefront and has called for the criminalization of the private transfer of guns, a ban on affordable handguns and a ban on private purchase of many semi-automatic firearms.


This group also has strong ties with the Joyce Foundation, another anti-gun group which funds the the Violence Policy Center and champions former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who funds several anti-gun initiatives.


Other billionaires such as Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plow big bucks into anti-gun efforts as well.  Yet, the left act as if the NRA has a bottomless pit of money when in reality, its five million members pale in comparison to the vast amounts of monies spend by these anti-gun billionaires…they don’t want more gun control – they want to eliminate guns altogether!


Below is a round-up of recent news bits of anti-gun news....


One congressman is warning that the upcoming "STOP School Violence Act" will include harmful gun control measures that would give unqualified government agencies unprecedented power. The post WATCH: Congressman Ominously Warns BOTH Parties Quietly Plotting to Take Your Guns appeared first on The Free Thought Project

Dick’s and Dunkleberger’s have decided the 2nd Amendment contains a hitherto unknown age restriction on the sale of rifles. In the future, only customers over the age of 21 will be able to buy a scary-looking long gun in those stores.

Walmart, L.L. Bean and Florida also are banking on age discrimination as a civil rights violation understanding judges will be happy to overlook. Or should turning a biased eye meet with too much pushback, our robed rulers will quickly discover a provision hidden between the lines of the Constitution that legalizes a 2nd Amendment age qualification.

I’m opposed to knee-jerk ageism as currently proposed, but with just a few tweaks to the regime, I could become an enthusiastic supporter. And I don’t mean by limiting the age restriction. Indeed, I want to expand it.

If lawmakers and commercial interests think America would be safer if citizens under age 21 aren’t covered by the 2nd Amendment, I can think of many ways the country would benefit from expanding this philosophy to other portions of the Constitution.

Let’s start with the 1st Amendment. Think how much more mature and less profane culture would be if free speech rights were denied teens and pre-adults. Not being forced to listen to or read about Parkland media darling David Hogg is enough to convince me.

If that overly-opinionated and under-matured agitator for gun confiscation had to wait four years before free speech rights were conferred, it might give him time to cool off and grow up. Emphasis on the ‘might.’

Making free speech privileges a right-of-passage, like one’s first sip of Jack Daniel’s, would immediately eliminate lawsuits regarding obscene t-shirts in schools; along with obscene caps, dress codes, offensive posters, offensive chants, cleavage, yoga pants, thongs, saggy pants, baggy ideology – in other words, the whole works!

Parents and infants who identify as adults will be quick to point out you can’t shut a teenager up, 1st Amendment or no. True, but if under 21s aren’t covered by the 1st Amendment, then they also aren’t protected by case law regarding libel and slander. Add a provision specifying media outlets giving a platform to under-21s are liable for any slanderous or libelous statements and bingo, you’ve got a blackout!

I can’t think of any discussion of a major issue in our past where under-21s have brought new light to the debate. Mucho heat, yes. Innovative thinking, no.

Besides spouting off, what other limitations do I want as a price for my support? Voting for one. Raising the voting age to 21 will eliminate all the tired, recycled, thumb-sucking news coverage of ‘the youth vote.’ People start voting regularly when they reach the age of 35. Before that time only a lunatic with a handout — Bernie comes to mind — will motivate youth to put their game controller down long enough to go to the polls.

With any luck a 21-year-old minimum voting age will also end that perpetual money-raising, results lacking racket: “Rock the Vote”.

The 4th Amendment could also use an age limitation. The majority of American teenagers would benefit from a few random locker searches. The same goes for their cell phones and computers. Maintaining privacy at that age is usually a cover for activities parents forbid or discourage. Letting the sunshine in and completely eliminating this misplaced concern for Junior’s privacy, replacing it with a mild sense of paranoia, would go a long way toward reestablishing cultural and moral standards parents and other authority figures have allowed to degrade.

The left won’t agree to my proposal because to a large extent it has already silenced conservatives who are under 21. For that beleaguered class the 2nd isn’t the only ‘it depends’ amendment. Young conservatives have discovered their 1st Amendment rights are conditional, too.

Before his death Andrew Breitbart observed, “Politics is downstream of culture.” Conservatives are living in that fetid marsh today. The left runs higher and lower education. It controls Hollywood, cable TV and broadcast TV. It controls all the legacy networks with the exception of Fox. (There its control is confined to the entertainment side, while the news side skews conservative — for now.)

Music — country, rock and rap — is controlled by Cultural Marxists. Social media is another preserve of the left.

Conservatives are limited to radio, a handful of websites, even fewer publications and Trump’s twitter feed.

— Michael Shannon

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Why America wants to ban the “assault rifle”...

Growing majority of Americans, if you believe the mainstream media pundits, support a wholesale ban on “assault rifles.”

And yet, here’s something strange… 

If you ask those pundits what an “assault rifle” is, the response you’ll receive will be, at best… fuzzy.

Something akin to, “You know, the guns that look scary.” (Alongside, of course, a scornful look of disbelief over your vast and shameful ignorance on the subject.)

The most important thing to realize about the gun control “debate,” though, is this…

You and I are not part of it.

Even if you, like many hardline gun control advocates, sincerely believe only the few (preferably yourself and a few friends, of course) should command all the guns. 

You, an ally to the “swelling consensus,” are not even part of this debate.

It is, in true Hunger Games fashion, a top-down conversation.

One in which certain politicos, in lockstep with many  mainstream media pundits, assume themselves on the throne of moral high ground, and the masses, upon being bombarded by a blitz of terrifying words and images for the 347th time this week, begin to think the “facts” our revered rag wranglers spit in our directions are, indeed A) actually factual and B) the consensus.

See, for example, the story CNN’s Chris Cuomo retweeted, peddled by a 20 year-old Cody Davis.

Davis claimed to buy an AR-15 in 5 minutes with an expired ID. And yet, he admitted in the article, slyly, he didn’t actually fill out the necessary paperwork or buy the gun at all. He left empty-handed. 

For reasons such as this, the “debate,” once it reaches the grass-level, is watered thoroughly down to soundbites like… 

“I support ‘common-sense’ gun reform.” (Well, shucks, guffaw, who doesn’t?!) … “The NRA is a terrorist organization.” (If that were true, all 5 million of them would be on assignment in some Middle Eastern desert right now, “moderate rebels,” spreading the shining beacon of democracy) … “Anybody who supports the Second Amendment is, like, literally a Nazi.” (No comment necessary.)

These catchphrases are not grass-fed. 

They aren’t emerging naturally from the minds of people who have thought sincerely and hard about this issue, considering all viewpoints and empirical data.

One reason it’s difficult to have an honest and open debate about the gun control issue, Nicholas J. Freitas recently pointed out in his speech on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates, “is because members of this [yes, Democratic] body comparing members on this side of the aisle to Nazis.”

These are grown adults, public servants, paid at the public till, hurling ridiculous and baseless insults in a clear effort to simply shut down opposing views.

Some of them claimed to be too “emotionally shaken and bothered” to discuss any points of Freitas’ speech. (Many of them, unable to deal emotionally with any potential onslaught of having their assumptions about the world questioned, stormed out while he was speaking.)

We have heard about the “gun control” issue in response to the recent shooting in Parkland. 

But what about, as Freitas points out…

The “gun-free zone” issue… the negligence of duty by the police issue… the incredible incompetence at the FBI issue… the blatant denial issue… the issue of troubled minds and broken homes…

And, what about other issues of violent dangers, unrelated to guns specifically?

For example, where is the political fever pitch over the young ISIS-sympathizer (not a member of the NRA, by the way) who recently brought a bomb to school in Utah?

Also a massively troubling story. And yet, that cockroach was led underneath the rug, post-haste!

Why? Because, one might be led to suspect, this is not an issue upon which you are meant to place your bead.

The ideas sweeping the hive mind of the “huddled and helpless unwashed masses” are informed by a discussion that isn’t actually happening.   

To hear the other side of the story, let’s take a look at three speeches from the other end of the the “gun control” issue (the gun owning side) -- equally deserving of the floor.

Such as Nick Freitas’ aforementioned speech

If Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, as many as half of their new reps will be former military intelligence personnel, according to a bombshell new report from the World Socialist Web Site. 

NAACP President Lies To Push for National Gun Confiscation

On Monday, the president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Derrick Johnson, called for a national gun confiscation program.


Guns for Home Defense

Despite the efforts of the anti-gun loons, a gun in the home of someone who is trained in their use, is still one of the best tools when faced with an intruder.  In my opinion, one should be ready to protect ones castle and loved ones.  I usually suggest having a revolver at hand as they are reliable and won’t jam.  A good .38 is reliable and powerful enough and won’t deliver a huge recoil, but many opt for a .357.

Semi-automatics tend to be easier to shoot but can be complicated for some homeowners unless they practice extensively.  A shotgun for home defense is better than a rifle [though I do have a small 9mm semi-automatic carbine similar to what I used in the service which works well for home defense].  I have a personal preference for 12 gauge and own a variety of ammo for mine ranging from slugs to hollow point and buckshot.

A shotgun offers the advantage of not requiring accurate aim in order to inflict damage and the sight of one usually scares an intruder.  Although they come in a variety popular gauges, keep in mind the smaller the number, the bigger the kick!

I have no children in our home so we don’t use trigger locks.  Trigger locks can impair your safety as if you install or remove one while your gun is loaded, you risk setting the gun off while messing around the trigger area.  Simply put, they make your weapon more dangerous especially if dropped or jostled [if the weapon is loaded]…I always keep one in the chamber and the safety on for our semi-automatics.

We’re fortunate in that we have enough acreage and neighbors who shoot so we have a place to practice shooting.  Otherwise, it is important to find a range nearby in order to practice with the weapons you own or with the type you wish to purchase.  The NRA offers a variety training classes and certified instructors.

Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic


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Larry said...

I don't trust Soros, the media, or Bloomberg - 'gun control' is code for disarming America. They want to turn us into another Australia when we should focus more on mental health. After all, we don't go after Smirnoff or GM when someone is convicted of drunk driving-we go after the driver. The media is lame and lopsided in its thinking when it comes to guns. More kids die from opioid overdoses than guns but barely ruffles a feather on the nightly socialist reports.

Rocky said...

There's little doubt we have a lot of nut cases running around compared to when I was growing up [and you didn't even need background checks then or waiting periods]...I'm certain it has something to do with the breakdown of the family and the incredible amount of drugs being prescribed to young males...seems the majority of these jerks who commit these crimes have been on these drugs or are mentally unstable. Hell, almost every home in Switzerland has a semi-auto rifle & we don't hear about this over there! But of course the press and anti-gun groups here focus on the wrong issues as usual.

DerekT said...

This corporate activism against the NRA will come back to bite them on the ass. It's a bad PR move for most. Already firms like Dick's Sporting goods is losing revenue as is Hertz and long term it is bad for business. The exception is Walmart which rarely sold an AR-15 to begin with - the price was too high for their customers.

Yvonne said...

Gun Tax Bill to Double Federal Gun Tax, Quintuple Ammo Tax!
The bill, H.R. 5103, does the following:
-Doubles the federal excise tax on pistols and revolvers, from 10 percent to 20 percent.
-Nearly doubles the federal excise tax on shotguns and rifles, raising it from 11 percent up to 20 percent.
-Nearly quintuples the federal excise tax on ammunition, raising it from 11 percent up to 50 percent.
The bill is sponsored by Chicago-area Congressman Danny Davis (D-Ill.) and has nine co-sponsors, all Democrats.
In this interview, the Davis’s first words of explanation regarding this horrific tax increase are an admission that he’s simply trying to punish gun owners.
I think the whole idea is to make it… more difficult for individuals are are going to use these weapons. If they’re going to use them, then at least they could pay more to do so.
Wow. What an elitist jerk. In other words, you’ve got to be rich and/or have armed guards (as he is/does) in order to exercise the innate right of self-defense.