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Thursday, March 8, 2018

No magic bullet for self-reliance-More solid resources and tips


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There’s no magic bullet for self-reliance…More solid resources and tips

The goal of self-reliance is to achieve sovereignty in our connected, civilized world. It’s to remember that your judgments are valid — even if, especially if, they’re unpopular. It’s remembering you don’t need to be on a side, that the team colors people try to throw on you may not actually represent who you are.

You can break out of zip ties even with your hands behind your back. 

For example, you should switch out your current shoelaces for 550 paracord (which comes in every color imaginable).


  • When your hands are zip-tied behind you, reach down with your bound hands and untie one (or both) of your shoes

  • Loop one of the laces up through the zip ties and re-tie it in a square knot to the other shoelace. (Note: It’s best to tie the very end of one shoelace to a spot about halfway down the end of the other lace. This makes sure the knot isn’t at the very center of the now connected laces. You’ll see why next…)

  • Your paracord laces should now be looped through the inside of your zip ties near your wrists

  • Next, raise your body up so that your cuffs are pulling hard against the paracord as your laces tighten up

  • Now with a short back-and-forth motion of your hands, “rub” the cuffs against the taut paracord super-fast in a single spot on the zip tie, creating friction between the cord and the cuffs.

Within a short time, you’ll have burned through enough of the plastic to twist your wrists, using leverage to break through the rest of the cuffs and escape!  Watch here:


Bug-out bag… go bag… 72-hour kit… As many names as there are for this essential piece of survival gear, there are even more opinions about what items should go in it.

Click on the link above for one man’s expert advice on how to pack the perfect go bag. But wait — what’s better than showing you how to put together this lifesaving pack? Sending you all the gear you’ll need!

That’s right. Through the SEAL Survival Box program, we’ll send you a box of SEAL-approved survival gear every month. Each box also contains a secret link to a video in which former Navy SEAL platoon commander Cade Courtley shows you exactly where to place each piece of equipment for ultimate accessibility.

Click here or on the link above to secure your membership in this incredible program.

Or click here to learn how to build your own.

It’s all well and good to know how to build a fire with a plasma lighter, stormproof matches, Swedish Firesteel, fatwood and an array of kindling. But if push came to shove, would you be able to build a roaring fire with a single match?

In this short video produced by TrailAgain, Paul demonstrates how to successfully start a one-match fire. It’s much easier than you would think, but there is a specific technique to it.

Check it out and give it a try. This is a handy skill to have in a pinch. When it comes to survival, it’s always better to know how to do more with less.

With Russia’s recent announcement of a new-and-improved nuclear arsenal, the threat of an EMP blast disabling our power grid is more real than ever. I’ve covered a few ways to build a Faraday cage to protect critical electronics in previous issues, but how will you power those devices after the initial blast?

The PrepperProject has some great videos on a variety of survival topics. This one covers how to construct two types of EMP-proof generators. That way you have a way to run critical equipment — like power tools, medical devices or radios.

After you watch the presentation, be sure to visit their website for links to all the resources mentioned in the video.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to be notified of someone’s approach, whether you’re camping or hiking or it’s a SHTF situation. Frankly, there’s no better — or easier — way to set up an advanced warning system than this.

The video above, found on the SensiblePrepper channel, walks you through how to set up a simple perimeter alarm using surplus smoke grenade tops. This method is inexpensive and effective and you can reuse your homemade devices over and over again.

Click on the link to find out what four materials you’ll need and how to rig them for maximum efficiency. With this setup in place, you’ll never be caught by surprise by an unwelcome visitor.

This four-minute video shows you how to set up a rainwater collection system step by step. It’s unbelievably easy. In fact, you could set it up on a Saturday afternoon and have a fresh supply of water on Sunday.

Collecting rainwater is a great way to reduce waste AND save money (if it’s legal in your area). You can use it to water your plants or wash your car… you could even use it as a source of drinking water in an emergency.

Just be sure you have a reliable water filter to filter out viruses and bacteria so it’s safe for your family to consume. My go-to survival filter is the SurvFilter. This filter has been tested and proven to remove 99.99% of contaminants. Plus, each filter insert lasts for 250 gallons before needing to be replaced. Click here to see the SurvFilter in action.

Post Script:

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Sally said...

I was up early & caught must have just posted it. Lots of great, useful stuff!

Frank said...

Just read that Google and others are making it more difficult to find conservative sites like yours-I believe it is so. Keep up the good work my friend. I know you've been in the thick of it for years, longer than most any other site.

Sandy said...

The way this country is headed, with all the anti-American socialists, I'd like to boot them out to another country that they would like better or confine them to CA where they all seem to salivate over the same BS.

Mary Ann said...

Great resources! I did grab the freebie offer-excellent info. Thanks for sharing.