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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Deep State Exposed Revisited

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The Deep State Exposed Revisited

After watching bits and pieces of the State of the Union speech [one of the best according to many…or the worst if you were one of Trump’s many political pundit foes]…I am still convinced of what of an associate from Great Britain, a former MI6 agent, shared with me regarding how the fraud involved with the DNC and their purchased anti-Trump file.

The FISA court warned former President Obama several times about spying on then candidate Trump and his associates, but he chose to ignore those warnings.  Mueller has gone after business dealings of associates but not produced any evidence of collusion but Democrats hang onto hope of such findings.

If Mueller is unable to find any such links, Democrats have already prepared to attack Trump with multiple investigations into other areas of his life which will hamper his role as president…the people be damned so long as their petty anger be served.

When government agents spy on the president, the nation is dangerously close to experiencing a ‘deep state’ coup.


There is the visible government situated around the Mall in Washington, and then there is another, more shadowy, more indefinable government that is not explained in Civics 101 or observable to tourists at the White House or the Capitol. The former is traditional Washington partisan politics: the tip of the iceberg that a public watching C-SPAN sees daily and which is theoretically controllable via elections. The subsurface part of the iceberg I shall call the Deep State, which operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power. 


Turns out, there really was foreign collusion in the 2016 US presidential election. Disgraced former UK spies colluded with Obama hold-overs in the US deep state to try and get Hillary elected. When that failed they invented "Russiagate" to try and overthrow the US election. Will President Trump wake up and see the danger that the US intelligence agencies pose not only to his presidency, but to the whole country? 


The federal government


has been collecting the phone records of United States citizens for years. The National Security Agency (nsa) collected 151 million phone records in 2016. This despite having obtained court orders to track only 42 terrorism suspects. This bulk data collection breaks the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The right of citizens to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure is being violated.

The dangers posed by illegal domestic spying go far beyond nsa privacy violations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also spied on U.S. citizens with barely a pretense of legality.

Rep. Devin Nunes released a memo on January 18 detailing fraudulent methods the fbi used to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. To get a court order to wiretap Page, fbi officials used an unverified report from a man paid by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. By applying a “two-hop” rule, this court order allowed the fbi to spy on Page, anyone connected to Page, and anyone connected to anyone connected to Page.

Both nsa and fbi officials have used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (fisa) to wiretap law-abiding citizens. Such abuses could plunge the nation into a crisis.

On Jan. 5, 2017, outgoing President Barack Obama called a meeting of law enforcement officials. Both nsa director Michael Rogers and fbi director James Comey attended. They discussed how the investigation of the Trump campaign could continue after Donald Trump was sworn in as president.

Article ii of the U.S. Constitution makes the president the chief of the executive branch. When government agents spy on the president, the nation is close to experiencing a deep-state coup. What happens when elements of the executive branch go rogue and start fighting against their boss?

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a legal analyst for Fox News, recently warned of such a constitutional crisis. He said branches of the federal government may soon turn on each other.

“The fisa court has granted 99.9 percent of government surveillance requests,” he said in a March 22 interview. “You see the anti-Trump political dossier funded by the Democrats. You see [former fbi deputy director] Andrew Mccabe and his colleagues using this dossier as the basis for a fisa application. … A constitutional crisis occurs when one branch of government is going after another. Or, when one branch of government is going after itself. I hope and pray that I am wrong and that a constitutional crisis is not coming. But these things are bred in secret when we don’t know what the courts are doing.”

In 1975, Sen. Frank Church said, “If this government ever became a tyranny … the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back, because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know.”

During his time in office, Mr. Obama helped create one of the most powerful surveillance states on Earth. His administration spent $100 billion on eavesdropping satellites, a 1 million-square-foot data surveillance warehouse in Utah, and secret taps on undersea Internet cables. These surveillance tools make the U.S. government far more powerful than it was in the 1970s.

Across the country, over 35,000 operatives and $40 million are being used to wage war on Trump. In effect, the deep state has mobilized, and American politics will remain in its current dysfunctional state until either President Trump is politically disabled or his opponents are politically sidelined.

While most Americans are unaware of the danger, the fact that President Trump’s administration has exposed much of the corruption within the nsa and fbi is a blessing. The nation was almost at a point where the government could “impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back,” as Church said.

No one has corroborated the salacious charges made in the dossier that the fbi used as evidence to gain permission to wiretap the Trump campaign. But many politicians are using the rumors it generated in their ongoing campaign to impeach the president. Some fear impeachment proceedings could lead to “deep state” tyranny or civil anarchy.

“Try to impeach him. Just try it,” political consultant Roger Stone said last year. “You will have a spasm of violence in this country, an insurrection like you’ve never seen. Both sides are heavily armed, my friend. This is not 1974. People will not stand for impeachment.”  [The Deep State since arrested Stone…perhaps to silence him].

When people lose faith in government institutions, the tensions build and the rule of law breaks down. Protests and armed resistance, however, do not address the root cause of America’s problems.

More and more Americans are realizing that the government is sick and the nation is faint. The Department of Justice and the fbi are spying on American citizens and undermining their president. But the more the Trump administration tries to fight these nefarious activities, the more divided Americans become. Now people on both sides of the political spectrum are openly talking about the possibility of a second civil war. 

More and more, however, these founding laws and principles are under attack. Key pillars of American history and identity are being vilified and destroyed. Educators are teaching oncoming generations that the enduring narrative about individual liberty and constitutional checks and balances are a mask for wealthy, white, European men to dominate. Such thinking has made its way into the highest levels of America’s government, to the point that, on many issues, politicians share the views of the nation’s worst enemies!



What I can say unequivocally is that if you are a U.S. person, the NSA cannot listen to your telephone calls and the NSA cannot target your e-mails," Obama said in his June 17 interview on PBS's "Charlie Rose Show." 


That said, what may be most interesting is the revelation that James Clapper has now admitted to lying to Congress, in responding to Ron Wyden's questions:

In early June, after the NSA leaks had brought renewed attention to Clapper's "No, sir," Clapper cited the difficulty of answering a question about a classified program and said in an interview on NBC News that he had responded in the "least most untruthful manner." 

The Left would rather see our country fail than see a successful President Trump. They undermine him at every turn and they won't stop until he's way or another. 


Right now the FBI and numerous agencies, are actively working against our President. Private phone calls don't accidentally fall into the laps of reporters folks. 

It's all a recipe that ends in one thing. Your loss of freedom and mine. Remember, when something goes wrong the response is to take away the freedoms of law abiding citizens. 9/11 was a border infiltration operation and what was the government's response?

Did they secure the borders?


NOPE! They [Pres. George Bush and friends] created the mis-named Patriot Act which resulted in the biggest loss of personal freedom we've seen in decades.


Freedom. Self-Reliance. Action.


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Larry said...

Lots of smirking among many Democrats on the SOU speech but surprising, many seemed to agree & applaud the President. Good speech but too long I thought and as usual, partisan pundits lined up to ridicule his every syllable. Not sure another shutdown is a good idea however.