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Monday, June 3, 2019

Rescue Signaling: Techniques To Avoid Being Stranded

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Rescue Signaling: Techniques To Avoid Being Stranded

Hikers, kayakers and adventurous souls frequently get stranded in less than desirable areas. Same can happen in an SHTF scenario. One minute you are gathering wild raspberries or looking for a fresh water source, next – you have no idea where you are.

The effectiveness of the rescue signaling techniques depends on the extent of the situation, the availability of emergency services, your location, weather, etc. Remember to cater to your “audience.” If we are talking about a complete societal collapse, your audience is probably your friends, family or survival group and you may be using walkie-talkies and GPS or simply smoke signals. If the world as we know it is not over and your audience consists of emergency workers, locals and other adventurous souls, you can use a radio, phone and other, more primitive signaling tools. It is always best to notify your family or friends about your plans.

What to do first if you are lost or stranded:

1.     If you have a whistle, use it as soon as you figure out that you are in trouble.

2.     If you have a cell phone, contact 911. Remember, even if your phone is not in service, you can place an emergency call. Also, emergency workers will likely be able to determine your location because your phone is equipped with a GPS.

3.     Tune in to local search and rescue frequencies and radio for help. If you are using a walkie-talkie or a radio, say “Mayday Mayday, Mayday!” and speak your name, location and number of people in need of rescuing. Repeat the information over and over.

What to do after you’ve already used electronic devices or if there are none:

1.     Find a wide open area to make signals.

2.     Use natural or man-made materials to create a sign or something that indicates that you are in trouble. Keep in mind that a common sign for help is triangle, meaning that you build signals in a shape of a triangle, whether it is fires, piles of bright clothing or piles of natural materials. For the benefit of aircraft, if you have an open enough area, you can spell “help.”

3.     Use 3 fire signals in a shape of a triangle at night and smoke signals during the day. To create smoke signals, build a campfire first and then throw some live plants in it to create smoke. As always, take precautions to make sure your fires do not get out of control and spread to the surrounding vegetation. You can make a pit for each fire or you can dig a shallow trench around each fire.

4.     Signal with a reflective object. Aircraft operators will likely notice a reflective signal. You can use a mirror, a Mylar blanket, a soda can or any other reflective object you happen to have. If your reflective surface is dull, polish it with sand or dirt.

5.     Create commotion to attract attention. Movement is pretty easy to notice, especially if search and rescue workers do flyovers. Tie a large piece of clothing to a stick and wave it like your life depends on it (because it probably does!)

6.     If you are on the move, leave signs pointing in the direction that you are heading so your rescue can track you down. It can be arrows made of rocks or other prominent signals.

Make a list of items that will help you signal for help and add them to your hiking bag.  [Note: Don’t forget to order one of our 4Patriot Solar Chargers to keep your phone or other device going…they sell out quickly].
  And take note:

If you own a device with a USB port, you’re gonna want to hear this…

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I’m not gonna use it.

I don’t use USB chargers in any public place whether it’s a hotel lobby, airport or place such as Starbucks.


Well, I love this quote from a cyber security analyst who put it best…

“Plugging into a public USB port is kind of like finding a toothbrush on the side of the road and deciding to stick it in your mouth. You have no idea where that thing has been.”

To the young guys reading this, that quote also applies to meeting a random girl at a bar and going home with her.


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11 Ways to Signal for Help.

Yours for a more secure future,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man!’



Here are my ideas for new bill [s] to improve government


>Since term limits never seems to gain any traction perhaps we should entertain the idea of zero pay for elected officials after their third term in office…give them their office, expenses, health insurance while in office and a living allowance only=much like our Founding Fathers and see how many decide to remain in office.


>Perhaps we need to resurrect a new version of ‘war’ bonds, perhaps calling them “government bailout bonds” to help pay off our national debt and/or to help pay for our massive deficits and proposed new spending projects since fewer foreign nations are buying our debt!

>An idea I've suggested before:  Eliminate ALL city/state & Federal taxes on the 1st $25K of income for all people. 41% of citizens pay no Federal tax, many city/state taxes are killers for many. Tax laws that encourage more US manufacturing/jobs & elimination of red tape would help too.

More Updates:

Intruding on a Walmart meeting uninvited would be just the beginning for Sanders if he were elected president in 2020. His time in the White House would be marked by many more unfriendly visits to private businesses. Sanders has been watching how socialists regimes across the world behave, and he’s learned from his comrades.


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It’s likely that even more American land will end up in foreign hands, especially in states with no restrictions on ownership. With the median age of U.S. farmers at 55, many face retirement with no prospect of family members willing to take over. The National Young Farmers Coalition anticipates that two-thirds of the nation’s farmland will change hands in the next few decades.


Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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Bob said...

Our go-bag contains a small signaling mirror and we've included 2-ways radios & a CB-radio for emergency communication among our preparations.

Sam said...

Too many today are over-reliant on cell phones for everything so it was relevant to see these methods posted. Like Bob stated, a CB radio can still play a big role in emergency communication.