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Monday, February 17, 2020

Leftists Want to Gut America and Your Freedoms

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Leftists Want to Gut America and Your Freedoms

   A gay high school teacher in New Jersey was arrested for soliciting sex from one of his underage male students…that same day, it was announced that Washington DC City Council was pushing to legalize prostitution for underage youth.  Just another day in the new warped America.

Some of the most morally depraved are now holding positions of authority and influence in our schools and city  halls.  Schools and TV shows now push propaganda about normalizing transgenders and homosexuality; children as young as kindergarten age are being taught about LGBTQ or encourage reading hours conducted by cross-dressers in drag.

Teen Vogue magazine are pushing sex work for children with articles like “Why sex work is Real Work.”  Gender neutral programs are being pushed as mainstream at schools, in publications and on TV.  The new 9 1 1 Austin Texas program [as well as its real life school district rubber stamped a new curriculum for children as young as eight about gender identity and anal sex]  and the new Sheriff of LA show pushes this agenda during prime time…we switch channels when these programs air.

Dove Body Wash is airing a TV spot that had me almost lose my ‘cookies’ on a mid-Sunday afternoon.  It featured a variety of women who could benefit from their product including full frontal nude shot of a Black woman [whose belly made me think she was pregnant] – the woman had no breasts however.  I don’t know if it was supposed to be someone who had undergone a full mastectomy or if it was someone who was undergoing a sex change operation-either way, I didn’t need to see it as I have no interest in this and it is none of my business.

How did we get here?  Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, told Lenin and Stalin they would never take America by ‘storming the bastions.’ Like the Bolsheviks took Russia.  He said America must first be weakened by destroying its morality, its patriotism, and spiritual life-first its entire culture must gradually be undermined and destroyed.

Decades later Saul Alinsky, an evil Communist from Chicago [his book, Rules for Radicals, is the playbook Obama and Clinton use] dedicated his work to Lucifer…Obama’s only job prior to being elevated by the Deep State was working as an organizer for Alinsky’s communist front group, The Industrial Area Foundation.  There he learned the art of ‘patient gradualism’ to undermine American culture.  Our freedom is next on the chopping block and an ignorant, compliant, co-conspirator media is in complete lock-step with the gutting of American values.

Too many are so glued to their ‘smart’ phones and under the influence of Marxist teachers and professors to have noticed anything [most haven’t even learned American history or have had a revised version given to them].

Politics have become nothing more than a Deep State psy-op…when’s the last time you heard of a so-called ‘civil servant’ take a stand for what’s right?

The socialists, with the help of George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others have accelerated their efforts in recent years to elect openly socialist and communist puppets to office via such groups as Justice Democrats, [a pro-communist affiliate which recruited AOC, Omar, Rashida and others].

These Socialist-Democrats are working to establish a dictatorship inside America [ironically, everything they accuse Trump of doing-THEY are guilty of doing].

Your rights are under attack

Leftists want to take your guns, open our borders and give illegals boatloads of freebies [at your expense of course] gut the Rule of Law, destroy our economy by eliminating all fossil fuel jobs, remove health care choices to make us more like Great Britain and more.

Our system is in a downward spiral, devolving from a Republic with maximum freedoms for individuals to Democracy [something our founders did not want] and fascism to an approaching Deep State dictatorship – too many citizens are sleeping right through this takeover.

They failed with the surprise election of Trump but immediately [starting from the top of the Deep State-Obama and Hillary along with the intelligence community and the media] began working on the means to unseat Trump using every dirty trick they could [readers will recall that the month Trump was sworn into office I wrote/predicted this would happen].

Leading Dems are already publicly stating that if Trump wins again, they’ll start the impeachment process AGAIN-defying the will of the voter.

If Dems win they’ll immediately [as they’re trying in VA] to disarm American citizens just as Stalin, Hitler, and Mao did.  When one side no longer recognizes the election results they’ll make an effort to overtake our nation through other means; a complete breakdown and social anarchy would likely follow.

Trump caused the Deep State to come out of hiding…most of you who follow my blog [over 20 years] know we’ve exposed them many times over the years.  Bureaucrats are like a secret society and are among the top root causes of our destruction.  We’re no longer a free nation as a result.

Hopefully, enough of you will awaken to the threat socialists pose and get seriously involved in fighting it at every level.

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’


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Brian said...

The more I hear pukes like AOC, Schumer, et al, I want to drop them into the ocean - w/out a life raft.

Stephanie said...

Your photo of the gal holding her nose is how everyone we know feels about Bernie, Gloomberg, Hillary, Pelosi & the other jerks trying to force their PC crap on America-they're are traitors as far we're concerned.

Sam said...

Always enjoy your articles and resources-after listening to talk radio this morning I'm further convinced that the Left is daft & are hypocrites, liars and decievers.

Skip said...

Both parties have been gutting our way of life starting with FDR & his many socialist, big prez moves; Bush put a real nail in our coffin w/ his lousy so-called Patriot Act which was probably the worst set of laws ever foisted on a gullible public.